Thursday, June 5, 2014

Photo shoot for Roger's Love & Other Tragedies

Posted on Roger's Facebook: "Photo shoot for Love and Other Tragedies thanks to Peony for the pictures."

Photos from BottleRock

Great photos as usual from Mauro Melis at Sound of Violence. More coming to his Flickr soon.

And check out his B&W Series on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photos from the BottleRock Rehearsal

Live 105 has posted photos from the BottleRock rehearsal.

For more on this, check out Jill's report here and Kariana & Justin's  reports here.

"I need to sing a song called Faith"

"This is for everyone that died (25 years ago) today in China."
The Cure - Faith (Rome 6-4-89 Tiananmen Square version)
"And don't forget!" (Thanks Vicky)

Another version here. (Thanks @guillaume_g_z)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Andy Anderson interview in The 13th

Issue #9 of The 13th is out and it includes an interview with Andy Anderson. English version coming soon. (Thanks Diego)

More Cure LEGO

Included in this Billboard article. (Thanks Jean-Francois)

That's nice, but I think Guillaume's set is better.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Stickerwatch 2014: Simon's AC/DC tribute

For those about to rock, Simon salutes you.

No new Doctor Who stickers for Simon at BottleRock, but Olivier at It's A Perfect Day did get this photo, and it looks like Simon has an AC/DC tribute on the back of his bass.

If you can't make it out, it says For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.

If you want to try and tie it into his Who stickers, there is this fan video tribute to The Doctor, which uses the AC/DC song.

Thanks to Olivier for the photo. Not only does he get great videos & provide setlist reports, he humors my Cure guitar sticker obsession. :)

'Why Can't I Be You?' at BottleRock...sort of

The Cure try to play 'Why Can't I Be You?' after the power is cut at BottleRock. (Thanks Ryan)

Other versions here and here.

Update (06/02/14): From The Bay Bridged - "The plug was pulled on both Heart and The Cure at a very hard 10pm ending time. The organizers later explained that all bands, especially the headliners, were aware of the cutoff time and that due to contracts with the city, community and local businesses this was a rule they had to stick by."

From the Sacramento Bee: "Music fans were also miffed about the sound being cut off while the Cure and Heart each were in the midst of performing.

BottleRock organizers had promised the city of Napa to uphold a 10 p.m. noise curfew, which meant the plug was pulled on the Cure just as the band started playing “Why Can’t I Be You?” as an encore Friday night. Heart met a similar fate on Saturday as the clock struck 10 p.m.

It’s an awkward way to end a set, but ruffling the city after last year’s financial fiasco wouldn’t bode well for BottleRock’s future.

“We were very clear with the bands that 10 o’clock was a hard stop,” said David Graham, CEO of Latitude 38, in a Saturday afternoon press conference. “We wanted to address concerns related to noise.”

Read more here:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

'Before Three' at BottleRock 2014

Before Three - Napa, BottleRock 30-May-2014 from itsaperfectday on Vimeo.

Finally back after a 10 year absence! Last played in Paris on Oct. 15th, 2004. Thank you, Olivier! Thank you, Robert!

Jill's report from the BottleRock rehearsal

As previously posted here, The Cure held a rehearsal for their BottleRock set on Thursday night, May 29th at Soundwave Studios in Oakland, CA. Jill was another of the lucky Live 105 winners and here's her report & photos from the show.

"Can mirror what other lucky winners said...heard Lullaby, Just Like Heaven as well as Catch and Shake Dog Shake before getting let into the studio.

Set list as I remember it (order might not be perfect--I did my best...I was a little beside myself):

Doing the Unstuck, Freakshow, Sinking, The Baby Screams, Before Three, Close to Me, Fascination Street, A Forest.

After checking in with their sound guy and the band, Robert asked if there was something else we wanted to only regret was that 'Underneath The Stars' was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't manage to say it out loud.

Everyone was allowed to bring items to be signed, and the entire band signed everything. I was able to talk to Robert for a couple of minutes... he was very charming (shocking, I know). I wish I'd had the presence to ask about 4:14 Scream, but I was trying so hard to remain upright and not seem foolish- I remember him asking what we had to do to win this contest- and him wrinkling his nose at "enter, and get really f*ing lucky". It was SO random, but please know- 80% of the people there were huge, long time fans.

Hit me up with any questions!

Link to photos here. Sorry for the quality, we were only allowed to use iPhones...
Hard to see the silver pen in this shot for Craig at Chain of Flowers!

Included photos of items I was able to get signed by the Band...Craig...thought you'd appreciate the album!"

Thanks, Jill! I love it! :) And thank you for the report.

If you have any questions, ask Jill in the comments.