Curespotting (06/04/18)


From a Kerrang interview with Jonathan Davis of Korn:

If you had to select one proudest musical achievement, what would it be?
One of them would have to be when we performed with The Cure [Korn’s MTV Unplugged performance], because that’s my teenage years right there. When we got to mix [The Cure song] In Between Days with Make Me Bad and Robert [Smith, The Cure singer] looked at me and said, ‘Oh, I like it minor [key] like this,’ and dug what we were doing – that was everything to me.

From a Music Radar interview with Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle:

Something that stands out in your work is how much space you leave for the other instruments - where did that mindset come from?

“I attribute it all to the fact that I didn’t want to play blues guitar. Everyone starts with blues and I wasn’t very rebellious but rebellion to me was liking non-guitar music. I was a big Elvis Costello fan and Squeeze but I liked The Cure and Echo And The Bunnymen... things like that, and they weren’t guitar hero bands - and Missing Persons in particular.

Do you have any advice for players who want to combine the roles of composer, producer and guitarist?

“Everyone has access to what I didn’t have access to back then. It’s about trying to not be paralysed by choices. And trying to sound like something you love. I think a melting-pot approach is better than a singular.

“For me, it was wanting to be Will Sergeant and Robert Smith and Randy Rhoads and Warren Cuccurullo from Missing Persons. I couldn’t master any one of them but I could come up with my own sound from the soup that was created from all of them.”


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From Revolver:

'The Crow' Soundtrack: The Anti-'Singles' of Its Time, The Outsider Mixtape of Forever

The album opens with the Cure's "Burn," a tense, dreamy tune highlighted by pained vocals from Robert Smith, whose penchant for makeup, black clothes and poofed-up hair was mirrored in the look of Eric Draven, the dead musician in James O'Barr's original Crow comic book.
(However, years later, band member Dean DeLeo admitted that they balked on "Only Dying" partly because it wasn't good enough: "I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I was listening to too much Robert Smith or something. It's a song where I don't think we reached our full potential as songwriters quite yet.")

Also from Revolver:

14 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Crow' Soundtrack

1. The Cure's "Burn" was recorded by just the band's frontman Robert Smith and drummer Boris Williams

As the story goes, the Cure were originally going to contribute their devastating Pornography cut "The Hanging Garden" to The Crow soundtrack since the lyrics to the song had been appeared in the original comic book, but Robert Smith liked the comic so much that he opted to write and record an original song instead. He did so quickly: The Cure's lineup was in flux at the time, so Smith and drummer Boris Williams turned around their contribution, "Burn," on their own over the course of just two days, as Smith told Radio 104.5 in 2008. "I had the idea, and we just recorded it, me and him, in the studio," the singer says. Interesting, the song was also the last thing that Smith and Williams ever put on wax together; the drummer split shortly thereafter. 

From Vogue Australia:

Dark arts: a look at fashion's current obession with the new breed of Gothicism

Want a quick path to perplexity? Try to untangle what Gothic is. “I am not a Goth!” was a catch cry for young men and women in underground clubs, or emerging from the solitude of their bedrooms in all black from their boots to their Siouxsie Sioux plume of ebony hair. Okay. “It’s only people that aren’t Goth that think the Cure are a Goth band,” lead singer Robert Smith told reporters, seemingly even more curiously.

From Ticketmaster:

Coachella, Through the Years: 13 Memorable Live Moments

The Cure Close Down the Festival / 2009
British goth-pop legends the Cure are known for their marathon live sets, but the band went extra long at Coachella 2009, literally forcing the crew to pull the plug on a two-and-a half hour set.

Cure mentioned in this Exclaim review of the new Pre-Occupations album:

"Too often, the band is content to simulate post-punk's greatest hits. "Disarray" lifts the Cure's dreamy guitar lines, while the isolated beats and cavernous atmosphere of "Espionage" and "Doubt" echo Martin Hannett's production on Joy Division's Closer. Only the shoegaze instrumental "Compliance" hints at the inventiveness of the band's debut.

These retro touches offer their own pleasures, but New Material lacks a guiding ethos to animate its borrowed sounds. Where Robert Smith's hopeless romanticism and Ian Curtis's resigned fatalism lent defined perspectives to their respective bands, Preoccupations frontman Matt Flegel wallows in a free-floating feeling of unease. "

From The Guardian, in an article about the Korn Unplugged show:

"At one point, Robert Smith mooches onstage resembling The Last Days of Elizabeth Taylor for a medley in which the Cure’s In Between Days segues into nu-metal turkey Make Me Bad.

More fascinating is the interview snippet where Smith extols Korn’s virtues. Is he being ironic? Trying to conceal his embarrassment? Why is he involved in this debacle? Has he been taken hostage? In 200 years’ time, when the mystifying Mona Lisa has perished beyond restoration and the public can no longer countenance tediously two-dimensional portraits, La Gioconda’s place in the Louvre will be taken up by a holographic ad infinitum loop of Smith repeating the words “I … I’m actually a big fan of Korn … they’re a phenomenal live band”."




