Saturday, November 15, 2008

KROQ is NOT confirmed

I don't want to ruin the fun and excitement, but as of Friday, The Cure were NOT confirmed for the KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas. Doesn't mean they won't be playing, doesn't mean they will. But as of Friday, The Cure are not booked for that event. As soon as I hear something either way, I'll post it. (Thanks Anonymous)

Win an autographed poster

"The Cure is giving away 5 autographed posters exclusively on VampireFreaks. To enter to win, add THE CURE to your bands list on VampireFreaks and send them an inbox telling them why you should win and what their music means to you, along with your full name and mailing address." (Thanks Fabian)

Cure play Leno, Kimmel, and Daly

Listed under Events at the official site:

12/11/2008 - Tonight Show w/Jay Leno. (Tickets)
12/16/2008 - Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Tickets - not listed yet)
12/18/2008 - Last Call with Carson Daly. (Tickets - sold out)

(Thanks Mad Bob)

It looks like the Carson Daly appearance will be taped on the 12th, and aired on the 18th. The Leno appearance should be recorded on the 11th, for airing later that night. Not sure about Kimmel.
Update: Geffen has posted the dates on the front page, too.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2 weeks until KROQ news?

Debi contacted Kat @ KROQ to ask when the Almost Acoustic X-mas lineup would be announced, and here's the reply she received: "No word yet but probably after Thanksgiving."
(Thanks Debi)

Let's hope we get a cryptic hint from RS before then. : )

Win 4:13 and a poster

Absolutepunk is giving away a copy of 4:13 Dream with the lithograph/poster. Contest ends on Nov. 20th, and you have to register with their website. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Roger's Mexican tour canceled

From Roger's website: "Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control the shows in Mexico have been cancelled. I apologise to everyone who may have made plans and hope to play there sometime next year."

A few more 4:13 reviews

US - Contact Music (positive?), The Snapper (B-), Red and Black (mostly positive).
Australia - dB Magazine (mixed).
Denmark - DBH (4/6).
Italy - Rockstar (4/5, Album of the Month).
Finland - NYT (3/5), Soundi (4/5).
(Thanks Kate, JC, fmjews, Antti, and Marc)

Cure live in Rome airing in the US

MTV Live: The Cure in Rome will be broadcast in the US. It's on Palladia HD, which is available on Comcast, Cox, Verizon FiOS, Time Warner, Dish, DIRECTV, Charter, AT&T u-Verse and Insight.
It will air on Nov. 23rd at 9pm and midnight, Nov. 24th at 3pm, Nov. 26th at 8pm, and Nov. 30th at 11am. All times are eastern.

Please check the official site for broadcast info in other countries.

4:13 charts update

3rd week positions
Belgium / Wallonie - drops to #16.
Belgium / Flanders - drops to #30.
Netherlands - drops to #53.

2nd week positions
Billboard Top 200 - drops to #60.
Billboard Comprehensive - drops to #64.
Billboard European Top 100 - drops to #18.
Billboard Modern Rock/Alternative - drops to #12.
Billboard Top Rock Albums - drops to #16.
Billboard Tastemakers - drops to #5.
Mexico - up to #17.
Croatia - up to #9.
Denmark - drops off the chart.
New Zealand - drops off the chart.
Czech Republic - drops to #33.
France - drops to #16.
Austria - drops to #55.
Spain - drops to #29.
Canada - drops to #85.
Switzerland - drops to #30.
Sweden - drops to #58.
World chart - drops to #35 (38,000 copies sold)
Germany - drops to #41.

1st week positions
Argentina - enters at #3.

(Thanks David, Pietro, Farbruun, Levko, Andrea, Sanjin)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Official site update

Geffen has updated the official site, with dates for the airing of The Cure Live in Rome.

Rumor: KROQ Almost Acoustic X-mas?

From a listing at Craigslist:
Acoustic X-mas December 13 & 14 @ Gibson Amphitheater
The Cure, The Killers, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots & more. (Thanks to Toberr @ A Pink Dream)

Remember, this is only a rumor, and has NOT been officially confirmed. But it is pretty exciting. : )

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cure on Last Call with Carson Daly

Looks like The Cure will be heading to the US in December! They will be performing a "mini-concert" for Last Call with Carson Daly on Dec. 12th at 5:45pm in Burbank, Ca. Get your free tickets here. (Tickets are sold out, but keep checking.)
(Thanks Anonymous)

No way they are coming all the way over here for just one show, right?

