Saturday, April 18, 2009

What happened in Vegas?

Update (4/19): I'm going to leave some of this up, but I'm starting to feel bad about Simon taking the blame for something that I'm not sure was his fault. I wasn't there, so I have no idea what happened, but the video for A Forest is a lot less dramatic than some made it seem. Sure, Simon didn't do a prolonged outro, but he simply stops playing, and calmly walks over and puts the guitar down (and as AndrewV127 points out, the same thing happened in Rome last year). And it looks like RS DID say thank you at the end (though the video cuts out before he says it). I think many of us might have over-reacted to the initial reports. Hopefully, the band are fine, and having a good laugh about all of this speculation. Here's to a great show at Coachella!

Original report: What happened at the end of the show? Why was it cut short? Was something wrong with Simon? Is he okay?

Andy: "Apparently he threw his bass down angrily and walked off after The Kiss. And during A Forest he didn't finish as he should have."
Jeff: "It was a pretty odd way to see them end the show. I've never heard Simon end A Forest like that... ever."

Update: Just heard from Sara, and she says she was told that there's no curfew at The Pearl on Friday nights, and it was completely up to the band to end the set.

I also wanted to point out that the band didn't start 45 minutes late, it was only 15 minutes. While the tickets and Pearl website listed an 8pm start, the official band schedule had them starting at 8:30.


  1. I am left undone :(

    Such an odd nights ending - I feel for Robert b/c I know he wanted it to be amazing

  2. I got Simon's beer after the show. The one I wasn't supposed to get because he was supposed to drink it for the encore set. Corona light by the way. I drank it all.

  3. Andy: Did you upload your meeting Simon photos?

  4. Hi...

    I´m checking right now what happended last night.

    This is odd, i think i´m like everyone else, wondering about the fact(s) that leaded into this unpleasant ending.

    I only hope that nothing of the last night´s bad episodes may affect Coachella show.


  5. i am more of a lurker here on cof but i did want to comment on last night. from what i could see (i was about 3 people back from the rail on simon's side) it seemed as though a few things happened last night. first there were a few songs that did not start out so well. robert even commented on it saying something along the lines of not knowing what they were going to play next sometimes. porl did go to the back of the stage a few times throughout the show and also left abrubtly as simon did. i don't know if simon was agitated due to the screw ups but robert seemed fine the entire night. not sure but i guess we will see what happens at coachella.

  6. craig- andy says he wont be able to upload til after coachella. weirdest cure show ever. im still content with what we got. ill have my siimon pix as soon as brad mails em to me :)

  7. Thanks Sara. And thank you so much for the info and Livecast! We all enjoyed it.

  8. What I heard is that the curfew for underage is 11:00pm and the show was all ages, so they had to pull the plug.

  9. I am not sure what happened to Simon. I know he was making a lot of mistakes. He messed up the begining of not sure what happend to Simon. It looked like he was having a good time in the first half of the shows. I even thought I saw him crack a smile at some of the girls in front of him. It all started with Inbetween Days. Thats when he first messed up. The drums started and he was either not ready or he thought they were playing something else because they started and he started late. You could physically see Simon was upset about that. He also made messed up pretty bad in play for today. Another one I noticed was he lost his place at the end of The Kiss so at the end of the song when he comes back in with the begining riff he wasn't on time with Jason. This is when he really got upset because at the end he threw his bass on the floor. The truth about the whole thing is that we don't know if he was pissed about messing up or if he was messing up because there was something else going on. Either way it was really weird the way he was acting at the end.

  10. There WAS some sort of mix-up on IBD & Push. On the printed setlist, it was supposed to be Push then IBD. But they reversed that during the show.

  11. GHT: Was that info from the band or the venue?

  12. @goinghometime, we asked the venue this morning about last night and they said no curfew was in place.

  13. Only just got the chance to catch up on last night. I'm a bit shellshocked. Firstly, bacause, if they'd finished the show i reckon I would have been in with a shout of winning the competition on!!!! But moreover to all of you (especially the likes of Jo who travel across continents for the shows) to see you didn't get it all.

    What's going on? Was it a joke on Simon to switch Push and IBD which he didn't find funny? It sounds like Robert's birthday party has been somewhat spoiled...

    I hope that there was some sort of Curfew which ended it but from what I am reading there were problems on stage. Is the the beginning of The End (no Its Over - "I can't do this anymore!")

    How long have they got for Coachella.

  14. Don't worry V
    I'm sure he's Dick is still Rocking Hard.

    Have you noticed.
    Last Depeche Mode album, Robert was on the cover.
    This time, specially for England,
    they put out the album on the day of Robert's Birth Day.

    So teasing, as Robert intended to put out the Cure's next album on his Birth Day.

    I think they were all very confused by all this.
    I Wished they'd play a song of the upcoming album.

  15. In regards to the set list mix up with IBD/Push. At the time we found in odd that Robert was playing electric during In Between Days which is normally acoustic. So it looked like Robert was not prepared for IBD as well...

  16. Craig: Apparently everybody knows about my one-track mind. :P

  17. Oh you're right, the 21th was specially for the US.

    So it's even mOre puzzling!!

  18. That's it then. DM's fault.

    Methinks there might be a little more to this than that!