Couple of Cure mentions in recent Pale Waves articles:

Oxford Student Union - "Their lead singer, Heather Baron-Gracie, summed up this effect in an interview to the NME saying ‘I want to make people dance at our shows and not kinda just cry: they can cry and dance.’ It is also in this respect that a very clear musical influence from ‘The Cure’ comes into play, yet even just in the aesthetic they are clearly taking cues from Robert Smith."

The Evening Standard - "Looking at the photo on this page it will come as no surprise that they bonded over mutual love of The Cure. If Robert Smith needs any more support bands at this summer’s massive Hyde Park show, consider two hands raised."


From Ultimate Gutar's 10 Interesting Facts About Muse:

"Every band member of Muse is a keen poker player. The band have even once fleeced The Cure's Robert Smith for some cash."


Look closely...a copy of  'Disintegration' under the Wonder bread. From the new Netflix series 'Everything Sucks'.


From NME: "Noel Gallagher has now told NME “I don’t have a guitar in my house for the first time since I was 13, so I’ve been writing songs on the bass. It’s unbelievable. It takes all the emotion out of it and you get more of a groove but I’m loving it so that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So everything I’m writing at the minute sounds like The Police, The Cure or if The Police and The Cure were in a band together.”

In this NME video, Heather from says Robert Smith is her personal Godlike Genius, and she & Ciara agree that NME should give him that award again.


From San Francisco Examiner:

As I recall, The Cure’s Robert Smith once said — with awe — that the only people who could drink him under the table were the gals in Bananarama.

We ended up onstage with him a few times, and I remember we had a wild night out with him in New York, so I’m sure that either him or another member of The Cure said it. But they became quite good friends of ours, just because we were on the same sort of television shows around Europe. So we’d end up on the same show, and occasionally we’d get up onstage to dance with them while they were doing their thing. Those were fun days.




From On Milwaukee:

"Justin Furstenfeld gets this, too. Not only did he, like me, grow up on a dreary musical diet fork-fed by Morrissey and Robert Smith, but he wrote a few funereal records with his band of 20 years, Blue October, that are every bit as melancholy and comforting at the same time.

But your depressing stuff is some of your fans' favorites – including this fan. Do you ever feel like just letting that go to make room for only positive material?

No. I grew up on The Smiths and The Cure and Peter Gabriel. I still love to write and perform dark stuff. But now when I get off stage I make a joke. "Hey man, who tooted?" Seriously, life is too short."


From a Rolling Stone review of Bully's new album 'Losing': " "Kills to Be Resistant" is a vivid new take on the Cure's "Pictures of You," where Bognanno scrolls through her iPhoto Library, talking a big, fake game about maintaining healthy distance and respect. It's the kind of shallow mood-boosting that would melt the glitter clean off Robert Smith's brow line." Thanks, @chrisleeveitch.


From a Creative Loafing Tampa article about Molly Parden: "“I love it, actually. I’m on a little high right now talking about it,” Parden tells CL as she makes the gorgeous three-hour drive from Redding to San Francisco in California. She was nerding out over her mug featuring a silhouette of Robert Smith (it says “THE CURE FOR MORNINGS” on it) and the merits of a good cup of coffee."


From a Billboard article about Pale Waves:

"With NME, you spoke about your love of pop music and how it makes you feel. What pop artists, albums or songs make you feel something?

I love a lot of ‘80s artists like Prince and Madonna. “Purple Rain” is one of my favorite songs of all time. But I love The Cure. I love songs that give you melodies that you can sing at any time, but within those melodies, there are things that break your heart. I really love listening to things where people tell a story, and you can tell their singing the truth and they mean it." Thanks, @AaronLaw92.


Friday I'm In Love used in Episode 6 of Man Down on Channel 4. Thanks, @AaronLaw92.


"Skyports de Bundesliga coverage Bremen v Hannover playing The Cure’s ‘The Walk’ at half-time. Weird but good." Thanks, @SDenegri.

"Just Like Heaven used on Channel 4 advert for Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Night Feast." Thanks, @AaronLaw92.


"Lovecats used as background music for advert about Jo Brand programme about cats on Channel 5." Thanks, @AaronLaw92.


"Cure question on Mastermind - When were The Cure in love on their UK top ten hit." Thanks, @GMFree1.



From a Drowned in Sound review of 'ken' by Destroyer - "As a whole the record is suffused with the musical influence of The Cure, which is surprising not because that band’s influence has not been apparent in Bejar’s previous work but instead because Robert Smith’s morose tendencies feel so distant from Bejar’s rather more relaxed (and pleasantly wordy) emotional lexicon. The guitars at times are straight out of Disintegration (especially on second track ‘In the Morning’ and yet instead of Smith’s laconic drawl we get Bejar’s breathier tones. The increased presence of synths this time around is notable, as is the subtler presence of Bejar’s collective of musical collaborators, who (on occasion) came to dominate Poison Season."

