Friday, February 13, 2009

Ticket for London O2

(Thanks Olivier)

London O2 show in Germany

"The cinema "Neues Rundkino" in Dresden/Germany will show it Live, too. They say the start of the Live broadcast is 22:30 but there will be a pre-event with Cure-music and drinks for the fans from 20:30 in the cinema lounge." (Thanks Moontear)

London O2 show in Spain

See The Cure playing live from London O2 Arena on the big screen! Yelmo Cines (a big cinema chain in Spain) will live broadcast in HD and digital sound the NME show at the O2 Arena in London! The broadcast will be available in the following 19 venues of 12 cities in Spain:
MADRID: Yelmo Cines Islazul (the biggest cinema screen in Europe), TresAguas, Planetocio, Ideal, Rivas Futura, and Plenilunio
MÁLAGA: Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor, Rincón de la Victoria, and Vialia
CÁDIZ: Yelmo Cines AreaSur (Jerez de la Frontera)
BARCELONA: Yelmo Cines Icaria
OVIEDO: Yelmo Cines Los Prados
GIJÓN: Yelmo Cines Ocimax
ALICANTE: Yelmo Cines Puerta de Alicante
ALBACETE: Yelmo Cines Imaginalia
VIGO: Yelmo Cines Vigo
VIZCAYA: Yelmo Cines Megapark (Barakaldo)
ÁLAVA: Yelmo Cines CC. Gorbeia Vitoria (Zigoitia)
ZARAGOZA: Yelmo Cines Plaza Imperial
Date: Thursday 26th february 2009 Time: 22:30 (CET) Tickets available here and here.
Also at the ticket box in each cinema and by phone (902 22 09 22). hispaCure members will get a 2 € discount by printing a flyer (available at hispaCure) and handing it in at the ticket box. Complete info in Spanish at hispaCure blog: Here is a link to the poster of the event. (Thanks b.)

London O2 show in Czech cinemas

"There is good news from Kino Aero, one of the best Czech independent cinemas and one of the leading cultural places in Prague: Aero, regularly broadcasting the Metropolitan Opera HD series, will screen 90 minutes of the London show (Feb 26) live. The event starts at 22:30 and seven more cinemas throughout the Czech Republic will take part, as well. These are the locations (town, cinema):
Ceske Budejovice – kino Kotva
Dobrany - Mestske kulturni stredisko
Hradec Králove – kino Central
Chotebor – CEKUS
Karlovy Vary – kino Panasonic
Plzen – Cinestar
Praha – kino Aero
Zlin – Velké kino

More info here. (btw, I could not resist & reserved the seat no. 4 in the row 13) (Thanks Filip)

Head on the Door vinyl

From the Ideal Copy newsletter: "The Cure - Head On The Door (INTL LP) (February 17th) Vinyl LP repressing of this classic 1985 album from Robert Smith and the boys pressed on 180gm vinyl. This is direct from Universal Records in Europe and the most legitimate vinyl reissue from the band at the moment. We already got one copy in and it's highly recommended. More copies on the way next week."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Updates from Heron

"Lovecats shirts have been delayed but pre-orders should be shipping very soon! Nightmare shirts have been restocked as well.

The 30th Anniversary Book project is coming along very well and the shipping deadline has been extended just a little. You can also see scans of some of the beautiful pages that have been sent in already.

The CoF meet at the Beehive is STILL on, but we will be meeting several hours earlier so that we can get our socializing started well before the Awards ceremony. The starting time has been moved from 6 pm to 2 pm so everyone should come on out and say hi!" (Thanks Heron)

Disintegration on the Unlucky in Love list

Disintegration is listed on MSN's Unlucky in Love list.
(Thanks Shannen)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cure tickets for the NME awards show

Get them before they're gone! And here's the correct link for the contest to win a pair of tickets. (Thanks Chris)

Update: Standing tickets have already sold out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Official site updates

Interscope/Geffen/A&M has updated the official site with info on the NME tribute cd, a reminder to get Big Gig tickets, and an offer to get tickets to the NME awards.

More standing tickets for NME awards

As of right now, you can get standing tickets for the NME awards. (Thanks Chris)

More on the NME Tribute CD

As mentioned on Jan. 24th, NME will be issuing a Cure tribute cd that will be cover-mounted on the Feb. 25th issue. NME has posted a few more details about it, but no full track list yet. (Thanks Kate and Fab G)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cure on Jonathan Ross

The Cure will be on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show. Jonathan posted this on Twitter: "Am off to studio. We also have jason manford, Will Young and The Cure on ! Cool Beans."
According to, The Cure recorded their performance tonight, and it will air on Feb. 20th.
(Thanks Ed and Mark)

Update: The Cure played The Only One. The show will air on Feb. 20th on BBC One and BBC HD.

More tickets available for the NME awards

Ok. I got my standing tickets here. The standing have gone, but still seated ones left. The site is part of See Tickets. You can also call to order, you don't have to order online. They are billed as Franz Ferdinand, but are the Award Show tickets (call and check if you need re-assurance)." (Thanks Jubline)

Cure live in Rome repeat on Palladia

Palladia will be repeating the MTV Live: The Cure in Rome special from last Oct., on Feb. 13th at 9am eastern, and on Feb. 21st/22nd at 1am eastern. See the setlist and odd censoring here. (Thanks Wirebaughs)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

SWID on Carson for download

NBC won't let anyone put it on YouTube, so here's a download of Sleep When I'm Dead on Last Call With Carson Daly. Recorded on Dec. 12th, 2008, aired on Feb. 6th, 2009.
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Update: Well, Youtube let me upload it for now. Watch it while you can. : ) Be sure to click on "Watch in High Quality". I've also put it on MySpace Videos. And I've added The Only One from Carson, and Perfect Boy from Leno, too.