Friday, February 19, 2010

Official site update

There's a small update at A graphic promoting the Almost Alice soundtrack and website, and the 30 second preview clip. But you can hear the entire song at Stereogum.

A Forest (Schwarzwald Mix)

Update: Get it at iTunes and Amazon. (Thanks Brad)

"Remember that mediocre dancefloor version of "A Forest" by german duo Blank & Jones? They just released a new (September 2009) remix album entitled "Reordered" which also contains a new remix of "A Forest". Suprisingly it's a slowed down, trip-hop like version with Robert's vocals on it. Definitely worth checking out." (Thanks Ingmar)

Cure game

How quickly can you name The Cure's studio albums?
(Thanks Sara B)


Trying a new way of posting them, so that they don't clutter the front page. Check the comments if you want to read them.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Hughes Lovecats script?

Did John Hughes write a movie script based on Lovecats? Molly Ringwald says yes. (Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs)