Monday, November 5, 2012

Cure People - Marc Smith

Cure People - Marc Smith
The first in a series of interviews with die-hard Cure fans from Scott Witter's Cure People project. (Thanks Scott)

When winger Robert had no Cure for defeat

The Crawley Observer has this photo (Robert in back, on the left) and story of young Robert's time with the Wasps football team. (Thanks Monghi)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Robert picks 'Low' as Greatest Record Ever

Robert picked David Bowie's 'Low' as the Greatest Record Ever Made. From NME:
“David Bowie’s 'Low'. I bought it on cassette and the same day I went to a garden centre with my mum. I’d ordered it from the local record shop, and Paul, who was in the band, and is my brother-in-law, had dropped it through the letterbox. It’s like one of those weird days. I walked home from school, there was the cassette and we had a cassette player in the car. I went with her to a garden centre, and I listened to 'Low' while she went and did whatever mums do in garden centres, and I was like utterly, my whole perception of sound was changed. Just how something could sound completely different, like 'Breaking Glass', everything on there in fact, 'Sound And Vision', everything on there, everything I heard was astonishing, really astonishing. When I put it on now the sound, dunk dunk, everything is just fucking genius! There are other albums that I love much more, like viscerally much more, like 'Axis: Bold As Love', or 'Five Leaves Left', albums that I can cry to, but 'Low' was the album that had a huge impact on me, just how I saw sound. No other album has done that to me.” (Thanks Jorge)