And this from Pitchfork's interview with Destroyer - "When it was time to make the new record, he teamed with trusted drummer Josh Wells, and the pair transformed Bejar’s demos into a stark landscape of gothy synths, militaristic rhythm, and apocalyptic ambience. Selecting a core group of sounds to work with, the two bonded over a deep appreciation of the Cure. “Not so much Robert Smith,” Bejar clarifies, “just the general sound—the drums, the guitar, the basslines. Their records are very melodic, but there’s this dark grey quality to them.” His goal, as he puts it, was to answer the very Destroyer question: “How could a decrepit-sounding voice sing in a dark, New Romantic world?”


From The Irish Sun's article on the band Columbia Mills - "His own experience as a misfit child attracted Treacy to outsiders, and he was an avid Cure fan when most kids his age were on the green playing football.

Like Robert Smith, Treacy was also a talented footballer and, until recently, played in the Leinster Senior League with Ardmore Rovers and Valeview Shankill.

He said: “I’ve always been attracted to that darker music.

“As a child, when I was ten years old, I was a little weirdo Curehead walking around school with my hair backcombed and make-up and that.

“I’ve always been attracted to that darker music where it touches your heart, touches your soul but it is uplifting at the same time. You can use it to get through a lot of problems, even though it could be perceived as depressing music.

“People who suffer from depression will listen to that darker music and it will put them in a better place.

“It will tell them there are other people going through the same problems and it will give them comfort. It certainly gave me comfort to know other people felt a similar way to the way I did.”


From Consequence of Sound's 10 Things... interview with Casper Skulls:

The Cure
Technically speaking we were pretty inspired by the Cure recording this record, particularly on [bassist] Fraser [McLean]’s parts. We have chimes on the song “Chicane, OH” which was inspired by “Plainsong” as well as a baritone on a bunch of songs, like “Primeval”, “I Stared At Moses and the Burning Bush” and “You Can Call Me Allocator”. Fraser also used a Bass 6 and Flanger pedal running through a Roland Jazz Chorus for “Faded Sound” just to get a bit of that “The Holy Hour” kind of sound.


The Cure are mentioned in this Guardian article about the classic music show, 'Snub TV': "The Cure’s Robert Smith loved Snub TV so much he requested his band appear on it."
And they did. Watch the episode here. Thanks, @honeyinmyveins.








04/26/17 - A full 2 minutes of 'Fascination Street' is used in the new Netflix series, '13 Reasons Why'. Right at the start of episode 4.



03/08/17 - "Robert was just mentioned in the most recent episode of Stan Lee's Lucky Man (S02E02). James Nesbitt's character Harry, remarks to his daughter about her bad eyeliner "Oh my God, Robert Smith in the Flesh" Of course she replies "Who?"..... aaaaagggh!! " (Thanks Jarlath)


05/11/15 - "I am reading "The London Compendium" - a Street by Street exploration of the hidden Metropolis, by Ed Glinert ( a very serious and fantastic book, full of very interesting stories if you love London,like i do) and i came upon this!!! How weird is that!!!" From the listing for The Gargoyle / Gossip's.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

04/19/15 - John Lydon, in his book Anger is an Energy, mentions Robert and The Cure. (Thanks Filip)

03/30/15 - 'Seventeen Seconds' was added to BBC Radio 6 Music's The Chain. (Thanks @godwinafaith)

03/20/15 - More Post Punk Icons as Super Heroes. This time, Robert is Nightcrawler from the X-Men. (Thanks @chrisleblanc79)

03/16/15 - " 'Not in Love' appears in the first episode of Man Seeking Woman". (Thanks @anduyuns)

02/24/15 - "There is a new French movie in theaters in France called Bis that tells the story of 2 guys travelling back in time to 1986. In a scene where the guys are taken for a ride at the back of a car, they used Inbetween days as soundtrack." (Thanks Sylvain)
02/09/15 - "filmmaker Mike Leigh came on to collect his BAFTA Fellowship last night to an accompaniment of The Caterpillar!" (Thanks @SoMuch2Answer4 & @waswasere)

01/28/15 - "there was a great moment on this week's episode of the HBO Show "Togetherness" where the mom is getting dressed while singing an entire verse of "Lets Go To Bed" to her baby. It was hilarious."

01/27/15 - "I was watching "Cougar Town" on TBS last week and the Andy character was bemoaning the fact that his best friend had moved away . He was talking about the pain he was in and said he understands those Goth kids now , and exclaimed "The Cure Rules !" (Thanks Larra)

10/13/14 - Robert gets a mention and photo in NME's South Park: 34 Hilarious Musician Parodies list. (Thanks perfect.murder)

Live BBC interview with Paramore at Reading Festival 22nd August
Interviewer: What makes [Reading Festival] so special?
Hayley Williams: It's definitely the legacy for sure. The last time we played this we played with The Cure. To have bands like that come out and there's all sorts of up and coming bands. It's a great festival to be part of. (Thanks Warren)


Pat Sharp's Time Warp [Vintage TV UK] 15/08/2014 1100
Guest: Mark Shaw (Then Jericho)

We were up at Genetic Studios. Depeche Mode were walking around and Robert Smith came out and I thought: "Oh my God, it's Robert Smith".