And even more 4:13 reviews

US - Tuscon Weekly (mixed), The Channels Online (4), The Phoenix (3/4), Fearnet (positive), SF Bay Guardian (negative), New University (mixed), Salt Lake Tribune (C+), Vail Daily (3.5/5).
UK - Uncut (4).
Canada - Hour (3/5), Montreal Mirror (7.5/10), Voir (3/5).
Ireland - Entertainment (3.5/5).
Italy - Il Cibicida (negative), Gufetto (positive), Storia Della Musica (3.5/5).
Belgium - Humo Magazine (3.5/4).
(Thanks Kate, Swifty, Riccardo, Heron, fmjews, Carl, Darrell, and Sophie)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jamsbio poster winners, new contest

Jamsbio has posted the winners of the autographed posters. And they have started a new contest, to win 5 autographed cds. Just list your top 5 Cure songs with the best lyrics. (Thanks Debi)

Jason Cooper, film composer

"Jason wrote a movie soundtrack for From Within. This movie won an award (best score) at the Solstice movie festival 2008. He's currently writing another soundtrack for a horror movie." (Thanks to Toberr @ A Pink Dream)

Congratulations, Jason!

New articles

Yahoo/Getback think The Cure shouldn't have made a "comeback". (Fox "news" posted it, too.)
Jamsbio re-assess Disintegration and 3IB.
(Thanks Fabian, Robert, Brian, and Debi)

Monday, November 10, 2008

4:13 charts update

2nd week positions:
Switzerland - drops to #30.
Norway - drops off the chart.
New Zealand - drops off the chart.
US (Hits Top 50) - drops off the chart.
Australia - drops off the chart.
UK - drops to #69.
Poland - up to #9.
Italy - drops to #18.
Netherlands - drops to #51.
Ireland - drops to #73.
Belgium / Wallonie - up to #10.
Belgium / Flanders - up to #23.
(Thanks Jo and David)

More 1st week positions:
Portugal - didn't make the chart.
Finland - didn't make the chart.
Greece (Alternative chart) - enters at #1.
Mexico - enters at #42.
Billboard Comprehensive - enters at #17.
Billboard Tastemakers - enters at #2.
Billboard European Top 100 - enters at #8.
Billboard Modern Rock/Alternative - enters at #4.
Billboard Digital Albums - enters at #13.

Dear Billboard, you have way too many charts! : P

Cure artwork

"After seeing the Cure art you posted up I thought I should send in a photo of the painting given to my mum for her birthday last year by a friend of hers. (Thanks April)

"Seeing as you're on the subject of Cure Artwork, I thought I'd send you this. I drew this with chalk back in 1989 at art college. I was pretty proud of it back then and still am." (Thanks Steve)

"In my college drawing class we were assigned a project where you layer the numbers 1-5 and fill in the negative space with a theme of some sort. Well, after many failed themes i decided to do artwork from Cure albums/singles! I wanted to share this with you all. I'm really really happy with it. (My art teacher also thought it was awesome. I got an A)." (Thanks Tara/believer_ko)

"Hi I'm Benjamien t'Kindt, a Belgian cure fan, and here is my cure wall painting. I worked 2 weeks on it, drawing and painting. And the cure fans like the results, so maybe you can put it on your site." (Thanks Benjamien)

Phil Thornalley remembers his Cure days

It's old, and you might have seen it already, but Phil has a brief remembrance of his Cure days on his website. (Thanks Adam)

iTunes booklet update

"I just received this email...
Thank you for downloading 4:13 Dream. An error occurred, and the digital booklet for this item did not download. To correct this problem, we have added the booklet to your download queue free of charge. To begin downloading, click this link.
Or, you can open iTunes and select Check for Purchases from the Store menu. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team by replying to this email.
Sincerely, iTunes Store Team

That's good news. Thanks to Robert for his effort."
(Thanks Ollie and D)

And even more 4:13 reviews

Italy - Rockol (positive), Sound Magazine (positive), Wuz (No clue! See comment section for a translation).
US - Cauldron (positive), Northstar (3/10), College Times (3/?), Groove Vault (no idea, not really a review), The Quad (positive).
UK - The Guardian (3/5).
Australia - The Sunday Mail (3/4).
Spain - EP3/El Pais (3/5).
Fans - Clockwise Cat.
(Thanks Kate, Heather, Laura, Alison, and Sharon @ Charlotte Sometimes)

Nightmare shirts are in stock

Rev. Heron's Nightmare shirts are in stock. (Thanks Heron)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reminder - Q Profile: The Cure

"Tune in to Q Radio this Sunday evening (8-9pm) as Q Magazine features editor, Dave Everley profiles the life and career of legends, The Cure. Click here for Q Radio. UK residents can also tune in via their digital TVs - Sky Channel 0181, Freeview Channel 716 and Virgin Channel 878, online at & on DAB in London." (Thanks Lauren)