Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cure Record Store Day 2014 release

Update (03/20/14): Now officially confirmed.

The Cure/Dinosaur Jr.
Side By Side Series
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Rhino
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

The Side By Side series, which features an original song and a cover of the same song on one 7", continues for RSD 2014! This release is on white 45 RPM vinyl.

According to Rhino, it will be a limited edition of 6,800 (others say it's 5,000) and will sell for $6.98. Record Store Day is April 19th, 2014. (Thanks Shawn, willy0, Zack)

If you find it in your local record store, please let me know the city & state and store name & location, so I can add it to the list and help other fans who might be looking for it. Thanks!

Confirmed list of stores selling it:

Australia, Melbourne - Goldmine Records (photo).
Canada, Saint John, New Brunswick - Backstreet Records.
Netherlands, Utrecht - Plato Records.

Maryland, Baltimore (Fell's Point) - Soundgarden (said to have it, not confirmed).
Maryland, Baltimore (Hampden) - Celebrate Summer Records.
Maryland, Parkville - Shockwaves Records (said to have it, not confirmed).
Maryland, Towson - Tunes (according to staff, all Tunes should have some).
New York, Rochester - House of Guitars & Needledrop Records (both sold out now).
Ohio, Cincinnati -  Black Plastic (photo).
Oregon, Portland - Jackpot Records on Hawthorne.
Tennessee, Memphis - Goner and Shangril Records (both are sold out).
Texas, Fort Worth - Doc's Records on Camp Bowie.
Texas, Frisco - ZT Records (photo).

(Thanks @wichid1, @chrisleblanc79, @MarbleAndStone, Stacey, Craig W,, @MatthewVerkamp, Jerko, @thequeenofsiam, notquitefaust, @msretro,)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

50 Best Alternative Albums of the '90s

Full list at Metroweekly.

13. The Cure - 'Wish' (1992)
By 1992, The Cure was at the peak of their commercial prowess. Their 1989 album Disintegration was widely hailed as a masterpiece, and it brought them new levels of success. Wish rode that momentum all the way at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. They were playing in large arenas all over the world. Fortunately The Cure had the best line-up of their existence, including the fantastic Boris Williams on drums (he’d leave after this album), Porl Thompson and Perry Bamonte on guitar and keyboard, Simon Gallup on bass and of course Robert Smith on whatever he wants at any given moment. For Wish, The Cure went back to the formula that worked for 1987’s Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me -- it’s a dizzying quilt-work of styles, from hard-rocking psychedelic epics like the hallucinatory opener “Open,” the massive centerpiece of the album “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea,” and the violent waves of guitar on the gripping finale “End.” Then there’s Robert Smith’s euphoric pop side, which is explored on tracks like the ebullient “High”, the sunny pop/rocker “Friday I’m in Love” and the absolutely giddy “Doing the Unstuck.” There are also some beautiful ballads, like the heartsick “Apart,” and the two delicate tracks that form the core of the album’s second half: “Trust” and “To Wish Impossible Things.” Wish is sometimes undervalued in light of the brilliance of its predecessors, but that’s unfair. It’s arguably The Cure’s last truly great album. (Thanks @banditFFX)

Andy Anderson interview

Our friend Bianca interviewed Andy Anderson for Exclama magazine. Here's an excerpt:

"Are there any special memories you'd like to share with us about your work with Robert Smith?

Working with Robert Smith, was a unique and enriching experience. He knows exactly what he wants from each song, each sound, each letter; what makes, for me, the process of creation is very interesting and special. It is unique in its form and manner and allowed me to add my own approach and feel each track, so ultimately it was a very affable and huge content for my experience. It was a very happy time in my life."

(Thanks and congratulations, Bianca!)

New issue of 'The 13th' fanzine

Issue #8 of The Cure fanzine 'The 13th' has been released, and features an interview with Cindy Levinson from Levinhurst. Read it here. (Thanks Diego)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simon Gallup to be on Naked Lunch

During today's interview with Tim Pope on her Soho Radio show Naked Lunch, Simone said Simon Gallup will be a guest on an upcoming show! No date given, but I'll update as soon as I know. Tim mentioned she should "get him on to Doctor Who. He loves Doctor Who". Yes, please! :)

And in case you've missed all of Simon's tributes & shoutouts to DW, I've been keeping track of them here.

Tim Pope on Radio Soho today

Photo of Tim posted by @sohoradio on Instagram. And another from @simonemarie4.

Interview is up. Just click on Naked Lunch Episode 2

Tim assures us that he has it on the HIGHEST authority, that the LatAm film will be put together. It will actually happen. "It will be put together, so please stop asking me about it". :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Win BottleRock single day passes

You really might want to try this. A bunch of fans have already won. Get Instagram and follow @botlerocknapa on there and on Twitter. When they post that day's lyric quiz, and there's no set time for when they'll post it, be the 1st to name the artist & song title on Instagram, along with the #BRNV14 tag, and you win a pair of 1 day passes. Good luck!

Update (04/19/14): And now they're starting another giveaway.
"Get ready for a little scavenger hunt Napa Valley! The Easter Bunny is busy stashing ‪#‎BRNV14‬ tickets all over the valley. We'll post several clues a day over the next five days to help you find your prize! Hippity hop..." Follow them on Twitter & Facebook for the clues to finding the location where the tickets are hidden.