Saturday, March 30, 2013

Robert interview with Folha de S. Paulo

"This one published in "Folha de S.Paulo" (English), one of the largest newspapers published in São Paulo. Among the topics:

- The band has rehearsed 60 songs, best set list ever. RS decides, he does hear what others in the band have to say, but RS decides about the creative side of the band.

- RS talks about the trilogy Pornography/Disintegration/Bloodflowers. All very personal to him. If you want to really understand the Cure, you must listen to these three albums: they are "the heart of the Cure". Says that Bloodflowers did not get as much appraisal as the other two because of the time it was released (2000, not the 80s anymore).

- He says they will play in the LatAm tour several songs from Disintegration and a few from Pornography, but none from Bloodflowers. He thinks that the songs from the latter usually do not work in a more lively set list. They are very different, he thinks.

- Again about "This Must Be The Place" movie: he says that Sean Penn does not look like him. He (RS) has more delicate traces. But yes, he (RS) is flattered.

- Asked about whether a connection between the Cure and the Smiths makes sense to him (this was the case among Brazilian fans in 1987 when the Cure first visited the country), RS replies that he has never thought there was such a connection. Says the Cure was more akin to Echo and the Bunnymen, New Order and Siouxsie and the Banshees."

- RS about playing with Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1979-80: he said it was a great experience. He would play for the Cure as an opening act, go backstages for 20 minutes and then back to the stage to play guitar for Siouxsie and the Banshees. The latter was much more aggressive on stage, more violent. He (RS) did not want to be like that, not in his nature, but he enjoyed the difference in performance between the two bands. He said that he was a few years younger than the Banshees and that he learned a lot, but that this experience probably did not have a "dramatic impact" on what he was doing with the Cure. The vision/objectives of the two bands were very different, according to RS.

- Asked about his hobbies, RS says that he used to read comic books when he was younger. When he retires, he intends to re-read all those comic books to check if they will have the same effect on him. He goes on to say that he lives a very normal life when he is not with the Cure. He has been reading a lot: more in the last two years than what he used to read in a decade before. In 2012 he has visited places in England where he had never been. He felt that he knew more places abroad than within his home land.

- At the end, RS is asked about the time when he was 12 and dressed up with a gown stolen from his mom and got beaten by some kids at school. He explained that he did that to prove that he could do something different in response to a challenge. He said that he would probably still do the same today if necessary to make a point. (Thanks Marcos)

Robert interview with O Globo

"Today's "O Globo" (English), the largest newspaper published in Rio de Janeiro, published an interview with RS:

No big news, especially for those who have already listened to the Paraguay radio interview. Among the topics (and this is a free translation from the Portuguese text, which obviously is a translation from the conversation had in English, so... beware of potential misunderstandings/inaccuracies):

- RS has not had the chance to watch Paolo Sorentino's film "This Must Be The Place", but says that he is honoured with having been an influence to the directors and also with Sean Penn's acting, although he (RS) believes that Sean Penn's character looks more like Wayne Hussey (The Mission).

- RS talks about the Cure's first trip to Brazil in March 1987, he recalls the weather being quite hot and that he was only able to have some alone time during that tour when he was on stage (laughs). He felt like a member of the Beatles. Mentions that everyone was very kind with the band and that it was a very good moment.

- RS also talks about the Cure's second trip to Brazil in January 1996. He remembers he was sick during the tour because of something he ate on the road from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. As the gentleman he always is, he says that he had already been sick before departing from the UK so the road food was not necessarily to blame.

- RS says he is not that afraid anymore with the thought of getting old. He tries to lead a calmer, more serene life nowadays, still goes to the pub of course but not drinking as much as in the old days.

- RS says that they may release a new album with songs recorded last year, but that they have not decided yet. He is not in a rush with anything and that is a great feeling of freedom. They tour nowadays for the pleasure of playing and being on stage, not for promoting any specific album.

