Thursday, March 5, 2009

Floor still available for The Pearl

Inexplicably, there are still floor tickets available for the show at The Pearl.

Vegas getting ready for The Cure

"I work in Vegas and park close to the Palms Casino, I saw them at 5am this morning changing the sign and when I got back to my car at 2pm there it was." (Thanks Eric)

Reminds me of the last time they played Vegas in 2000 for the Dream Tour.

NME tribute cd sampler

Didn't find a copy of the NME tribute cd? Here's a 6 track sampler. (Thanks Eric)
And as previously posted, you can find Robert's intro and Art Brut's cover, here.

Cure in Goth radio documentary

'Radio 2 ran a documentary on the emergence of the goth scene on Saturday. There were a lot of references to Robert and The Cure. You can listen to it on the BBC iPlayer." (Thanks Adam)

Scans of the new NME

Just posted some scans from this week's NME, which includes an interview with Robert.
Also, a scan of a new ad for 4:13 Dream that ran in The Guardian on March 1st, 2009. (Thanks JC)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Gig airs two days early

Remember that Big Gig special that was supposed to air on the NME channel this Friday? Yeah, it actually aired tonight. Here's a report: "NME Big Gig was on tonight, opened with Underneath The Stars and also played Shake Dog Shake, The Only One, Just Like Heaven, The Hungry Ghost, One Hundred Years, It's Over, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab.

Also some great interview pieces with Robert, a couple of White Lies & Franz Ferdinand and 2 from Crystal Castles (unfortunately). It was on NME TV Channel 382 (UK Sky) - 2 days early - they always seem to muddle up the listings on music channels!" (Thanks Marc.)

"According to today's NME which has an advert about it, its also on:
Thursday 5th - 11PM
Friday 6th - 12PM and 10PM
Saturday 7th - 5 PM
Sunday 8th - 3PM and 12AM
Monday 9th - 11AM and 8PM
Tuesday 10th - 4PM and 12AM"
(Thanks Beau, AndrewV127, and Marc.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nice idea for Vegas

Robert, stop reading this now! And DO NOT highlight the following text! And don't read the comments! ; )
But to everyone else going to the Vegas show, please highlight this: "I was thinking it would be really COOL to sing happy birthday to Robert in Vegas just before the 1st encore when he walks back on stage. If you could get the word out then most people will know to expect it and join in and make it that much louder! I think he would be tickled for sure." (Thanks KelBel)

O2 Big Gig videos

Here's a video of Maybe Someday at the O2 Big Gig.
(Thanks JupiterMain)

And Primary / One Hundred Years / Boys Don't Cry/Jumping Someone Else's Train/Grinding Halt / Killing An Arab.
(Thanks DaleJason)

Another version of One Hundred Years (Thanks Crystal)

Photo updates

Contact Music has photos of Tim Burton and 3/4 of The Cure on the red carpet. But where's Simon? (Thanks Gwyneth)

AndytheCurefan updates his tattoo. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Barbara W. gets some ink. (Thanks Barbara)

Monday, March 2, 2009

NME Awards video

NME has posted the 5 parts of their awards show special that aired last Friday night in the UK on Ch. 4. Here's Part 5 with Robert accepting the Godlike Genius award and performances of Friday I'm in Love and Just Like Heaven.

Cure night in Sheffield

Offbeat - Sheffield's legendary indiepoppunk night

The Cure Special
Friday 6th March 2009 9pm - 1am
@ The Raynor Lounge, Sheffield University SU, Glossop Rd, Sheffield
admission £3.00 on the door
includes free lollipops, plus free Cure wallchart and sticker set for first 40 or so in...

Playing approx 15 tracks by the Cure in and around the usual Offbeat mix of classic and current leftfield indie, pop-punk, C86, new indiepop underground and lo-fi tracks. (Thanks C B)

All kinds of stuff

Pitchfork picks up Robert's "Free Music" post. (Thanks Gregg)

Who is the saddest Euro-star? (Thanks Kate)

A new UK print ad for 4:13 Dream. (Thanks JC)

The Cure, Tim Burton, and other celebs arrive at the NME Awards. (Thanks Gwyneth)

Robert in The Mighty Boosh film? Maybe. (Thanks Kate)

Torsion covers Torture. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

4:13 Dream reviews from the DU Clarion and Tonight South Africa. (Thanks Kate)

A review of the Just Like Heaven tribute cd. (Thanks Kate)

Cure mention in an article about love. (Thanks Kate)

Perez Hilton is still an asshole. (Thanks Kate)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Photo updates

Added photos of the 02:09 Dream shirt, more photos from the O2 Big Gig, and some photos of the fans in London.

New photos from the O2 Big Gig: Heron / Cureheart / Lee / Hooligal

Bunch of various photos from the NME Awards and O2 Big Gig at NME. (Thanks Gwyneth)