And I said: "What you doing, how's it going?" and he said: "Yeah yeah great," carrying an entire crate of scotch into the studio, his hair all combed back that looked like a cat had put its paw in an electric socket.

And I said: "What are you going to call it?"

"Dunno. I had a dream last night. Something about a head on a door, so I think I'm going to call it The Head On The Door. How's it going with you?"

They then played 'The Lovecats' video. (Thanks Warren)


"2 Weeks ago I was with my family in Side (near Antalya, Turkey) for some nice holiday on the Beach. During walking through the small city with all the shops I saw a Pub called "Stones" and on the wall this picture was painted: The Last Supper by da Vinci, but instead of Jesus and all the Apostles, there is Mick Jagger and right next to him Robert! Then there are other famous musicians out of the scene like John Lennon, Michael Jackson and so on." (Thanks Reto)

07/28/14 - "a little cure spotting tonight on "Moone Boy" Hulu/BBC show. Goth sister wears cure shirt and BDC in final season 1 scene." (Thanks @Anjijade)

07/22/14 - From NME's 30 Heart-Warming Musical Happy Endings That Will Melt Your Heart:

Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst "You're just a waste of time/You're just a babbling face/You're just three sick holes" — these are just some of the compliments Robert Smith paid his old friend Lol Tolhurst on 1987 track 'Shiver And Shake' shortly before Tolhurst left The Cure. Amazingly he was back in 2011 for a few shows, no longer wasting everyone's time. (Thanks Zap)

07/14/14 - 'Same Deep Water As You' was used on the BBC's The One Show, during a segment about rubbish in a local community. (Thanks @AaronLaw92)


I watched a movie called 'The Wait' last night, and what happens out of the blue? Chloe Sevigny puts on The Cure's 'Sugar Girl'! Plays almost the entire song. Loved it! It's on Netflix streaming, so if you want to watch it, it starts at 31:25 or watch most of the scene here. See Chloe Sevigny & Jena Malone dance to 'Sugar Girl'. :)

04/23/14 - I'm currently reading 'The Bird Eater' by Ania Ahlborn and came across this:  "Come on, Scary." A nickname he'd given her long ago, born of her penchant for all things spooky - movies, books, The Cure."


"the 80's retro show just used Just Like Heaven for a kids birthday montage scene. It kind of worked. " (Thanks @Anjijade and Lisa)

"I just saw a Sprint commercial with a "goth" character and a hilariously bad knockoff of "Lullaby" in the background.  It starred Judy Greer and one of the new SNL castmembers, so look out for that if you want a laugh. " (Thanks Amorn)

"I had a curespotting moment at the Trentemoller concert @ The Fonda Theater this last Saturday and thought I send it over... Lullaby guitar intro to their song Moan. I took video of it, here's the link" (Thanks Gabriel)

03/27/14 - 'Just Like Heaven' was used in the debut episode of the new Fox comedy, Surviving Jack. (Thanks @ebbhead)

11/13/13 - The Cure get a mention in Douglas Coupland's new book, 'Worst.Person.Ever.'  (Thanks )

11/11/13 - From USA Today: Julia Quinn has The Cure for inspiring her books. (Thanks David)

11/08/13 - "The Cure has a picture in an arts and culture segment on the today.
The segment is called "Bizarre and Beautiful Pictures: Arts and culture: The week in pictures". (Thanks DSC)

11/08/13 - Maisie Williams, Arya on Game of Thrones, picks The Cure's 'Close To Me' for her BBC Radio 1 My Playlist feature (at the 30 minute mark). (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

11/08/13 - "I wanted to let you know that the latest episode of my web comic, A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible, includes a person who looks a lot like Cure frontman Robert Smith. There are also jokes about big 80s hair." (Thanks David)

05/16/13 - Robert Smith, Siouxsie, Morrissey, Ian Curtis & more as Superheroes. (Thanks )

05/15/13 - Today's panel at The Argyle Sweater.
(Thanks Tim)

05/13/13 - "At the end of Monday's (May 13th) episode of Syfy's program "Defiance" titled "The Serpent's Egg", The Cure's "Love Song" was prominently featured, as a character played it (on vinyl) on the radio for the entire community in the series, and the episode closed out with other scenes as the song continued to play." Watch it here at the 41:00 mark. (Thanks FifthDream)

05/13/13 - "I was just watching the BBC documentary "Stephen Fry - The Secret Life Of the Manic-Depressive", which b.t.w. is definitely worth checking out, when i saw Bob's lovely snout and a few copies of "Join the Dots" 47 minutes and 31 seconds into part 2! Brilliant!" (Thanks Laurent)

