Friday, February 13, 2009

London O2 show in Czech cinemas

"There is good news from Kino Aero, one of the best Czech independent cinemas and one of the leading cultural places in Prague: Aero, regularly broadcasting the Metropolitan Opera HD series, will screen 90 minutes of the London show (Feb 26) live. The event starts at 22:30 and seven more cinemas throughout the Czech Republic will take part, as well. These are the locations (town, cinema):
Ceske Budejovice – kino Kotva
Dobrany - Mestske kulturni stredisko
Hradec Králove – kino Central
Chotebor – CEKUS
Karlovy Vary – kino Panasonic
Plzen – Cinestar
Praha – kino Aero
Zlin – Velké kino

More info here. (btw, I could not resist & reserved the seat no. 4 in the row 13) (Thanks Filip)


  1. The cinema "Neues Rundkino" in Dresden/Germany will show it Live, too.

  2. Someone tape it!!
    record it!

    somehow.. please!

  3. How lucky you guys are!
    Why there's no such special event like that in Japan...:-(