Friday, April 3, 2009

Cure in Japan 1984

Rolling Stone's Flashback for today, takes us back to The Cure's tour of Japan in 1984, and a bizarre interview with Robert and Lol. (Thanks Kate)

65DOS interview

The List has an interview with 65DaysofStatic, and the band talks a little about touring with The Cure, and getting to use their Pro Tools rig. (Thanks Mark)

Robert cassette tape portrait

This portrait of Robert was made out of old cassette tape. Very cool! See the full gallery here. (Thanks Toberr)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vote for The Cure in Modern Rock Madness

"The Cure take on Kings of Leon tonight at 10 p.m. in YrockonXPN's Modern Rock Madness. Vote here (at 10pm eastern). They've already beaten Mike Doughty/Soul Coughing, U2, and the Pixies." (Thanks Stephanie)
Update: The Cure win! 57-43. Next match is on Friday at 8pm eastern, against White Stripes.
Update 2: The Cure lost to the White Stripes.

The Cure are currently battling U2 in the finals of the 80s bracket in FM94/9's March Music Madness. Register and vote now. In previous rounds, they have beaten The Cult, R.E.M., and The Smiths. Update: U2 beat The Cure.

Levinhurst update

"A track from our new album "Blue Star" which will be out in May is up on our website today. Its called "MAU MAU" it is the first release as a four piece featuring Lol Tolhurst, Cindy Levinson, Michael Dempsey and Eric Bradley.
We also have a link to our Levinhurst store where you can pre order "Blue Star". The first 100 buyers get a free advance copy of a 3 song e.p. of Blue Star tracks not available anywhere else!"
(Thanks Lol)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greatest Hits re-entered UK charts

A couple of weeks ago, The Cure's "Greatest Hits" cd re-entered the UK Top 100 Albums chart for two weeks. It entered at #91, then jumped to #75, before falling out again. Must have been all of the publicity from the NME Awards and the Big Gig.
(Thanks David)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More DM studio sessions

New Depeche Mode studio sessions: Wrong and Corrupt.
Update: And there's an interview and album retrospective (from 2001), too. There's a Cure mention in there, so it IS relevant. : P

Cure tattoo

Marie adds more ink.


"I was in a record store in London's Brick Lane waiting for an in store gig on monday(The Rakes), and was flicking through books when i came upon a book called "Be the record"..and found this picture..The book is made of famous record covers where people would "morph" in to the covers... Anyway. a bit of fun..."
(Thanks JC)

"there was a cover of "just like heaven" on private practice tonight by The Watson Twins. It was pretty fantastic."
(Thanks jools and thistle/Barb)

"Olivier Adam, one of the most interesting authors is mentioning The Cure in his new book 'Vents Contraire'. Page 50 the main character is remembering Cure posters he put on his bedroom walls. Lots of French authors like Virginie Despentes and Gaël Morel say they've been listening to the band and their characters are often Cure fans." (Thanks David)

"Ok, admittedly slightly tenuous. But just watching carpool on llewtube which is an online show from robert llewellyn who plays Kryten in red dwarf. Anyway, the current video interview is with David Baddiel and he mentions that he auditioned for the part of Lister in Red Dwarf and at the time he had a Robert Smith haircut - 7:40 mins in." (Thanks Ed)

NME Awards MP3s

Mad Bob has posted the full Cure set from the NME Awards. (Thanks Mad Bob)

Cure/DM/U2 party in Poland

(Thanks David)

Cure/DM party in Germany

"Germany | Halle/Saale | Tanzbar Palette | April 09, 2009
Location Website / Flyer Front (DM) / Flyer Back (Cure)"
(Thanks BOA)