05/09/13 - Robert Smith, football manager. Yes, another lame list from NME - 5 Rock Stars Who Could Replace Sir Alex Ferguson. (Thanks Angela)

05/08/13 - 'Close To Me' is #48 on the Good Vibrations Masturbation Month Mixtape. (Thanks Kate)

04/13/12 - "Friday I'm In Love was used on a pro-Thatcher documentary in the UK this evening...the soundtrack to a bit about yuppies...who approved that then?!!" (Thanks Lemon Lies)

03/28/13 - This hilarious Craigslist ad for a used car features an appearance by Robert "Most Seductive Human Ever Around" Smith. Read the full story at Adweek, and if you decide to buy this car, get that abacus ready! :) (Thanks for a great laugh, Zap)

03/20/13 - A large part of 'Siamese Twins' was used in tonight's episode of The Americans on the FX Network. (Thanks broaddaylight)

03/14/13 - "So I'm on page 7 of this book (The Death of Bees) and read a Cure and New Order reference in the same paragraph." (Thanks @kafdancer)

03/09/13 - "Friday I'm in Love was on the radio in a scene on UKs biggest soap - Coronation Street" (Thanks @colinaindow)

03/08/13 - "The Cure appear in new Dave Grohl movie . Quick photo with Ross Robinson as he talks about studio influence." (Thanks @wichid1
"There's a brief section where the producers talk (In which Ross is included), and this picture is shown." (Thanks Nico Fonticelli & Emi Herrera)

03/05/13 - From French GQ: "The band The Cure, especially in the 80s, also seems to be the indisputable heirs dark romanticism. "Again, says Pascal Rousseau, the exterminating angel imagery nineteenth turns into a zombie." Robert Smith makeup, her hair can evoke the painter Fussli Nightmare (1781). While the cover of Disintegration (1989) points out very clearly the symbolism of Odilon Redon (1840-1916). The Australian singer Nick Cave and the British group Depeche Mode are other "icons of this figure of melancholy" for the art historian, who also found the influence of this current in the "cold wave, deliberately cold Bauhaus or Cabaret Voltaire. " Group which has not the coffee's birthplace Zurich Dada Surrealism ancestor." (Thanks David)

02/28/13 - From Otakia: "Page 52: The character of Oper Smisse derives its name and design from Robert Smith British singer of the rock band The Cure ." (Thanks David)

02/26/13 - "Not sure whether you have heard / read this story before. I have been amazed recently by the Beijing indie rock scene, especially bands like Carsick Cars, Snapline and PK 14. It turns out that our favorite band had an unintended role in helping some of these bands to flourish because of their 2007 Hong Kong gig." (Thanks Marcos)

02/24/13 - "Blink 182 mentioned Robert Smith at the very beginning of this video <All Of This> Live at Sydney 21Feb." (Thanks @SixDifferentWay)


- "Seen this? Best-Selling Albums re-imagined as books. Includes The Head on the Door" (Thanks @honeyinmyveins)

- Rocknvivo has a History of The Cure in Photos. (Thanks David)

02/21/13 - "I did an interview with the Swedish band Shout Out Louds who mentioned The Cure as an inspiration. Also, the first song on their new album sounds very much like The Cure.  It is called "Sugar"." (Thanks Jonatan)

02/14/13 - Check out Lee's (@ls60) Cure birthday cake.

01/26/13 - French TV presenter Nikos Aliagas says he was a big Cure fan when he was young. (Thanks David)

01/19/13 - From Q (Feb. 2013): Comedian Matt Berry includes 'Other Voices' on his Music For Insomniacs album.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

12/29/12 - "I'm watching french/german tv Arte, there's a documentary about a chief working in London then New York. Showing a teenage picture holding a Cure t-shirt from the Lullaby era." (Thanks David)

12/27/12 - "The introduction of "Just like heaven" was used as the theme tune of a documentary on the Opéra de Paris called "La danse à tout prix", broadcast on the French channel France 2 on Wednesday December 27 at 23.45." (Thanks Alice)

12/21/12 - Part of Nic Adler's (owner of The Roxy Theatre) perfect Saturday includes drinking Jasmine green tea while listening to The Cure. (Thanks David)


- Reviews of 'Seventeen Seconds' in the Otago Daily Times and of 'Three Imaginary Boys' in Punk News. (Thanks David)

- From a Tim Burton interview with La Depeche (English): "I listen to a lot of inspiration for my music and it's true that I love The Cure, but I've never used their music in my films." (Thanks David)

- And Winona Ryder tells PurePeople (English) about an early conversation she had with Tim Burton at a screen test for Beetlejuice:  "I arrived for an early testing. And for half an hour in the hallway, I discussed the Cure and Edward Gorey with a young man who had the same gothic look as me. When I told him I had an appointment with Tim Burton, he told me all shy, "But in fact, it's me '." (Thanks David)

