Saturday, April 18, 2009

What happened in Vegas?

Update (4/19): I'm going to leave some of this up, but I'm starting to feel bad about Simon taking the blame for something that I'm not sure was his fault. I wasn't there, so I have no idea what happened, but the video for A Forest is a lot less dramatic than some made it seem. Sure, Simon didn't do a prolonged outro, but he simply stops playing, and calmly walks over and puts the guitar down (and as AndrewV127 points out, the same thing happened in Rome last year). And it looks like RS DID say thank you at the end (though the video cuts out before he says it). I think many of us might have over-reacted to the initial reports. Hopefully, the band are fine, and having a good laugh about all of this speculation. Here's to a great show at Coachella!

Original report: What happened at the end of the show? Why was it cut short? Was something wrong with Simon? Is he okay?

Andy: "Apparently he threw his bass down angrily and walked off after The Kiss. And during A Forest he didn't finish as he should have."
Jeff: "It was a pretty odd way to see them end the show. I've never heard Simon end A Forest like that... ever."

Update: Just heard from Sara, and she says she was told that there's no curfew at The Pearl on Friday nights, and it was completely up to the band to end the set.

I also wanted to point out that the band didn't start 45 minutes late, it was only 15 minutes. While the tickets and Pearl website listed an 8pm start, the official band schedule had them starting at 8:30.

Update: 30th anniversary tribute book

I just heard from Heron, and she gave the book to Darren and Keith, who said they would give it to Robert. She will check with them at Coachella to make sure Robert got it. (Thanks Heron)

Update: Jeremy confirms that Robert got the book. (Thanks Sarab)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Live reports from The Pearl in Las Vegas

Setlist and show notes
Video links
Photos - Debi / Getty Images / April / Kelly / Erik Kabik (click concerts, Cure) / Kate & Joel / Vegas News / Faithdesired / She Said Boom / CoF / Schecter Guitars
Reviews - CoF / UNLV Rebel Yell
Livecast videos - Underneath The Stars, A Strange Day, To Wish Impossible Things, Want, Disintegration, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, At Night

What could have been:

(Thanks Heron)

Cof meet at The Palms

Joel, Kate, Barb/Thistle, April, Jo. (Thanks Heron)

Cof meet at the Bistro Buffet. (Thanks Heron)

Photos from the CoF dinner and Rio party

Dinner / Party (Thanks Kate and Joel)

Cure fans at the Rio tonight

"Over 20 Cure peeps at the main lobby bar at the RIO! Better pix to come!" (Thanks Heron)

Coachella webcast

AT&T will be webcasting parts of the Coachella Festival all weekend, including the Cure's performance on Sunday. But it looks like it won't be the full show. They are going to show all of Public Enemy's set, then switch over to The Cure. Not cool, AT&T. (Thanks Halo Eighteen)
Update: It was the full show, just tape-delayed by about 20 minutes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend reporters needed

Anyone want to volunteer for the weekend reporting from the shows? Paul K. will be doing the live setlist reports from Vegas, but I need someone to cover Coachella. Also looking for anyone who can provide live e-mail or text reports & photos from the shows and other events. If you can help, let me know. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update: DM at Kimmel

From "Due to overwhelming demand, tickets for the Depeche Mode performance on the April 23rd Jimmy Kimmel show are no longer available. This event is invite only and is not open to the general public. Please do not come to the Hollywood location on April 23rd if you do not have a ticket - you will be turned away.

However, there is some good news. We do have 150 VIP pit bracelets to give away. We're happy to announce that 75 winners will receive 2 VIP pit bracelets through this special contest on the site. Click here to enter. Good luck!"

Update: Apparently, tickets are still available from 1iota.For the concert and the studio taping. Those with studio taping tickets WILL be escorted out to the concert, according to 1iota.


So if you have a ticket from 1iota or KROQ, or win one from, you are in. The only people who will be turned away, are those who do not have a ticket.
(Thanks Robert John)

The Pearl is getting ready for The Cure

"Here are some pictures of me at the Palms last Friday, I am standing about 15' from the Pearl entrance. The light up posters are all over the slot machines. It is difficult to see the Pearl from the buffet, tall partition in the way." (Thanks Eli/Carnage Visors)

Possible Livecast from Vegas

"I am hoping to do a live webcast of part of the vegas show from my phone for the people who can't make it. So if you could tell people to go to they can watch whenever I start streaming live. I will probably stream a couple of songs and then give it a rest for awhile so my phone battery doesnt over heat. I have a portable phone charger so my phone wont die or anything. So just tell people to leave the livecast screen up and whenever I do start streaming again it should automatically start playing. " (Thanks SaraB)

Cure tribute in Tampa

WMNF's Tribute to The Cure on April 18th at Skipper's Smokehouse. (Thanks Kate and Kate's dad)

Update: A review and some photos from the show.
(Thanks Kate and Nathalie)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coachella schedule

The Coachella schedule has been posted. The Cure go on at 9:25pm. (Thanks Aaron)

DM Deluxe Box Set

Out on April 21st in the US. Pre-order it at Ideal Copy $78.99 /
CD Universe $79.98 / Deep Discount $83.98 / Best Buy $89.99 / Amazon (US) $99.98/ Amazon (Canada) CDN$79.99.
Full details about the box set and the other formats at
And you can hear the full album here (official stream).

Robert in The Hollywood Reporter

"Robert Smith's picture was featured in today's Hollywood Reporter. It was a business article discussing Coachella and other recent festivals." (Thanks Angel)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

(False) Rumor: Cure to play Loreley?

According to the Tabak-Weiss website, The Cure are scheduled to play Loreley, Germany on June 25th. No idea about that website. Does anyone know if it's usually reliable? Obviously, this is far from official, so no need to start making those travel plans yet. Just something to keep an eye on for now. (Thanks Dan)

Update: "I called the shop and was told that it was a wrong information. It is already deleted from their page."
(Thanks Shellheart)