  19. My thoughts which were from a different thread:

    A few things:
    Venue security told me they were prepared for a very long show - at least three hours - whatever the band wanted to play (hence no curfew issue).
    A 15 minute delay doesn't sound like enough to piss anyone off.
    The first half was awesome. Robert was smiling, and seemed in a good mood - he kept saying things like "we're in for a long night".
    I did not get a great read from Porl or Simon - only it seemed like Porl was less interested as the night went on. I did not see Simon throw the bass - but we were shocked at the way “A Forest” ended,- seemed very odd. The house lights were down, as usual for another encore. I even saw them bring (more) beers to Robert’s riser, indicating they were on their way back (as this GREAT setlist indicates). Then after a long delay – maybe 4-5 minutes(?) - house lights go on. It was like a punch in the stomach. Your could hear audible screams of “NO!”. People looked stunned.
    Something obviously happened. My wife's been a fan for 25 years, seen them 25+ times, and this was really awful. She now says she's done. Between this and the Jimmy Kimmel experience, it's becoming too hard to be a Cure fan. We buy (this time expensive) tickets, travel to these cities (airfare, hotels, cars, etc). And what do we get, a *problem* than ruins a show. And yes, it ruined the show. We all knew this show was NOT going to be 2.25 or 2.5 hour show - this was going to be a TRUE CURE SHOW, and maybe something special. At $165 per ticket, that's a rough "warm up" show - which it really wasn't. Robert seemed excited about his birthday, saying something like "it's my birthday, I can do what I want..." (before the first encore) with a smile.
    One caveat: I thought, from middle of the lower level seats straight back, the crowd wasn't very good. Not much (as in almost no) noise during encore breaks, and some empty seats. I don't know if the crowd impacted this or not – but the lack of noise (during the encore breaks) actually worried me.
    It sounds, though, like it could have been something else. But as a fan you can only take so many of these disappointments – and this was a big one - when you need to travel to see the band. This night was just a terrible way to treat it's fans - whatever the reason. No goodbye's, nothing.
    It’s sad, they might have just lost a 25 year fan - plus me - a new convert who's has really enjoyed the "4" incarnation. What a shame.

  20. @goinghometime, we asked the venue this morning about last night and they said no curfew was in place.

  21. no overreactions... it was just a bad show. or just some bad moments... in over 30 years of carrer, they've made so many great shows. sometimes, people are not having a good day. I hope Simon is ok and they're all ok as a band.
    but by the way, on that thing of trading the songs' orders, last night I remember I was following the set list through CoF and at one point, Craig put the printed set list - the main set - and I compared to what was being played - not only ID and Push traded places. I can't remember them right now, though... if anyone got the printed set list, please take a look...

  22. I'm sure as long as Simon's got a Boner
    They'll be Fine

  23. It was very VERY odd at the end. If you weren't there, then you'll not understand. If you see what was not played (eight songs), you would see there was a problem. If there was an overreaction, I don't believe it is by the fans...

  24. Livia: Only IBD and Push were played out of order. This was the printed set list for main set:

    prayers for rain
    end of the world.
    to wish impossible things
    pictures of you
    perfect boy
    inbetween days
    just like heaven
    shake dog shake
    hungry ghost
    100 yrs
    its over

  25. how are they able to change songs "on the fly" when even robert seemed to be unprepared (from what i've read: using electric guitar instead of accoustic)? Did Jason start with something different? Or the backing tape?

    and was it so bad that robert didn't even came out to say "good night"?

  26. So a 2.5 hour show with two encores is now considered a rip-off???

    You throw 25 years of being a fan down the drain 'cause you didn't get to see the Old School Encore?

    Maybe you forgot that those 4 guys up on stage are real human beings, not robots.

    You got to see the cure for 180 minutes last night!!! I got to sit at home with a migraine, staring at a 19" LCD monitor the whole night!

    Count your blessings! Be thankful you're alive and out with your friends experiencing things 95% of the rest of us Cure fans can only dream of doing!!!

    I'm sorry if i'm a jerk, but come on!!!

  27. I agree Morris, id love to of seen that! Great set.

  28. Morris, I agree that 2.5 hours is more than you get with most bands but you don't go to see a play and expect to not get to see the last act because a cast member doesn't want to act it and you'd be pissed off if you were watching a film and the dvd broke before it had finished. These guys are upset at what they MISSED not what they SAW.

    You are right - they are human! and have been in dischord before - that's why I am worried. 4Cure appeared to be a tight and settled unit and what worries me is what might NOT come next.

  29. v said...
    Apparently everybody knows about my one-track mind. :P

    Nice one V! XD LOL

    Sameoldact - Everything you've described just sounds incredibly bizarre!! Maybe Simon was upset about messing up here and there, but you'd think they'd go ahead and finish anyway because that's what professionals do... but if BOTH Porl and Simon were not in a great mood than it stands to reason that something else must've been going on last night. And Robert ending the show without saying anything?! Wow.

    I do understand why some fans would be disappointed, but I have to agree with Morris on this. I don't see this as any reason to stop being a fan. Try to catch them closer to where you live next time; you can't blame them for your deciding to go out of your way to see them...

    At any rate, I hope none of this will effect Coachella... hope everyone's okay now... :/

  30. All of you with tickets for tomorrow - gaurd them with your life. It may be the last time you see The Cure. It may be the last time any of us see them!

    I do hope I am wrong!

  31. I'm worried, but mostly I'm worried for all the Curey Peeps who spent so much time, money, and energy on getting to Vegas and Coachella. I hope that they are having a blast and not fretting over band relationships and whatnot. I know that many peeps had high hopes of meeting the band, presenting them with gifts, and getting body parts signed, etc., and I am mostly just worried that they are still having a great time regardless.

    Of course the fact that Robert is so often referred to as old (including by himself) and the last album didn't sell of course just makes the worry all that much worse for the future too.....

  32. Well, this IS their last album, remember? I mean, the one that's coming up... 8'C

    Morris- I hope you're feeling better today than you did yesterday! <33

  33. To me someone *ahem* screwed up seriously with the DAT's/backing tapes/whatever. It's the only possible way for songs to be played out of order, someone pushed the wrong button. All these BPM's written on the setlist sheet used to puzzle me, now they don't, they're there for a reason. It's quite easy to guess what happened.

    Porl or Robert wouldn't piss Simon off that easily. Neither would a curfew (that seems that didn't exist in the first place) or a 15 mins. delay. Neither it was a nervous breakdown or something like in the Wish tour.

  34. Jason hasnt been mentioned, how was he, if anyone saw..

  35. Heron told me that Porl was having lots of problems, too, and that his guitar tech had to come out and fix something with a screwdriver during Hungry Ghost.

    She also echoes what others have said, that the show was great up until the IBD/Push mix-up, and then the energy just seemed to change.

  36. hey steve from twitterlive, the number you left was no bueno. Id be happy to come on tonight, just call me again.


  37. IBD was disasterous the first few measures... was it sabotage? was it an honest mistake? que the dramatic music....

  38. I'm not upset at The Cure I just feel as though someone had told me about a really cool birthday present they were gonna give me but how at the last second they decided not to buy it or something of that nature.

