Monday, June 2, 2014

'Why Can't I Be You?' at BottleRock...sort of

The Cure try to play 'Why Can't I Be You?' after the power is cut at BottleRock. (Thanks Ryan)

Other versions here and here.

Update (06/02/14): From The Bay Bridged - "The plug was pulled on both Heart and The Cure at a very hard 10pm ending time. The organizers later explained that all bands, especially the headliners, were aware of the cutoff time and that due to contracts with the city, community and local businesses this was a rule they had to stick by."

From the Sacramento Bee: "Music fans were also miffed about the sound being cut off while the Cure and Heart each were in the midst of performing.

BottleRock organizers had promised the city of Napa to uphold a 10 p.m. noise curfew, which meant the plug was pulled on the Cure just as the band started playing “Why Can’t I Be You?” as an encore Friday night. Heart met a similar fate on Saturday as the clock struck 10 p.m.

It’s an awkward way to end a set, but ruffling the city after last year’s financial fiasco wouldn’t bode well for BottleRock’s future.

“We were very clear with the bands that 10 o’clock was a hard stop,” said David Graham, CEO of Latitude 38, in a Saturday afternoon press conference. “We wanted to address concerns related to noise.”

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  3. Yes, I'm posting these videos already. Look below.

  4. This might sound kind of stupid but I thought the band intentionally quit early because they felt what the audience was feeling, which was that it was freaking COLD. We've been having these really warm days and nights in the wine country and yesterday it was well over 80. So people were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and stuff. But it turned really cold, and nobody was dressed proper. I started making for the exits during the last encore, normally I wouldn't miss a minute.

    1. We were packed in like sardines. I stayed quite warm... My temp said 55 when we left the venue...

  5. We were there when Heart was cut off, too. In *cough* 38 years, these are the first shows I've been to where bands were literally unplugged.

    Re: weather, I thought it was a pleasant mix of valley and coastal microclimates. We remembered to bring jackets, though. :-)