Sunday, April 13, 2014

Win BottleRock single day passes

You really might want to try this. A bunch of fans have already won. Get Instagram and follow @botlerocknapa on there and on Twitter. When they post that day's lyric quiz, and there's no set time for when they'll post it, be the 1st to name the artist & song title on Instagram, along with the #BRNV14 tag, and you win a pair of 1 day passes. Good luck!

Update (04/19/14): And now they're starting another giveaway.
"Get ready for a little scavenger hunt Napa Valley! The Easter Bunny is busy stashing ‪#‎BRNV14‬ tickets all over the valley. We'll post several clues a day over the next five days to help you find your prize! Hippity hop..." Follow them on Twitter & Facebook for the clues to finding the location where the tickets are hidden.


  1. You guys need to get in on this. I just won today's. 28 more chances to win!

  2. 2nd day winner is Brian Soto of The Curse. :) Cure fans need to get on this. :)

  3. Thanks for letting all of us know about this giveaway, Andy!

  4. Andy and Brian, did you actually know the lyrics, or did you have enough time to do a quick search?