Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Cure on BBC radio

Set: Shake Dog Shake, Torture, Push, Fascination Street, Cut, Prayers For Rain, Boys Don't Cry.
Missed it or want to listen again? Listen on iPlayer.

"Just noticed that BBC 6 Music are playing half an hour of The Cure at Shepherd’s Bush from 1997, at 4am UK time on Sunday 19 June. They repeat this every year or so, but it is worth listening each time because they sometimes change the songs they choose to broadcast." (Thanks Andy and JC)

Also, the BBC 6 Late Night Jukebox played 'Forever' last night. Listen at 51:40. (Thanks JC)


  1. thanks! I love that version of Forever. Just great!!!

  2. another link to the show listing...

    its at the bottom, a few hours from now. the player link is on the top right. woot.

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  4. This was way better than the copy I have of this version, so crisp and clear... I also like the song that came after it... guilty pleasures I guess. Variety, the spice of life!

  5. SOLEDAD NOSDEO...John Peel Sessions 15/01/81.

    Carnage Visors, that's what you expect from the BBC, quality sound!...the things i would do to be locked in their vault overnight!!!:)

    Trackliat from Shepherd's Bush: Shake Dog Shake/Torture/Push/Fascination Street/Cut/Prayers for Rain/Boys Don't Cry