- RS promises shows longer than 3 hours during this LatAm tour, they will play songs from every album - therefore not a "thematic concept" like the Reflections tour in 2011.

- RS talks again about his ambivalent feelings about the internet. He mentions that the Cure released "Five Swing Live" (1997) on the web only and that is a good thing about the internet. They never thought about suing fans for downloading their songs. On the other hand, RS needs his privacy and does not like sharing with others what he had for breakfast, how he is dressed at home, etc. He says that this may be a characteristic of his (older) generation. He "belongs to the public" when he is on stage or giving interviews, otherwise he leads a normal life that is private to him." (Thanks Marcos)

Robert interview with Estadao

Robert was interviewed by Estadao (English) yesterday. Only real news from it is this: "there are a few new songs we recorded recently for a new album...", but says he doesn't feel the need to release anything now as going to new places (as they are going in this South American tour) is a creative activity and renewal of motivations. (Thanks Marcio)

Pink Pig Project update

Some of you will remember the Pink Pig Project from the Dream Tour days, and the update from a few years ago. Well Germán is back and so is the project. Good luck to all involved!

Update (March 29th, 2013): "Pink Pig pre-orders close in two days so you have the very last chance to get your copy:

"Yes. Yes. No Harry but Hurry: this is the Last Weekend for you to order your Pink Pig Update: The Rope is Long Enough. The Pink Pig Project is near completion: it's the end of it all. The end of an epic odyssey and there's no oracle which let you know how it's gonna be. I can only tell you, being the one who started and ended all this, that this unique work will have the deserved ending. Pink Pig was a work of Love and a lesson on Epic, Belief and Honesty. With some inspiration here and there. If you have one of the Concise Pink Pig Atlas: The Whole Cure in the Mirror you should add to that artifact the Pink Pig Update: The Rope is Long Enough. If not, you won't have anything at all. There's no other chance to understand the whole thing; and I'm sorry: I did my best.

This is the very last time I get in touch with you Pinkpiggers: April the 12th Pink Pig Update will reach Robert's hands and I will ship all the Updates pre-ordered by you on April the 15th. And that's it. The Project's final stop. The journey was long enough.

If you want one, let me know.

Thank you.

Germán Alfredo Bordagaray (RIP May 20th, 2013, 11:15 PM)"

Friday, March 29, 2013

Robert interview on Urbana FM today

Robert will be interviewed on Urbana FM 106.9 in Paraguay today at 15:00. I think it can be listened to online here.
(Thanks @Ronald_Qiu)

Update: After 3 hours of mostly crap music, they announce the interview isn't happening. Will be rescheduled. Sigh...well, we all had fun on Twitter with this, so not a total waste of time. :)

Update (03/29/13): According to , the interview has been rescheduled for today at 19:00. Check the current time here (yes, this clock IS accurate).

Here's the interview on Goear, Soundcloud, and YouTube.
(Thanks to The Cure Rarities, @AaronLaw92, and The Cure Peru)

A few notes I took during the interview:

Lollapalooza 2013 rumor

Now that we're finished with the South American show rumors, I guess it's time for the North American ones to start. Here's the yearly claim that The Cure will be playing Lollapalooza in Chicago this August. And more here. (Thanks David)

Nothing to get excited about, and obviously just speculation, so we'll wait and see if there's anything to it. Also, the image posted on those websites, which seems to be the only reason The Cure are being mentioned, is 99% confirmed to be a fake.

Update (03/11/13): Okay, time to take this a bit more seriously. The Cure are now listed as "logical" at the Consequence of Sound Festival Outlook page, since it's the same weekend as Osheaga, and has been pointed out that the two festivals usually share many of the same bands.

Update (03/26/13): Rumors continue to be very strong on this, and it's moving towards being more of a surprise if they DON'T play Lolla, than if they do. All of the General Admission 3 day passes sold out today (VIP & Platinum passes still available), so only one day passes will be available when the official announcement is made on April 9th. Expect some lineup hints & clues leading up to that.