  39. I like the buzz going on lately... Maybe we'll get a story in some newspaper soon :)

  40. lol William. :)

    Despite the technical issues -which by the way, appears to be happening to them way too often lately! X(
    remember KROQ?
    that still doesn't explain why Robert ended the show without saying ANYTHING.... that's just a little too weird to me. Since when does he do that?

  41. I'll send a full review when I get home to Oz - but just a couple of things:
    1) Thanks to Robert but not THE Robert for the sweet thoughts
    2) Whilst there were a few 'glitches' throughout the show, I loved it - OMG people, we got To Wish Impossible Things
    3) I didn't see Simon throw his guitar (after The Kiss) but Brad did - the sign of things to come
    4) A Forest ended abruptly - none of Simon's usual flair
    5) Robert looked like he was enjoing the show - and strangely unaware of the other issues on stage
    6) Tears came to my eyes when the houslights came up - No "Q and gnite" from RSX, no closure..... I am torn.... Loved the setlist, but would have loved to see the WHOLE setlist - heartbreaking

    Do I regret coming all the way from Oz for this? No freakin' way - this was still a great show, I got to meet more of my Cure peeps and to meet Simon!!! Life is great.

    I hope they fix this 'glitch' for Coachella, and that those people going to the show get the encores that we missed out on.


  42. To anyone that thinks this was a bad show, it wasn't. In fact it was turning out to be a "True Cure Rock Show". They didn't piss around with "Freakshow" or "Close to Me". They played the dark and punk songs we love (Prayers for Rain, Strange Day, to wish impossible things, etc). Robert didn't do any songs without a guitar which means he wanted to rock.
    The crowd's enthusiasm was explosive and even during FTEOTDGS you could see Robert reacting back to the crowd as if he's a bigger Cure fan than anyone.
    No background visuals, just dim lights and effects. Robert said playfully "we have balloons and shit so we can keep playing". He was ready and i'm sure "Faith" would have been with added lyrics and been amazing but it didn't happen for whatever reason. I have the hardest time believing Robert had anything to do with this. Has anyone ever been on a great date when suddenly it goes horribly wrong? I'll be waiting for Robert's explanation as i'm sure he'll post one soon.
    For now i need to say that COF people are the coolest people i have ever met and they all have huge hearts of gold. I really appreciate the new friends i made.
    Someone said Coachella might be the last Cure show and if it is, i know Robert will continue with something else. He always likes to keep his mind busy and his fans guessing. He's not the retiring bitter sort.
    I'm hoping to run into COF peeps at Coachella and would like to send a special thank you to SARAB for making sure we all had an excellent time at this Vegas show.
    Craig, if this is it for the Cure, you can't leave us dude.
    The Pearl show gets a 10 because i was definately left with wanting more and maybe the full set list would have spoiled us rotten.
    Love to all COF people.

  43. Hopefully Robert and Simon didn't get in a fist fight back stage like in 1982. He would have to call Steve Severin in for the Coachella show :).

  44. I think (and Im five glasses of red wine into this thought)... last nights show was great. It was a great cure show, lots of alternate singing styles and lots of RS energy. I was in the section in the middle right behind the board and contrary to the dude who called this section out in the above post, liz and i have never been louder or danced harder. Sure, I was sitting while dancing but IM OLD but we were having sooooo much fun. during push, the vibe in the crowd below and around me was awesome. everyone was having a great time.

    This show was the most fun we had in the last four of last year. Full review coming with pics as soon as I get done with this wedding... bf duty, it calls.

  45. hey:) i'm new, but i love this blog! i would have loved to be at the show last night, despite the mystery ending, etc.

  46. Did Simon "throw" his bass on the floor in a way that he could have damaged it ??

    (I always see him with the same basses so it's seems worrying)

  47. craig, are you saying hi to me? how'd you know my middle name is jo? O.o

    well, in any case, hi!

  48. Stilyagi: Haha, no, I was saying hello to Jo/Elise. : )

    But hello and welcome, Stilyagi! : )

  49. oh, haha! i'm such a dork!


  50. I enjoyed last night very much. It was the first time ever that I was front and center on the rail. I was directly in front of Robert. I don't know if I will ever get a chance like that again. Of course their were some errors here and there (like someone said "they're human"). I did see Simon throw his bass which was odd along with a few more odd things. I must say though...

    I am sooooo happy with the set list that we did get to hear. Of course, the old school encore would have been great. Obviously more time with them, more songs to hear. It didn't happen though...

    So until next time.

  51. Wow, too bad things ended strangely, but I mean, they still played a long show compared to what other bands nowadays would put on.

    I guess you've just gotta give them a break, with Coachella coming up tomorrow, and how many countless tours they've done, they are bound to have at least one off night. I hope everything gets worked out with whatever problems are going on in the band, and I'm sure they will. Remember, some of us didn't get to go (and have never gone to a cure show :( ) I think it will all end up alright, Robert will find a way.

  52. D'you reckon he can still use that bass ??

    I'm aware a lot of you are sick & scared because of this. Don't give up. Have Faith.

  53. They can't have Faith, because The Cure didn't play it.

  54. It makes me sad to read these posts. The ones that make me saddest are the ones that crap all over the band... I can understand disappointment, but to take that to the level of "fuck them for not being a vending machine I can kick" is ill done. The speculation is pointless, though inevitable... but the chicken little talk is gah... don't do it, please! I am not ready for The Cure to be over. D^: QQ T_T

  55. Maree - I'm with you - I think we all have bad days, and The Pearl was not good for the Cure. To be honest, as venues go, The Pearl is by far THE WORST venue I have ever been to. The energy of the place was just wrong.

    But everyone I speak with about last night is of the same opinion - the band sounded great (apart from the glitches) and Robert was having fun, but the 'grinding halt' left us all bemused, shocked and disappointed.

    Craig - *running tackle*

  56. nobody freak out, i highly doubt the cure are breaking up or anything like that, everyband has problems but what we got was one hell of a show, even if we didnt get faith *sob* but i think they are going to make up for it at coachella ella ella

  57. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. @Mr. Mandelbrot- they had different sound people on the board last night. The regulars from the past at least 3 years were not there, so maybe there is something to that

  60. I think Simon also threw his bass in Berlin or Hamburg while doing the trilogy series... I dont really remember... I was a bit drunk. Anyone here remembers???

