Saturday, June 18, 2011

'The Cure In Orange' screenings

There was another screening of the 35mm print of 'The Cure In Orange' tonight. It was at 92YTribeca in NYC.
As previously reported, it was also screened twice at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX on May 30th & June 6th. So you might want to check your local indie theatre listings, just in case it's making the rounds, and plays near you. If you see it listed, or know who's distributing it, please let me know. Thanks!

More Cure on BBC radio

Set: Shake Dog Shake, Torture, Push, Fascination Street, Cut, Prayers For Rain, Boys Don't Cry.
Missed it or want to listen again? Listen on iPlayer.

"Just noticed that BBC 6 Music are playing half an hour of The Cure at Shepherd’s Bush from 1997, at 4am UK time on Sunday 19 June. They repeat this every year or so, but it is worth listening each time because they sometimes change the songs they choose to broadcast." (Thanks Andy and JC)

Also, the BBC 6 Late Night Jukebox played 'Forever' last night. Listen at 51:40. (Thanks JC)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Roger on Radio Devon tonight

From Roger on Twitter: "About to talk to Vic on BBC radio Devon I wonder what I have to tell him!"
Note: This was taped yesterday (6/16) and broadcast tonight (6/17) at 10pm UK time.

Missed it or want to listen again? Listen on BBC iPlayer. Roger is on at 43:30 and 1:13:17.

You can also read Roger's latest newsletter, and view some photos of Roger playing at the WGT Festival in Leipzig last week.
(Thanks Erik)

Help JC for Bestival

Can anyone help JC/Perfect.Murder with this? "I'm still short of a place to stay for Bestival, so if anyone has a spare hotel room (not too far) or knows of a decent place please let me know...i will only travel for the Cure show..otherwise will stay up all night with anyone's up for it...might be a better idea :) Cheers. JC"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bestival updates

There will be a big Bestival Cure fan meetup, for all fans & friends from all Cure sites, forums, fan clubs, offline fans, and everyone & anyone who wants to attend. It will be Sept. 9th from 4 - 7 pm at Hare & Hounds on Downend Road in Newport, Isle of Wight. (Thanks Heron)

Bestival contest at Pictures of Cure: "I've made a partnership with Bestival to organize on my facebook page a contest to win 2 places(for one person) for Bestival. So... How it works ? Quite simple... Between 20 (8 PM, french time, GMT +1) and 26 june (00 h 00), I will post the following message on the page wall :


So, the first person reading this, and sending a mail to (with last name/first name) wins! For more info (sorry, it's in french...)." (Thanks Jeff)

Rare photos at Pictures of You

Thanks to JC/Perfect.Murder for this: "Have you seen the latest updates on Autumn's Pictures of you Facebook page??? Amazing unseen pictures sent by some french guy, i nearly fell off my chair...great shots"

Love The Cure but hate The Smiths?

Anyone out there who loves The Cure but hates The Smiths, and could write a few hundred words about it for an article? Let me know asap. Thanks!

Update: And here's the article at What do you think?

Groupie interview with Japanese Popstars

From Groupie: “Robert Smith recorded some bass, Jon Spencer is on a track playing guitar… it was amazing! Having such strong material, it really made us want a song that represented the vocalist as much as our song.”

Curren spoke of the attention to detail that Robert Smith applied to his contributions, the flood of material that they had to work with, as well as his optimistic hopes that Smith might play with them on stage during the impending European festival circuit.

“We asked if he would like to play with us; The Cure are headlining a festival we’re playing at. It would be such an amazing opportunity, a real once in a lifetime thing.”

Update: And there's another interview/article at Popservations - "Besides lending his voice to the track, Smith also brought along his six-string bass. That’s what gives “Take Forever” its classic Cure sound, says The Japanese Popstars’ label boss, Matt Stuart of Gung-Ho! Recordings, who adds, “He was a pleasure to deal with in the making of the record.”

Cure party in Mexico City on June 17th

"Nickel bar @ Mexico City is organizaing a Cure party to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the first concert of the band in Mexico (Monterrey June 16th 1992)." (Thanks Chris)

Update: And there's another party at The Real Under. (Thanks Mad Bob RJS)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you!

Just got a package from Rev. Heron in the mail, and this was one of the wonderful things inside. A beautiful 15th anniversary of CoF book (cell phone photo does NOT do it justice) with pages (including flowers) from some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. From the bottom of my heart...Heron, Jo, DJ Scribbles, Wendy & Chanell, Kate, Diana, Lisa, Jenny, and Toni, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! So incredibly kind of you all.

And Heron, thank you for the other gifts, and for taking the time to put this all together. So unnecessary, yet so deeply appreciated.

Spilt Milk compilation video

(Thanks to Rendal for making the video and to ML68)

Nice compilation video of 35 years of The Cure. And a very appropriate song for me today. Thank you to everyone who has helped, supported, or read CoF, over the last 15 years. To be able to share my love of this band with so many others around the world, and more importantly, to be able help so many of you over the years, and hopefully, to help promote the band in some small way, I can't even begin to tell you how much it has meant to me. So cheers to 15 amazing & (mostly) fun years!

Reflections photo/video updates

Debi/Cureheart has posted some fantastic shots from the 1st night. Excellent job, Debi! Thanks for sharing them! Update: If you'd like to purchase any of Debi's prints, please email her.

Update: Photos from April, Paivi/Spiggy, and Heron (including both shows and the fan meetup from night 1). Heron also sends the links to her video playlists from May 31st and June 1st.

Update 2: Mauro sends links to his fantastic soundcheck shots from the 31st - Flickr & Facebook, Ryan shares his video playlists for May 31st and June 1st, and some videos from Shaun.

Update 3: Bill shares his Street Generation article (English translation) and great soundcheck photos.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secrets for September single is out

From Secrets4spt: "Our new single is now on iTunes (US - UK - France - Germany) & Amazon (US - UK) it is called 'Upside Down' and is the full band version + guesting on his Moog."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

'Take Forever' out now

'Take Forever', Robert's collaboration with The Japanese Popstars, is available now on iTunes in the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark. If it's available in your country, please let me know. Thanks!

And a reminder that the Japanese Popstars album, 'Controlling Your Allegiance', is out on June 17th in Germany, June 20th in the UK & most of Europe, and June 21st in North America. Find pre-order links here.

Update: You can listen to the song here. Also posted on Slicing Up Eyeballs and CoS. If you like it, please support the group & Robert, and buy the track. Also, you can now listen to the entire album on MySpace.

And the group says that Robert will be doing his own remix of the track, but it probably won't be out until later this year - " you might like to know Robert is working on his own remix of it too :)...prob more towards end of year. We have some great remixes already tho!..prob later in year too."