Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cure Fans photoshoot in LA

"I’m starting a personal photo project which will feature portraits of hardcore Cure fans. I was inspired to do this after seeing last week’s Cure show at the Pantages, and being an avid Cure fan myself I’m confident that this will be a cool project."
See Scott's blog for more info. (Thanks Andythecurefan)

Update (04/18/12): "I'll be unveiling my new photo project "Cure People" Friday April 27th at Fifth Studios. The project is a series of portraits I have created over the past several months of diehard fans of the music group The Cure. This event, called Slideluck Potshow, will be showcasing artist's work in a slideshow presentation (I believe starts at 9pm). Fifth studios is located directly behind Urth Caffe at Hewitt and 5th (Little Tokyo Arts District). Would love to see you there and please spread the word!" (Thanks Andythecurefan)

Update (04/23/12): From Scott Witter - "Sneak peek of my photo project 'Cure People' happening at this Friday at Fifth studios. " Also, "Me with Cure fans Katie & Raeschel."

Update (05/05/12): Here's the Cure People slideshow from the exhibit. The photos are also now posted on Scott's website.

The Balearic Sound Of The Cure

From Boomkat: "Ace twelve featuring the extended 12" version of "Lullaby", The extended dub version of "Pictures Of You", plus the original 12" extended version of "Close To Me". Oh yeah, the excellent flamenco pastiche of "The Blood" is also included - which makes this a winner in our books." (Thanks Benj/fatpie)

No idea if this is an official release or a bootleg.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Secret 7" auction

The remaining Secret 7" singles are up for auction on the Teenage Cancer Trust ebay page. The auctions will run for 1 week.

From @Secret7s - "Brush up on your interpretation skills tonight, the remaining sleeves will go live on the eBay page tomorrow from 5pm. There will be over a hundred 7'' - including records from all our 7 hosts - starting at just a penny!"

Update (5-4-12): Congratulations to everyone who won a sleeve and  helped the Teenage Cancer Trust. From @Secret7s  - "Told by we just raised £9,605.97 on eBay!! That is incredible. Thank you all."

Also, the Robert Smith sleeve should be re-listed soon, and they still have the Robert signed test pressings auction coming soon.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jason at Teenage Cancer Trust event tonight

"I attended an evening for the Teenage Cancer Trust Charity in Soho (London) that my friend runs... The evening was based on an auction of artworks sold for the charity (and raised £80.000 from what i heard- which is great!) and i bumped into Jason! Had a great chat, they are in the middle of rehearsals for the festivals and it's going great! Totally unexpected... And such a nice man!! I feel privileged to meet members from my favourite band in such a random way and just wanted to share that with my fellow Cure fans!" (Thanks JC/Perfect.Murder)

Wedding help?

Luigi & his girlfriend are getting married and need some help. Does anyone know/have the arrangement partiture for the String Quartet Tribute album version of Just Like Heaven? Thanks!

Cure article in Ruta 66

Robert cover and Cure article ("No interview, but there is an extensive report about the band since 1979 - 2012"), in the new issue of Ruta 66 in Spain.
(Thanks Alex and Maria)

The Cure Guitar Parts

Santiago has started a YouTube page, The Cure Guitar Parts, showcasing & playing Porl & Robert's guitar parts in various songs. As he put it, "My homage to Robert Smith and Porl Thompson: the most underrated dynamic duo of guitar players in the history of Rock."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cure on Ticket magazine cover

The Cure are on this month's cover of Austrian magazine Ticket, which is available now at oeticket (Eventim) outlets, oeticket Center, Media Markt, Saturn, Libro, tobacco stores, etc.
(Thanks Michelle)

Roger update

From Roger: "Clip from the upcoming Requiem DVD. Winter, well 3 minutes of it! Sound and looks amazing"

"I'm a huge fan of Roger O'Donnell's solo work. So I decided to create this Facebook page about his discography. Enjoy!"
(Thanks Rod)

Update (5/2/12): 'The Fallen Dress' performed by Roger and the Corktown Chamber Orchestra in Toronto last Nov. And for those without Facebook, watch it here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A note from Porl

Porl, who is now Pearl, has asked me to post this:

"thank you to everyone for all your thoughts and support...
as for all the comments; good and bad!
keep the freedom flag flying  ; )

for those who do care.....
i apologise if i upset you with this decision
but i will no longer be playing in this inspirational band,  (hence the auction;)

i am working on a lot of new projects..jewellery, music, art and mixed media;
all of which will take time to ferment...

paint still flows and my mind state is better than it has been for long while;

much love ~Pearl

formally porl  RIP   xxx"

Thank you so much for everything, Pearl! Good luck in all future projects, and please keep us updated on them, whenever you can.

Disintegration featured on Wikipedia

'Disintegration' is today's featured article at Wikipedia.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Good day to revisit Roger's fantastic Memories of Making Disintegration, along with the 'Disintegration' microsite, and Adam's wonderful Another Time Undone article.

Curefest Party in Peru on May 5th

Thanks Walter

10 Years of FILTER: Issue #11: The Cure

"2012 marks FILTER Magazine’s tenth year in print. To celebrate, we are looking back at some of our favorite magazine features, from July 2002’s Issue #1 all the way up to this coming November’s Issue #50.

Below you will find Issue #11’s cover story, in full, where we sat down with Robert Smith of The Cure and we tried our hardest to learn the ins and outs of a legendary artist. How successful were we? Read on friends." (Thanks David)