  61. What is all this talk of Coachella being the last Cure show?

    And 4:13 being the last album?

    I won't believe it till I hear it from Robert, and then I know it's not true, LOL.


    On a lighter note, I blame Paul K. for last night. I think Simon was mad at Porl for flirting so much with him.

  62. Anah... You've a good point there, hon! I think Paul was cockblocking Simon! That's just like Paul, that cockblocker!~ XD

    I know the companion piece to 4:13 is, as far as I know, going to be their final album with Universal. As to whether it's their final album as a band... that's just what I've gathered from the recent interviews Robert's done. I don't want it to be over either, believe me! But who knows?

  63. I wrote my post while the experience was fresh in my mind - since I was confused as to what happened.
    I thought the show started off wonderfully, and was turning into something very special. It's just a shame that something had apparently happened to end it so abruptly. It was still a very good show - I never said it wasn't.
    Robert seemed to be really enjoying himself and I believe he was planning on coming back - possibly unaware of the extent of what was going on (and again, he said a few times "it's going to be a long show" - and his own mention of his b-day). I think that's why he didn't say goodbye - he was not aware that it was the end (and the house lights did not come up for a while - roadies fixing equipment, bringing beers, etc.). In the crowd it did not seem like the end.
    My point was that something (apparently) happened - and it's too bad. Hopefully not a bad thing for the band.

    It was disappointing, that's all...

  64. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the K in Paul K. stands for Kockblocker...

  65. "Robert looked like he was enjoing the show - and strangely unaware of the other issues on stage"

    Remember David St Hubbins was enjoying himself at the airforce base just before Nigel threw his guitar to the floor and walked off during sex farm ... and left the band.

    I can imagine the conversation backstage Sunday:

    Robert: "Can't do that one, that's Simon's song."

    Porl: "Well that's a cozy 5 minutes."

    If they had only mixed the last album in Doubely, then none of this would have happened.


  67. Arrived home safely, I am catching up still...

  68. Even Joel noticed the mistaken guitar on Inbetween Days... what we didn't realize at the time was what was unfolding before our eyes!

    Although, with hindsight being 20/20, Disintegration seemed different. I am bad at describing such things - it seemed to have less "drive" than usual.

    Anyhow... I immensely enjoyed much of the show.

    Thank you to all the COF peeps, in Vegas and from afar that helped make these last few days such a treat!

    More to come... time to sleep.

  69. YIPPY AY YAY MINI SIRLOIN BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. The video for A Forest is up ...

    You can read my observations there. Porl goes first, Jason has a row with someone and Simon just walks off but his bass sounds awful - possibly the camera though.

  71. After viewing the clip from A Forest, I think there's some over-reaction going on in here.

    But I wasn't there. So what do I know?

  72. Yeah, i just watched A Forest video as well, and i don´t know what to think now...looks that something was happening on the stage, but nothing as extreme as we thought at first...

    But who really knows the truth ?

    Is very hard to guess the reality about this...



  73. Did not see what all the fuss is about so simon didn't play the last few licks of a forest oh the world is coming to an end for sure. Join me for burgers and beer I 'm buying!

  74. I was reading this thread last night but I was too tired to post then. Some one asked how Jason did. Aside from accidentally starting In between Days instead of Push I thought he did really well. He even perfected the drum pattern on If Only Tonight We Could Sleep. It's not that he was playing it poorly before but there's a very specific pattern in that song that I've never heard Jason do properly until last night.

  75. Yeah I watched the video and didn't think too much was wrong. Porl walks off stage, Jason talks to someone, Simon doesn't do the extra dom-dom-dom-dom-dom bit at the end then Robert walks up to the mic. It definitely doesn't seem the band are at each others throats or anything.

    The exact same thing happens in this clip from Rome last year.

    Porl walks off early, Simon doesn't do the extra bit.

  76. Thanks for linking to that vid AndrewV127. I hadn't seen it until now. You're right, same way of ending. Still seems odd but I guess that's just because he's done it the other way for so many years and we're all used to it.

    I'm just guessing but I don't think there's any reason for us to worry. Some one said Porl wasn't feeling well. Who knows? Maybe what happened after A Forest was simple,
    Robert said "Thank you" but NO "goodnight" with every intention on coming back out for more songs. Then he goes backstage where Porl or any other band member says "Sorry, I really don't feel well, I think I'm done for the night". Robert wants them to be rested for Coachella so he has no problem stopping the show right there.

    I would've loved the other encores but I definitely don't feel cheated. We got a good show,

  77. I think after seeing Simon throw his Bass down people may have started to look for faults within the rest of the show, expecting there to be more. Top that with no encores and we have hysteria on our hands.

    For all we know there may be some serious issues although I'm more inclined to go along with Xploding Boy's theory that Porl or maybe even Simon was feeling under the weather. That makes more sense to me and fits the reports.

  78. Whatever you guys need to tell yourselves to put yourselves at ease. But you weren't there. The bass was thrown after The Kiss, not A Forest. You guys had to be there!

  79. Hey All,

    I was also on the floor on Simon's side. I could tell that it was Jason that started IBD, which surprised the rest of the band. The looks between Robert and Simon were funny. And the song ended well, with Robert doing a little "yeah!" after the song. I don't know if that had anything to do with Simon's tiff later when he threw his guitar down.

    That whole end of the set was weird because Simon did look agitated, but he and Robert were talking quite a bit walking on and off during encores, and they seemed fine.

    Who knows what happened, since it seemed weird that the Pearl would c-block Robert on a "birthday" show. Porl was having some issues with that black guitar also. That seemed to annoy him during the later part of the set.

    Anyone know who that was standing on the side of the stage on Porl's side? I thought it was that douchebag Chris Angel at first, but it wasn't.

    I don't care what anyone says, I think it was a great show, with some fun human mistakes and emotions to make it fun!

  80. We know it was thrown during The Kiss, but we are talking about the "strange" version of A Forest. Seemed fairly normal once you watch it and compare it to Rome from last year.

    There might be problems, but not the doom and gloom that some are projecting. Let's see how they do tonight.

  81. Goatsmilk: Could it have been Michael Ciravolo (Schecter Guitars) you saw on stage near Porl?

  82. It seemed like Simon started maybe getting cranky during Disintegration. I thought he was hitting some weird notes on that song...

