Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rumor: Cure gone from Geffen/Interscope?

There's a rumor going around that The Cure have parted ways with Geffen/Interscope records. This has come mainly from various employees of Universal Music, in different parts of the world. But there has been no official confirmation of this from the band, and no official word from the labels. I first got word of this on May 15th, and have tried to get some confirmation since then, but have had no luck. Just more rumors and speculation. So I have no idea if this is true, where they would go if it is, what this means for the Dark Album, if the band asked for a release, or if Geffen let them go. Either way, good luck to The Cure, as they continue to deal with more record company nonsense.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cure on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight

Update: Here's the high quality download of Boys Don't Cry. (Thanks AndytheCurefan and Tiemi from Interlude)

Boys Don't Cry - Video (YouTube & MySpace) / MP3 (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

According to the Events section on the official site, The Cure will be performing Boys Don't Cry on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight. As most of you will remember, The Cure taped 3 songs for the show on Dec. 12th. The Only One (aired Dec. 18th, 2008), Sleep When I'm Dead (aired Feb. 6th, 2009), and Boys Don't Cry (which aired tonight).

Cure lyrics on ASDA clothing in the UK

Update: Get your Boys Don't Cry, Boys Don't Cry (kids) and Love Cats shirts (with tacky official TMU logos!) now.
(Thanks Chris White and Stgmurder)

From UTalkMarketing: "Universal Music Publishing Group has collaborated with George at ASDA in an exclusive, long-term partnership that will see iconic song lyrics printed on a wide range of garments." (Thanks Mat and Ange)

"I need to sing a song called Faith..."

"This is for everyone that died (20 years ago) today in China."
The Cure - Faith (Rome 6-4-89 Tiananmen Square version)
"And don't forget!" (Thanks to Chris White for the suggestion)

And this blog mentions the performance, but gets every detail wrong. (Thanks Kate)
Update: The blog has been updated, and a new post has been added to correct the wrong info. (Thanks Emily)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cure sound article in Mix Magazine

Mix Magazine has a brief interview with FOH engineer Marc Carolan, about the Coachella show. They also have an article from the Curiosa tour. (Thanks Laurent)

Monday, June 1, 2009


"Just watching Ashes to Ashes on BBC1, and All Cats are Grey came on! Played from about 30 seconds before vocals come in all the way to the end." (Thanks boc)

Cure mention in a DM review. (Thanks Kate)

Happy Birthday, Simon!

To the greatest bass player in the history of rock & roll, hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Cheers to you, Simon! You're the best!