Friday, August 21, 2009

Cure on the big screen in Portland

The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR. is showing something called Love Me, Love Me on Aug. 21st and 24th, and it appears to be some sort of compilation of live performances including The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, New Order, and others. If anyone has more info on this, please let me know. (Thanks April)

Why Can't I Be You? on new compilation

Why Can't I Be You? is included on a new compilation CD entitled 12" 80s Electro Pop. (Thanks Monghi)

Need a light from Robert?

Boys Don't Cry lighter on eBay. (Thanks Geoff)

The Cure Are Dead...on YouTube

"Someone has posted “The Cure Are Dead” on YouTube (audio only), the song that was played live in Brussels at the end of the final 1982 Cure concert before Simon left the band - “The pornography tour ends in confusion on June 11-1982 at Brussels in Belgium. The last song of this show, 'the cure are dead', was an improvisation with Robert Smith on drums, Lol Tolhurst on bass, Simon Gallup on guitar and Gary Biddles, Simon's friend [and a roadie], on vocals, who’s criticizing Smith and Tolhurst. Following the concert, Simon Gallup left the group. Robert Smith does not talk to him for eighteen months.” (Thanks Jerre)


"Today I was watching "top 10 mężczyzn z makijażem(top 10 man with make-up)" on polish VH1 because I was sure, that they will show some Cure clip. And they did! It was Lullaby and it took 6th place." (Thanks Sebastian)

"30 seconds of Close To Me was played on an advert for Sky1HD on Sky Sports 1 during the Ashes today." (Thanks Daniel)

A mention of Robert & his Ruby Woo lipstick in Elle.
(Thanks dj scribbles)

Canoe includes Robert on their Bad Music Hair Styles list.
(Thanks Judy)

"Dutch actress Carice van Houten mentioned Robert's name on a show called 'Zomergasten' (Summerguests). In a way of 'It's a tv show where people can wish for things, like meeting Robert Smith, or getting a pony..' (Thanks Elly)

Professor Robert Smith? (The ? is to avoid confusing him with that other RS) talks about possible zombie attacks. Seriously! : )
(Thanks Dom and Barb)

Sorry, V. Maybe next time. : P