Update (03/28/13): Chicago Tribune confirms that the leaked poster is accurate. Confirm The Cure are playing Lollapalooza. Also says that the official announcement & single day ticket sales have been moved up to next week.

Update (03/29/13): Lollapalooza now confirms that the official announcement will be made on April 1st and single day tickets will go on sale April 3rd.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Splendour in the Grass very unlikely

There were a few rumors of The Cure playing Australia's Splendour in the Grass festival this year, but with the announcement of the shows in South Korea and Japan, this would seem very unlikely, as Splendour is the same weekend as those shows. So unless they can work miracles, or want to be exhausted, this article is wrong.

Win tickets to the Sao Paulo show

Rock Express is giving away some tickets for the Sao Paulo show. (Thanks David)

Leaked Lollapalooza poster?

A leaked photo of the Lollapalooza lineup? Looks right, but obviously not official or confirmed. Read the story here. The official announcement will be made on April 9th. (Thanks Aaron)

Update (03/28/13): As Slicing Up Eyeballs points out in their story, there's also a leaked magazine ad, too. All of this makes sense, as the announcement is just over a week away, so posters/ads would have already been produced. So, not confirmed by Robert just yet, but you need to be ready for the single day ticket sales. They will go in a flash.

And now the Chicago Tribune confirms that the poster is accurate. Confirm The Cure are playing Lollapalooza.

Robert pops up in hilarious used car ad

Too good to be stuck in the Curespotting page, this hilarious Craigslist ad for a used car features an appearance by Robert "Most Seductive Human Ever Around" Smith. Read the full story at Adweek, and if you decide to buy this car, get that Abacus ready! :) (Thanks for a great laugh, Zap)

Robert's football memories in new book

"In Italy today has been published the book "Rock'n'Goal" written by written by Antonio Bacciocchi and Alberto Galletti. "Rock 'n' Goal" will exhaust all possibilities, even the most unlikely and unsuspected connections between rock music and football. Player singers, songs dedicated to football fans excellent, rock and subcultures in the corners. Excerpts of interviews with the passions of football Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, The Clash and dozens of Italian musicians and songwriters. All accompanied by a large and curious photographic contribution.

The book also talks about the passion for football of Robert Smith. This is an excerpt: "Robert Smith of The Cure has revealed that he spent much of his youth on the terraces of Loftus Road to incite the QUEENS PARK RANGERS ("It's a family thing. Supporters were my father, my mother and my brother. I was taught that there were things more important than victory. it's hard to think of THE CURE as football fans, especially if you relate to our music, but when we organize our tours we are taking into account the European and World Championships")." (Thanks fmjews)

Cure People - Moving Portraits

The 2nd video from Scott Witter's Cure People project.
(Thanks Scott)

Update (01/11/13): Those of you who participated in this project might want to pick up a copy of the Jan./Feb. issue of Meuse Magazine, as there will be a Cure People article in it. (Thanks Scott)

Update (03/28/13): Cure People Continues with Cadence St. John (NSFW).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Win tickets to the Santiago show

1,000 tickets being given away for the show in Santiago, Chile. Check here & here for details on how to win. (Thanks David)

New Cure 2013 promo photo

Along with the confirmation of Ansan Valley Rock & Fuji Rock Festivals, Robert also posted this new promo photo of the band.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Johnny Indovina added to Mexico show

Most of you will know Johnny from his days in Human Drama, but those of us who grew up in New Orleans in the 80s know him from The Models, one of our best New Wave/Alternative bands. And of course his Models bandmate, Michael Ciravolo, is president of Schecter Guitars. Small world.

Update (03/26/13): Johnny posted this photo on Facebook. (Thanks @TheCureMexico)

Win tickets to the Lima show

Listen to Radio Oxigeno for a chance to win tickets to the Lima show. (Thanks David)

Also from Lima, this article talks about how personally involved Robert has been with the tour. (Thanks David)