  83. Good call, Craig.

    I just Google-imaged Michael Ciravalo, and I'm pretty sure that's who it was. He was there with some very tall, beautiful girl.

  84. I don't believe that anything bad is going to happen to The Cure - I believe it is a mix of:
    1) The Pearl is a CRAP venue
    2) The band were jet-lagged (they didn't arrive into LV until the afternoon before the SHOW) - any one who has ever experienced jet-lag will understand that a 3+ hour gig is a huge ask under those circumstances
    3) There were some human (and likely technical) issues

    From a spectator's perspective, I loved the concert that we were given, but I was left WANTing more at the END. I truly believe that Robert had every intention of continuing the show, but due to issues that he was, perhaps, unaware of (and that I see no value in placing blame for) they did not come back to finish the set that had been intended.

    Would it be better if we did not know that they intended to give us so much more? Or that they usually play for a lot longer? - Probably ;) but then we have come to have high expectations because they have spoiled us so much in the past.

    The upshot is - a fantastic show (CUT short), some minor glitches and a little bit of jet-lag. Not THE END OF THE WORLD people.

  85. I don't know what happened for sure, I don't know that any of us will ever know. I doubt that Robert or the band will come out and say exactly what the problem was. All I can tell you is what I saw and how it felt to me. What I saw was Simon throwing his bass. Not just throwing it, like taking it off his shoulder and dropping it, but actually throwing it up in the air, almost over his head and having it come crashing to the ground. That kind of throwing. That was at the end of The Kiss, which unfortunately we do not have on video. I hope someone got it and will post it up here.

    The end of A Forest in Rome was similar to this one, but the crucial difference was that in Rome, they came back on for another song (Boys Don't Cry) and then after that, Robert said "Thank you, Good Night, See you again", just like he's done at every show I've ever seen.

    It's hard to convey how it felt when the lights came up to people who weren't there. I've never heard anyone boo at the end of a Cure show. Never. The shock of it was immense, and the feeling that it was cut short was palpable.

  86. Brandon: Yeah I heard he cut it or something. Is that true?

  87. Do you know how he cut it? On his guitar? A bottle?

  88. Maybe his hand got cut when he broke a string.

  89. He played the s___ out of The Kiss. I LOVE when he does that like at Hollywood Bowl. He gets so into it. He was holding his arm a little when he walked off. Good workout there.

  90. I would just like to add that if Jo is right about the band arriving that afternoon the time they went on stage (i.e 8:45) would have been 4:45 am UK time.

    They must have been Knackered.

  91. We were pretty much in front of Robert and didn't notice any injury. We did see him break a gutar string but that was it....weird

  92. I've read through all the comments and want to add my two cents. I was right up front between Porl & Robert. (Tall guy with a black shirt with sequins & crosses on it for anyone in the area.)

    I really don't believe the doom and gloom either. My guess is that it was a combination of the time change (4:30 GMT), jet lag, and endless technical difficulties. Robert seemed in good spirits the whole show, and I'm positive had every intention of coming back out for the old school set.

    I remember mentioning to my wife that around the IBD mix-up, the band seemed to lose a lot of energy. It was almost like they were sleep-walking during the second half of the show--eyes a tad more droopy, and then frustrated at the guitar problems. I'd explain Simon's throw as exhaustion, and frustration that he wasn't playing all that well.

    Incidentally, it was obvious. My wife noticed it too and we gave each other a puzzled look when he did it.

    My biggest gripe about the night wasn't the show. It was the way the herded people into the pit before the show. It was dangerous, disorganized, and a complete mob scene. I'm amazed that nobody got trampled. It was ugly.

  93. If they were that jet lagged, it's amazing the show was as good as it was. When I arrived in London last year for the O2 show, I was so mess ed up I had trouble ordering a sandwich! I can't imagine being able to put on a concert.

  94. One other thing to add. I guess Porl never plays the start of The Kiss. But while Robert was starting out, he was off-stage near the guitars, squatted, head down--resting up before coming back.

    I'm with Xploding Boy. I think Simon and/or Porl said "I've had it" back stage. And Robert (with his hurt hand??) said, ok fine, let's make sure we don't blow Coachella because of tonight.

  95. When I arrived in London last year for the O2 showObviously I'm STILL jet-lagged (or I just need more coffee), cuz I meant to say "last February."

  96. talking with simon when he was down by the bar, he did not seem jetlagged or tired.
    was in a very good mood too at that point.
    makes this all even really more strange.
    saw jason sat morning, asked him if it was supposed to end like that, he had a puzzled look on his face and didnt know what to say, wouldn't say a word about it

  97. this was fun for a second but after a good nights sleep and a sobering thought...i think its safe to safe, we read way too into it.

    it was an odd way to end the show....yes
    the old school set... ugh, would have been cool.
    i never saw simon throw down his bass... i could missed that part.

    simon didnt "storm" off the stage after a forest.... it was a calm walk as noted on the front page. And aside from punching the air during 100 and the spitting he seemed to be fine. in fact, i remember telling my gf during one song that simon is really "feeling" it.

    this was still of the better shows ive seen.

  98. Thanks 2 all who posted videos and a big thanks 2 craig for the awesome job he continues 2 do on COF!

  99. See? False alarm because it *was Paul's fault...that Paul K, always causing mischief with his flirtatious ways!

  100. AndrewV127- About A Forest: I still remember the version they did at KROQ with Simon completely tearing his bass up; sounded like a jet engine!!

    After watching the rest of the videos, I can't see what the big deal was either... I thought the information coming from the people who were actually there would be more reliable?? Other then Andy & Rev saying that Simon threw his bass about after The Kiss... it didn't seem like there was any 'tension' or what have you going on on stage.

    The question still remains as to why they chose to end it early, especially with Robert saying "it's going to be a long evening..." Hopefully nothing too serious *other than Robert injuring his hand??! 8(*
    and they will be great tonight!

    From the looks and sounds of it, they were ON FIRE Friday night!! IOTWCS was gorgeous!

  101. H: I've been watching some of the videos from Friday, and it seems like Simon and Jason weren't quite in time with one another for most of the night...what do you think?