- Dan Boeckner tells Speakeasy that he and fellow Divine Fits member Britt Daniel, are huge Cure fans: "Britt and I both are huge Cure fans. Specifically, that last song we played before the encore, “For Your Heart,” The Cure was a really big influence on me writing that. I was living at Britt’s house for four months in L.A. He’s got a huge record collection, so I just started going back through the catalog of stuff I listened to when I was a teenager. He’s got a whole bunch of Cure records." (Thanks Jorge)

- DIIV tells Froggy's Delight (English) that The Cure "are an enormous influence on our sound". (Thanks David)

- Some Cure mentions in this NY Times Book Titles With That Indie-Rock Feel article. (Thanks Aaron)

- 'Pornography' included in The AV Club's Penetration in the centerfold: 20 songs about pornography list. (Thanks David)

- Robert included in this Infographic of the Day: 108 of the Best Haircuts in Music History. (Thanks )

- Pretty terrifying Curespotting - Russian driver listening to 'Close To Me', gets sandwiched by trucks. (Thanks David)

- "In this funny video called Whitby Gothic style, a parody of Gangnam style, at minute 2:11 they mention the Cure. " (Thanks Sixto)


- Curespotting ....with a sense of humor. One of the deals today at

""As clear and pale as the front row of a Cure concert."
(Thanks Dresden Black)

- '10:15 Saturday Night' is listed as one of 16 Shoddy Early Demos of Classic Songs by NME. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

- "On the Facebook Page of The Twilight Sad: Tonight we play Kansas City with Errors. I have been listening to The Cure on our 8 hour drive to the gig
James & Toto" (Thanks fmjews)

- "Not sure if this is one, but in the craft beer community, IBU stands for International Bittering Units, “The International Bittering Units scale, or simply IBU scale, provides a measure of the bitterness of beer, which is provided by the hops used during brewing. Bittering units are measured through the use of a spectrophotometer and solvent extraction.” WIKIPEDIA.

Anyway, a Brewery in Maryland called Stillwater Artisanal Ales just released a Belgian IPA called “Why Can’t IBU”…" (Thanks Miller)

- "this is funny. i saw a link to win a trip on the QM2 and on the page is a london bus with 'wish' artwork." (Thanks Brian)


- "last night i went to the cinema to see "io e te", the new movie from italian director bernardo bertolucci, taken from the novel "io e te" by niccolò ammaniti, an italian writer (i love very much!). less than 3 minutes from the beginning of the movie, there's a scene in which lorenzo (one of the two main characters) listens to "boys don't cry" through his was a nice surprise for me!! ..i didn't know anything about the soundtrack." (Thanks Emanuele)

- "Never Enough played during party scene in Fresh Meat on UK's Channel 4" (Thanks Adam)

- 'A Forest' is listed at #2 in NME's 10 Creepiest Songs That Should Be In Horror Films. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

- "Gaz Coombes talks (briefly) about meeting Robert on a plane in 95. Starts at 09.45." (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

- Jenny Lee from Warpaint tells Rock The Vote that she was obsessed with The Cure in high school. (Thanks Pops)

- Pop Campaign tells New Life that their new album was influenced by "the conciseness of '17 Seconds'. (Thanks Spencer)

- The Saline Project speaks to the Huffington Post about working with Robert Smith on the 'alt.end' video

- BB Brunes talks (English) about the influence The Cure and New Wave have on them. (Thanks David)

- "The xx interviewed today (Sept. 25th) on french tv France 5 during a culture magazine called 'Entrée Libre'. The band talks about its love for The Cure music, listening to them since they were born. Few seconds of 'Primary' video being shown." (Thanks David)

- "I was just reading the Guardian online and saw that Primary has made it into a "Songs with the best basslines" list." (Thanks Joanne)

- "Waves, the famous producers of high-quality, and often also highly expensive, audio plugins have come up with a new digital toy for the masses: a non-linear summer. Basically, what this plugin does is model the part of analog consoles in which all channels come together, hence the name "summer". One of the consoles they used as a reference is the one belonging to Mike Hedges, famous for his work with The Cure!" (Thanks Laurent)


- The XX talk to Le Nouvel Observateur (English) about their love for The Cure. (Thanks David)

- James McCartney mentions being influenced by The Cure in this Metro article, and Amanda Fucking Awful Palmer says The Cure influenced her stage show in this French article (English). (Thanks David)

- Mention of early Caifanes ripping off The Cure in this article - The Five Most Blatant Rock En Espanol Ripoffs of English-Language Songs. (Thanks David)

-  "i found this perfume review of "Drakkar Noir", by a guy wearing a, pretty recent if i'm not mistaken, Cure t-shirt. The Cure is everywhere, even where you least expect them!" (Thanks Laurent)

- Bet you never thought you'd see a Cure mention in an article entitled "Bill Murray parties at Bovine Sex Club". :) (Thanks Suzanne)


 - From The Sun: "Only one thing was on Tom Meighan’s mind when Kasabian played Reading - meeting The Cure frontman Robert Smith." (Thanks David)

- From SwissCom (English): Florence Welch wanted to see The Cure at Reading & Leeds. (Thanks David)

08/17/12 - "just wanted to let you know that there is a one page joke about impatience when a new album is due out with a Cure reference in the comic Les Identites Remarquables."
(Thanks Fabien G)

08/04/12 - "A Forest was just used on the BBC's Olympic 2012 programme. Celebrating women's sporting achievement." (Thanks @MrJohnLogan)

08/03/12 - "They played Close To Me at the Olympic stadium track & field a few mins ago :)" (Thanks @majorcure)

07/27/12 - "BBC just used a forest on their Olympic 2012 opening ceremony build up programme." (Thanks John, Warren, Adam)


- "i just want to let you know, that in germany there is a newcomer band "Kraftklub".
There hit single is a song called "kein liebeslied" --> "no lovesong".

