Saturday, February 18, 2012

UltraCure help?

Update: Photos added.

Can anyone help Rob with this? Thanks!
"Do you know the history and the different versions of the Ultracure Guitar? (Black, standard model version and not the new VI). I just received a new Ultracure, but the back of the neck is maple colored and not black (fret board is still rosewood) and the "Cure" logo has changed to "Wish" era from the "Disintegration" era. The transition of the back of the neck to the base is the same maple to black coloring transition as the new VI...
How many versions have there been? Is the model I received brand new (I could not find any photos of it online- I got it from Guitar Center before Christmas and they were backordered until now - and the back does not match the picture online)? I wonder if the new standard version also has the new reinforced neck as the VI does?"

Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Day Song Challenge: 'Burn'

Dan over at Audio Justice picked 'Burn' for Day 11 of his 30 Day Song Challenge.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cure on new McCartney tribute album

Update (Feb. 16th, 2012): According to Star Pulse, the album will be out this June, and they have more details about the artists participating. (Thanks TheCure-Collector)

Update (Feb. 11th, 2012):
Still no word on a release date for this, but a new article about it at Ace Showbiz. (Thanks Aaron)

Original story (April 10th, 2011):
The Sun reports that Paul McCartney's son, James, is working with The Cure on a McCartney/Wings track for Paul's new covers album. (Thanks Heron)
NME, ContactMusic, and a bunch of other sites are also running the story.

Update: Back in 2009, James McCartney (English translation) said his new album was inspired by The Cure and others.
(Thanks David)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Design artwork for The Cure

Update (02-14): @Secret7s - "News from - all winners have now been notified. Once again thank you ALL for taking the time to submit a design! Do check your junk mail boxes. Some high security has been hiding the good news from some of you!"

Update (02-07):
Secret 7" now has a website. Also, the 45 winners will be contacted over the next week. Good luck to everyone! You are being asked to keep it a secret if you're a winner, so please go along with the spirit of the competition and exhibit.

Update: Artwork submitted by Aaron, Kelly, Loren, Marsworld, Pipperoo, Daria, Chris, Erin, Yannick -G, Paul, Lucy, John, Lauren, Joanna, Natalie, Joshua, Sahar, Steph, Heron, Suzanne, Ryan, Vicky, Martin, Leslie, Tim, Marina, Katie, Patrick, Fernando, Darrell, Jordan, Michelle, Natalie, Sian, Chris, Marion, Hannah, Brad, Jerome, Docteur Zaius, Qiong, Oscar, Estefany, Eric, Tom, Veronica, Suzie, Maria, Jodi, Vicky, Jess, Filthypit, Julien, Sol, Bela, Peter, Ville, James, Edgar, Danielle, Lara, Morena, Mark, Hannah, Vicky, Julie, Guillaume, An, Zack, Lucia, Sarah, Alan, Mirva, Eleonora, Christine, Pierre, Justine, Brenda, Yatou, Fabien, Nicole, Matthew, Rob, Danielle, Melissa, Peter, Stephanie, Bryce.

View all artwork submitted here. (Thanks @CureyKelBel)

From Talenthouse: Secret 7" is an exciting project combining music and art in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Seven bands and recording artists are inviting creatives to design the artwork for a seven inch vinyl sleeve inspired by one of their songs. The project will culminate in 700 unique vinyl sleeves displayed in Idea Generation Gallery in London in the week leading up to Record Store Day 2012. On that day, each of the vinyls at the gallery will be available to purchase with all of the profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

In this challenge, The Cure have selected the track 'Friday I’m In Love’ and are inviting creatives to interpret the song, however they please, via an original piece of seven inch artwork. This is an incredible opportunity for aspiring artists and designers to collaborate with one of the world's most loved bands, to have their artwork seen by millions, be exhibited alongside established artists and in the process, raise valuable funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Submit by: January 19, 2012
Vote: January 20, 2012 - January 26, 2012
Winner(s) Announced: February 7, 2012
Follow @Secret7s on Twitter for more info.
(Thanks Aaron)

'Pictures of You' on 'The Vow' soundtrack

The soundtrack for 'The Vow' includes 'Pictures of You'. The song is also used for a scene in the film. (Thanks Andythecurefan)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Classic Cure on BBC 6 Music

On iplayer now (2:20:50 in): The Cure at NEC Birmingham 1987 - 'The Kiss', 'Faith', 'Fight'.

Feb. 20th at 4am on the Live Music Hour: The Cure BBC Session. (Thanks artwwweb and Perfect.Murder)