  102. What do I think I think this s h i t is getting old. Time 2 move on!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Hmm, I didn't notice that Anah. Maybe I'll have to take another listen! If that was the case, I'd just as soon attribute it to the jet lag. I hope they're all feeling better today, especially if Robert hurt his hand! dammit!

  104. Hey mewantbeer!, go chill and have a beer dude!! Xpp

  105. From Andy: "Spoke to my friend Lori just now and she told me that around 4PM on Saturday she saw Robert exit the Palms and got to meet up with him. Apparently he apologized to them about the Pearl show, they told him that there was no need and it was a privilege. No explanation was given however, but obviously we can see how he feels about it."

  106. Ok I will but come on now don't you guys think that this has gone on far enough. What are you guys trying to prove? Enough now join me for a drink I'm buying.

  107. I like Robert's vocals on Play For Today, very nice. It's always nice when he changes it up a bit.

  108. Ok I am going to post what I felt with this evening.

    I had one of the best "seats" in the house (on the rail in front of Robert but a bit to Porls side). The energy Robert gave was amazing. You could tell he wanted to give a great show and feed his fans what they've been craving. He was very into it and played his heart out VERY much like he did at Troubadour.

    Porl seems a bit "off" personality wise (not playing wise) from the beginning. His usual smiley self was not there and the emotion was somewhat blank most of the night. He still KILLED it when he played and he really was feeling the music BUT something was missing. He was glazed over and not interacting like he always does. I guess I could describe him as a bit COLD when he is always Warm.

    Simon I have to admit I did not watch much. (Robert and Porl usually amuse me so much that I forget to really take time to watch Simon - ha) The times that I did he seems really really out of it. Just tired and drained. He DID throw the bass after Kiss in a way that it brought back memories of see Nirvana play live. It was very intense and odd.

    Jason I couldn't see b/c of Robert and the security guy that was pacing in front of me. I just didn't have a good angle.

    The Happy Birthday (that was laughably botched by all the fans not being able to really get in sync and SOME started when JEREMY walked on stage to prepare and check equipment). Robert was SO VERY AMUSED and almost blushing. He really seemed thankful. A few of us right in front on the rail had our Party hats on. And we left it on as the first encore began, There was a couple times when Robert looked up at us that it seemed as if he was thinking "why are they still wearing those silly hats?" and would almost bite his lip to hide a grin. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" is such an intense song that I'd be laughing if I saw people wearing those hats while feeling the music! LOL (but then again I hadn't slept in over 24 hours so it could just be what I wanted to see? haha)

    As far as quality it sounded pretty good especially for being on the rail (sometimes the quality isnt quite the same than if your further back) However it really started to get "off" during One hundred years. Disintegration was REALLY OFF in fact I was thinking it was a new song at first. All I could hear was Porls rhythm and Jason. Roberts guitar I couldnt hear at all. Then when Robert began to sing I had to PLUG my left ear to make out the tune and words. I finally realized that he was singing Disintegration and thought O wow this is bad. I literally had to hold my left ear b/c porl was too loud. At one point near the end of the song a guy in the crowd was asking the security guy in front of Robert if he could maybe go and tell the tech on the side stage LOL of course the guys said NO.Its over was still a bit loud and heavy from Porl but not as bad.

    Now for the awkward ending. Porl seemed really tired and out of it. When he left and walked behind Jason toward Mike on the side of the stage he looked Sickly and beyond wiped. I spoke with Porl backstage at KROQ where he was unbelievably tired and I'd say he looked like that times 10! NOT WELL AT ALL! It even crossed my mind like wow how will he ever get thru the rest of this. Simon leaving was abrupt in a pissy frustrated hissy fit way. The energy that came from him and then the reaction Robert had to him leaving is hard to explain it was not over the top obvious but very apparent. We all of course we're expecting more and I think Robert really wanted to give more.

    The overall feeling that lurked on the stage after the band left was as if there were angry ghost standing in their spots unsure of what to do. I think we all knew it was "OVER" but didn't want to accept it. The first 5 feet of the crowed off the rail literally stood there in disbelief until the security made us leave. When the LIGHTS went up there was a huge MOAN of "NO" from the crowd that seemed to last forever. The Techs ran onto the stage and started breaking down they were all very intense and seemed upset / frustrated not responding to fans yelling their names at first. They just wanted to get the job done and get out of there.

    I was sad and frustrated that it was cut short. But I think I am MORE sad that Robert wasn't allowed to give the show he wanted. He wanted it so bad but you can't perform without Porl or Simon. I don't know if it was Porl not feeling well (although it seemed very apparent to me) or Simon being too drunk and tired to perform Or maybe its a bit of both. My heart goes out to Robert b/c I know he is is going to be so frustrated with himself for not doing what he wanted and finishing his "art" for the night.

    So there you have it from my point of View - it was an intense night and we are all so very spoiled. YES it would have been AMAZING to see the night end as they intended but we still got to see them perform some GREAT SONGS. OMG - To Wish Impossible Things put me back to my VERY FIRST LIVE SHOW IN 92 I felt 14 all over again!

    Thank you boys for A great night - I hope you all are feeling better. This Fan is here until the end (which I hope is NEVER)


  109. C-Tell Andy thanks! Robert can be very sweet... He really does love his fans <333

  110. Kellbel 2 much time on your hands but thanks anyway?

  111. KelBel: TY for the insight. Jet lag and (awesome) 10 inch'll getcha every time! I do love His Porlness: ^_^

  112. aww, and he apologized too?? :(

    Not trying to prove anything.... just making observations and discussing them. I don't see anything wrong with that; not trying to hurt anyone's feelings either. And for the record, ginger beer's my favorite! Screwdrivers are a close second...

  113. A Round 4 helsabot bar keep.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Look I'm sorry but We as cure fans must move on for the sake of the children. please. Now on with coachella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. *Waves to Jo* Safe trip home!

    Jeff - Simon was "punching the air" a lot during 100Years" at the O2 and in other songs, it seems it might be his new "thing." I've seen him spitting before too. I'm sure he spat into the crowd at a funnily enough cut short show in 92. I'm gonna watch the video now and make my mind up.

  116. I am with Mewantbeer! (great name). Tonight will be important. If everything goes well we know all is good and there was just some silly little problems on Friday which got the better of some very tired people.

    If tonight is a repeat performance then I will start to worry.