In the lyrics there is a sentence about the cure:

"Ich liebe Liebeslieder, aber ich kann sie nicht schreiben. Es liegt nicht am Image, liegt nicht an der Frisur, ich bin nicht Robert Smith und wir sind nicht The Cure."
"I love lovesongs but i can't write them. Its not about the image, its not about the hair, I'm not Robert Smith and we are not the cure"." (Thanks TheVinc)

- Noticed a couple days ago that IOTWCS was listed along with other sleep-related songs on the website for Dream Water. And they call it one of the "Classics that never get old – they just age like a fine wine." (Thanks Christian)


- Entertainment Weekly. #1217 July 27, 2012. The Hit List.
Robert Smith fills time after the Cure's keyboards break during festival gig by playing solo unplugged set. No drums. No bass. Just a man and his guitar... and eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick, and hairspray. (Thanks Kate and Cin)

- From the Kansas City Star: Jesse Kates of Sexy Accident says The Cure have hugely influenced the way he arranges songs, and that he loves Boris Williams. (Thanks David)

- French band Brigitte mentions The Cure in magazine Rock&Folk in its "my records" section. (Thanks David)

07/13/12 - From Phoenix New Times: Former Friends of Young Americans Talk The Cure, Siouxsie Sioux, Sonic Youth & A Tribe Called Quest. (Thanks Aaron)

07/09/12 - From Pitch: Gaslight Anthem guitarist Alex Rosamilia on the Cure, European tours, and Handwritten. (Thanks Aaron)

07/04/12 - From Entertainment Weekly #1214 July 6, 2012. Music > Albums > Page 73.  "DIIV. "Oshin". One of the best things about the Cure in their '80s prime was the way that Robert Smith would take his sweet time, letting those lovesick guitars live full lives before ever saying a word. Brooklyn Cure acolytes DIIV have obviously spent some time in Smith & Co.'s musical batcave; "Oshin"'s moody, reverb-soaked hooks and unrushed vocals induce a similar state of hazy-pop bliss. B+ - Ray Rahman
(Thanks Kate)

07/02/12 - From Liberation (English): Justice talk a bit about Robert Smith liking them. (Thanks David)


- Bella Lune's Fuchsia Discusses the Influence of The Cure, Joy Division, Skinny Puppy, and More. (Thanks David)

- [Music] Press (re)play: Back to the 80's (Thanks David)

06/16/12 - "Lovecats was on Top of the Pops 2 tonight on BBC2." (Thanks Darren)

06/05/12 - "Just Like Heaven played as outro bumper music on CBS Morning Show. They were talking about upcoming story of Queen's Jubilee." (Thanks @joefrog91)

05/25/12 - Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor and The Avengers), might be a Cure fan. Or at least likes 'Friday I'm in Love'. : ) (Thanks Kate)


- 'The Funeral Party' is included on the soundtrack to the new film 'Laurence Anyways'. (Thanks David)

- "today on french tv France 2 quizz show 'Tout le monde veut prendre sa place', there was a music question "Who sang that in '92?", and they played an extract of 'high'. The young lady answered right." (Thanks Fab G)

- A 2007 report from Liberation about The Cure at Fuji Rock. (Thanks David)


- Entertainment Weekly #1205 - May 4, 2012.  Page 70:
SINGLES SWAP:  EW recommends songs similar to the ones you already love.

THE CURE "Just Like Heaven" Goth-rock classic makes shimmery case for soft-and-only love, boys in lipstick.

VIOLENS "Totally True" New York trio keep the Cure's synth-soaked dreaminess, skip the Maybelline. (Thanks Kate)

- The Dum Dum Girls cite The Cure as one of their major influences in this article from Student Life. (Thanks David)

- The excellent School of Seven Bells say they listened to a lot of Cure while making their new album 'Ghostory'. (Thanks David)

- Actress Clotilde Courau says she loves The Cure.

