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Interview with Lol

 From Hot Press:

With The Cure reissuing their classic live album Paris, ex-drummer Lol Tolhurst discusses the band's storied career, as well as his fascinating book Goth: A History.

30 years of Burn and The Crow soundtrack

 From Mashable:

The Crow' soundtrack turns 30: Looking back on the album that defined an era

The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the bands who almost made the cut.

The iconic English rock band The Cure seemed a no-brainer for inclusion on The Crow soundtrack, as their songs were quoted through O'Barr's comics. Most anticipated this would make it easy to get frontman Robert Smith onboard, as he'd clearly approved the lyrics' use and therefore must be familiar with Eric Draven's story. So, it was quite a shock when Smith's rep said he'd never heard of The Crow. 

"I went back [to] O'Barr," Most shared, "And I said, 'James, you know, you've got 'used by permission' all over the place [in the comics] and Robert Smith [has] never heard the comics.' And he goes, 'Well, yeah. Every time I'd ever seen lyrics used [in comics], it has 'used by permission,' so I just added that.'"

Despite this copyright confusion, Smith liked the comics — once he did see them — and the script. So, for the first time in his storied career, the legendary British rocker wrote a song specifically for a movie. 

While some acts wrote songs purely based on the screenplay, some of the film’s footage was transported to London for Smith to see. The resulting track, "Burn," is 6:39 seconds of scorching hot yearning. The song kicks off the album, and is given a place of prominence in the film; it plays over Eric's macabre makeover early in the movie. Lee's physicality is on full display as his Eric is rattled with flashbacks in the abandoned apartment he once shared with his late fiancée; he frenziedly applies the now-iconic black-and-white face paint in a shattered mirror while Smith sings, "Just paint your face, the shadows smile / Slipping me away from you." 

And just like that, The Crow is born.

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