  117. Thanks andrew. Let's just wait and see tonight. All will be well. Bar keep a beer for andy. He's drinking on me today!

  118. Andy is just leaving Vegas. Hopes to be at Coachella by 5pm pacific time.

  119. Just heard from Paivi/Spiggy at Coachella: "The data lines here have been up and dpwn so not sure I can do live updates but I'll try. The phone stuff stays up but Internet has hard time keeping up with the demand."

    So just a heads-up that tonight's coverage could be spotty. But the webcast will hopefully fill in any gaps.

    ONWARDS. : )

  120. Sadly I'm not going to be able to join you guys for live setlist reports tonight. I have to be up in the morning so I'll check the news then (it's nearly 9pm here).

    Hopefully they will put our minds at ease by playing a great set (complete will all the encores, no bass throwing and a "Q-G'night).

    Have fun tonight everyone.

  121. Ok, watched both videos. Thanks for posting.

    Porl leaves stage - nothing unusual, he was joking about that with the crowd in Antwerp last year.

    RS plays on longer than usual, I think he could have been improvising a bit, it was certainly different.

    Simon, puts the bass down very carefully.

    No obvious problems from that.

    I want to see end of The Kiss and Simon's face on IBD. On the evidence so far, I'm not so sure there's anything to worry about. Tonight will be telling.

  122. Now you got it anah. Moving on is good. Let's all do the same and wait for tonight. If something goes on tonight then you can all say "we told you so". Until then let's just relax .

  123. Thanks Craig! Here's hoping we get most, if not ALL of their show on the webcast!

  124. Not that I have a lot of time on my hands but I just had to type it out as I felt/lived it. I didn't realize it was that long its hard to tell with this small little box how much you write! haha

    For the record SIMON did not drop his bass after forest he set it down. It was after the Kiss when he dropped it.

  125. I'm sure there was talk about it at the time and I just found it in Laurent's review of the Antwerp show I went to last year (I didn't see it - I was on the Porl side of the stage)

    "Simon seemed a bit pissed though, as he left stage after “Why can’t I be you”, the last song of the gig, quite violently throwing his bass away. It seems as if his bass didn’t work the way it should during that song. Lots of “umpah-umpah” from the bass drum, but no clearly distinguishable bass line… I remember how Robert deactivated Simon’s pedals as he left the stage some time later. No clue what went wrong."

    I am more and more convinced this is a storm in a teacup and forwhatever reason, they couldn't manage to do the final 8 songs. I take back my negativeness from last night. Onwards for a great show tonight!

  126. Enough of this already get ready 4 coachella!!!!! He dropped it,he threw it, he flew around the stage. If the band want's us to know what went wrong then they will. If not just get on with life and enjoy the music and being a cure fan. CHEERS!!!!!!!

  127. MewantBeer has got this one nailed. STFU amd Calm down people!!!..."Stuff happens" I was at the show...on the floor, right down in front, smack dap in front of Porl. I saw the guitar and pedal glitches, I saw Robert looking thinner and healthier and happy, I saw Simon push/drop his guitar down, not really a throw in my opinion. I saw Simon aggressively chug his Corona's like he couldn't make it come out of the bottle fast enough. Yes, they played two songs out of order. Yes, they had planned another encore. Yes, Robert didn't get to feign a hoarse throat and say...."Q, guhnight, see ya next was fuckn excellent..."

    All that did happen....and I say GOOD! It was a great show. Some of you people want to swim in this drama that you fabricate in your minds, because maybe you think it makes you more of a fan??? Some of you need to build and maintain lives outside of the realm of The Cure. Just sayin. Anyway, IT'S A ROCK N ROLL SHOW BABY!!! ENJOY IT!!!

  128. Maybe Simon just wanted to drop/throw that bass because he knew he was done with it for the night. The one he dropped is his alternate tuning bass. The Kiss is the only song in the set that he used that bass for.

  129. Thx for the review, KelBel - I loved meeting you too and can't wait for September to come!

    Hopefully I will be able to join the Coachella chat - if I can find a power outlet at LAX to sit next too.

  130. Elise: I'm so glad you made it over for the shows! I can't tell you how happy I am for you: ^_^

  131. I thought the show was great in spite of the mishaps. It just made my day to see Robert in great sprits and having a great time. He smiled and danced a lot. He is so adorable! It did seem very apparent that Simon was having a bad night and was very unhappy. I was up front between Robert and Simon, a few people over from ANDY. I also noticed at one point Porl was not on stage. I was sad and stunned that they did not come back. I will not complain, nor am I upset with the band. I just feel lucky to have been able to be up front for the first time of any of the shows I have attended. I hope all goes well at Coachella tonight! The Cure is a great band and has really great fans that love them so much! It was a very nice experience to meet up with the fans!

  132. So, about this talk of The Cure breaking up, or being in trouble...

    : P

  133. i just wish RS would issue some sort of explanation......

  134. I was told that mommydearest got to meet the band when they left Vegas. And his hand was swollen she asked about it and he said sorry about the night before. So I think its pretty clear he hurt his hand and couldn't play - end of story.

  135. Wow lots of fuss over something that most likely was not that big of a deal. Maybe it ended early because RS hurt hand, Maybe it was equipment issues, maybe it was Simon being upset about something, maybe the jet lag or a combination of a few things. Who knows but one thing for sure, it sounds like they still put on a great show despite some problems.

    It’s great to read that Robert was in a good mood & most all of the fans enjoyed the show. I would have given my left and right arm just to have been there, problems or no problems! It’s the experience that counts & the friends you meet that are important.
    As to why everyone has a different account of the night, well I guess it depends on where you sit & how focused you were to what was happening to get an interpretation of what went down. We will probably never really know but I don’t think it’s the end of The Cure by no means, just an off night, that's all. We all have them!

    Thanks to all for sharing their thought on this, makes me feel a bit like I was there.

  136. the reason you think it was not a big deal is because you werent there, and i don't want that to sound sarcastic because i truly mean that.

    it was a big deal to those of us that were there, and was one of the most bizarre experiences anyone who's been following the band has had.

    i do find it strange that if it was roberts idea to not continue he didnt give a goodnight.....

    i would just like a statement from the band, i doubt that will happen however, as i flat out asked jason sat morning and his face dropped and was trying to find something to say as he denied anything out of the ordinary happening.
    me thinks RSX told the band/crew to keep things quiet...

    shit happens and i had a great weekend otherwise, but as far as the show is concerned, it was a big deal, even bigger deal after seeing faith was planned.

