Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the CoF archives

Update: Here are 5 videos that were originally posted on the official site back in July/Aug. 2001. The Cure in the studio working on the bonus and acoustic tracks for Greatest Hits (plus the return of Boris!) - Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5. Thanks to Silvio for the Day 1 clip.

Been going through some old CDs, and found a few things that I'll be uploading over the coming days. Here's a start:

Robert's comments from the old Greatest Hits microsite
1999 Christmas Card
Win Things (can't remember what this was for)
CureTown the teaser for the abandoned website
Cure movie cast listing for the bands suggestions on who should play them
Same Deep Water As You (MIDI)
Greatest Hits e-card sent out by Elektra (it's an .exe file, so please scan before opening. Came up clean for me.)
All of the tracks and photos from the old Greatest Hits microsite.
Robert's recipes from the old Cure House,
Robert's thoughts about the songs on Galore
Love Will Tear Us Apart page
Simon & Perry getting direction from Richard Anthony
Robert and Saffron recording Just Say Yes
Boys Don't Cry at the L.A. Forum (Aug. 11th, 1996)
Robert talks about bootlegs (date unknown)
Pornography live in Munich, Germany (Jan. 30th, 1984)
Mint Car on the Harald Schmidt Show (June 25th, 1996)
Robert tries to be heard in a club (Feb. 2000)
Robert interview at the Werchter Festival (July 2nd, 2000)
Recording Love Will Tear Us Apart in Brisbane (Oct. 2000)
Cut Here on TOTP Germany (Nov. 15th, 2001)
Robert interview on France 3 (July 25th, 2002)
Robert interview in Portugal (Aug. 4th, 2002)
Clip of Maybe Someday in Brussels (Nov. 7th, 2002)
Robert interview on Arte Tracks (Feb. 21st, 2003)