  137. Paul please get on with you life. Dude you sound freaking creepy. The band owes you and the rest of the people at the pearl show nothing. They played A great show I would be on your side if they didn't play at all. Write the band and e-mail with your concerns I'll bet they have you marked as SPAM!

  138. There WAS a mix up with In Between Days and Push! I'm sure it was a whoops... Because Robert did NOT have a chance to switch to acoustic, and everyone seemed confused for a second. Way to be able to jump into the song, though! Does anyone have this on video or audio? Because he commented after In Between Days, but I couldn't understand all of his mumbling... He said something about how it was pointless to tell the song titles, something about a magic trick, and then, "This next song might be called, 'Push.'" It was super cute, and it was actually fun to see such a rare performance of In Between Days.

    Whoever said that the energy changed after In Between Days... I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I felt it. I talked to my parents about it a lot, because I didn't know if it was just me, or if it was the band. My dad felt it, too. But even with perhaps a little less energy, I found Disintegration especially to be intense. Just wonderful! The sound was great where I was sitting.

    Simon DID eff up during Play For Today, but it actually made me smile. I didn't hear anything during The Kiss, but I was concentrating on Robert's part. I saw Simon chuck his base... it was a little concerning, but also PUNK ROCK.

    I have no idea why the concert ended, but I AM sure that it's not what the band *wanted* to happen. I still don't understand why Robert couldn't at least come out and say goodnight, and perhaps that he was sad for ending... But it is what it is!

    It was definitely VERY bittersweet. They started out SO GOOD (Just like the fucking record, nearly!), and it was wonderful to see them. But it does hurt my heart, seeing what could have been. I've been trying not to hurt, trying not to stress out about the "reasons why"... I don't want these things to discount from the wonderful experiences I had! I had a lot of stuff go wrong this weekend (our plane was delayed 8 HOURS, and we just barely got there in time for the show!). I basically missed out on a whole day of my short vacation because of this delay, and I didn't get to go to any of the meet ups. I am thankful that I got to go at all! But I do transition from feeling sorry for myself because of all that I ended up missing, and for the enormous amount of money that didn't get it's full value because of these mishaps, back to being SO FUCKING EXCITED and tingly inside because of what I did get to experience.

    I'm well-off enough that I was able to put myself into (further) debt for this show, but it's not like this trip was no big deal for me financially. In fact, it was financially stupid. So it is hard not to disconnect from the huge ticket prices and travel expenses for a "shortened" show (though 2.5 hours is not short for a show). But there's NO WAY I regret a penny of it. I just wish I had the finances and time to see The Cure whenever they play, perfect shows and strange shows alike. This is also why I'm comfortable being forever "branded" with The Cure's music--I have a tattoo, and I'm confident that I will NEVER regret it, because EVERY chance to see The Cure is a privilege, and their music has touched me so deeply that it can never be undone.

    PS--The only "weird" thing about the ending of A Forest was that Simon *usually* plays a longer outro. Porl et al. always walk off early--always when I've been there.

    Simon's spitting and punching the air appeared to me to be getting into the intensity of the song. Really, the only weird thing about his behavior (in my mind) was chucking his red bass like a spear into the stage. But hey, it wasn't his Thunderbird!

    Also, it appeared to me that The Cure's normal crew wasn't working (or was working less), but instead was people hired by the venue. When people were trying to get setlists at the end, some security guy said something like, "They work for me."

    And mewantbeer!, we can discuss this as long as we want! I haven't shared my story yet, so I'm going to, and I'm not going to feel bad about doing it. I don't see why you keep on telling people to move on, since you don't have to keep reading the thread :). We're just discussing our experiences, comparing, etc.

    That's my long story, though it's really very brief considering I could write a ton more!

  139. Have another drink pal!

    If you consider that to be a 'great show', I seriously have to wonder what shows youve seen them play?
    Sub par performance after strange day, and same setlist as always....
    What would have made that a 'great show' was the last song that was cut.

    The whole audience got shafted, weather some realize it or not...

  140. Paul, I was not trying to get anyone upset with my comments, I was just stating how I feel about it all from what I have read and from what other peeps have told me about it. But I understand where you’re coming from. You are right, I didn’t go to the show, and therefore I cannot say how it went down. The way I interpreted the night was by reading what most fans said on here…..there were a few problems and the show did end strangely but that they still had a good time at the show & meeting other Cure Fans.

    The point I was trying to make was this, it's unfortunate the show was cut short, the 3rd encore & Faith did not get played, Robert did not say goodbye, Simon was upset , the wrong song was played and so on should not take away from the complete experience of the show. One of my Cure Friends on another web site said they didn’t think the problems were that bad or it’s the beginning of the end of the band, just an off night. So saying it’s no big deal is just me saying I do not think the band are going to break up or have some sort of rift just because a few bad things happened at one show. At least I hope not!

    I have to admit I've never experienced this type of night at any of the Cure Show I've been to over the years but I have with a few concerts I saw for other groups. These bands are still together today so something like his happens to every band! What happened in Vegas was unfortunate but it doesn’t seem to be the worst thing to have happened to The Cure. Let’s all hope the band is over this experience now and can move on to perform more shows & make more music in the years to come.

  141. for those of us that could only make the pearl show, waking up monday morning to reports of the 'fucking legendary' show at coachella was like salt in the wound. i don't regret going to vegas, but i honestly left the show confused and concerned that something serious might have kept them from finishing. reading about robert saying 'fuck the curfew-we're playing the whole show' then continuing after the plug was pulled made me wonder why we weren't valued as much as an audience. i know they aren't robots and they deserve to rest if they are unwell. if somebody had just said-'sorry mates, this has to be the end tonight' we all would have left feeling like we'd seen a great show instead of asking each other what the fuck just happened.

  142. bed, bath and beyond, I understand what you are saying...

    I kinda wish they had said something before having the house lights come up. We were all confused at the time. But, the show and set was awesome!

  143. Thanks for the support vikrob09!