- From The Aquarian: "I would say if The Cure and Sleater-Kinney had a baby, and then that baby grew up and maybe drank too much one night and ended up having a threesome with Rilo Kiley and a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack, and somehow a baby was born of that… we would be that baby!” exclaims Jessica Chaos, describing the sound of Plastiq Passion." (Thanks David)

- "In a new French rock mag called Rock First. About the good albums to discover The Cure discography. Nothing interesting but a nice picture of Robert in a black jacket." (Thanks David)

- "French tv broadcast called 'Star story' about Adele this week. Mentioned The Cure and Joy Division and showed a few seconds of 'Inbetween Days' video." (Thanks David)

- The Cure get a mention in this "Goth for Life" article in The Guardian. The paper also included a photo from 2008. (Thanks Perfect.Murder and Steven)

- "An unexpected Curespotting, I was at Ikea and they were selling framed pictures of big cities. Among them was London. :)" (Thanks Julie)

- "plasmatron (stuart braithwaite of mogwai) on twitter: Preparing for record store day tomorrow by listening to some records I bought today. #everydayisrecordstoredayyo

followed shortly by - Ace Of Spades by Motörhead 12" with the Santa Cover, All Fall down by Primal Scream on 7" and Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure on 7"." (Thanks Lindsey)

- "In this NME video where Pete Doherty shows around his Paris flat....he flicks through some of his records and... there goes Inbetween Days 7"single`! :)...starts at 1.50." (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

- "I just recently found an interview in a local media ( talking about drastic changes in the line up of a popular mexican group called Fobia. In this interview are a couple of Cure references i would like to share.

How do you came up with this line up? Is it temporary?
I [..] contacted [...] Federico Fong [...] and invited to show him some stuff. I asked for his help and he was glad to do it so.[...] He likes the same records i like of Siouxie and The Cure, so there is a connection i like to have with the person who plays in the band.

I strongly believe that after all you've been through is hard to imagine Fobia disbanding, unless it is extremely necessary. I mean, i can imagine Fobia changing, adapting to your ages, but it will never disappear…
The band that we have always looked up to and that has been a direct inspiration is The Cure and i think that this is the group that has had the most changes in its story. What makes it interesting is that every line up has its phase and a 'flavour'. Of course it is sad not being with your friends anymore, we will miss their company, their jokes and their habits.
You can see the full interview here." (Thanks Oscar)

02/28/12 - "The Cure were mentioned in Nemi, a cartoon which was published in today's (Feb. 27th) Metro, a free newspaper that is distributed in the UK." (Thanks Fab G)


- The soundtrack for 'The Vow' includes 'Pictures of You'. The song is also used for a scene in the film. (Thanks Andythecurefan)

- Pixies posted this photo on their Facebook of Robert with Black Francis backstage at the Crystal Palace Bowl from June 1991. (Thanks Lisa)

- "In the new Smashing Pumpkins 1993 Metro DVD  that comes with the deluxe version of the Siamese Dream reissue that came out in November, Billy mentions Seventeen Seconds in the banter before "Drown" (He jokes about being Billy's evil twin because Billy is "busy being sad and listening to Seventeen Seconds")." (Thanks Josh)

- Interview with Daniel Radcliffe in The Scotsman: "But Radcliffe prefers to compare himself to Robert Smith, who still smears on the lipstick whenever he takes The Cure on tour. “Someone asked him why he still dresses the way he does onstage. And he said, ‘It’s because people come to my shows dressed like that. And if they look and see me not dressed like that, it’s somehow a betrayal.’”
Like Smith, Radcliffe wants to be both graceful and grateful in acknowledging the affection of fans for the Boy Who Lived. “It’s something I’m very, very proud of,” he assures me."
(Thanks Halo Cure)

- Jean-Benoit Dunckel of Air tells Pitchfork: "(When I was 15.........) It was the beginning of independent radio in France, so there were some really high-profile artistic programs. I discovered Kraftwerk, Siouxsie and the Banshees, New Order. I remember passing a lot of time by drinking and smoking and listening to the Cure."  (Thanks Filip)

- "Amanda Palmer mentions Robert Smith in her new blog:
(After meeting Richard o'Brian) "what is it about coming to australasia and meeting my fucking soul heroes? stop, already. if i bump into robert smith at a water fountain while jogging in wellington, i’m going to just kill myself. does robert smith do his hair like that when he jogs? DOES ROBERT SMITH JOG?? i wonder these things." (Thanks AndrewV127)

- "I was on BBC 6 Music yesterday (Jan. 30th) talking about ’Darts’ in a feature called ‘Song of Praise’. Anyway I get to pick a song at the end & chose ‘Push’ - we had a brief chat about The Cure as well. (Thanks Benj/Fatpie)

- "reading dj premier interviews: TWV: What do you listen to in your spare time?
DJ Premier: Rock. New Age. AC/DC, U2, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs. I like Iron Maiden, Pantera, classic Van Halen, Zeppelin. I listen to that a lot, more than Hip Hop, because Hip Hop is automatic. It’s like speaking Spanish. Like I can speak English one day and Spanish on another day. Hip Hop is my Spanish. Not everyone understands the language, but I do." (Thanks Lindsey)


- "Lullaby was just used in a documentary on BBC2 called 'Natural World: Jungle Gremlins'. Loris poison kills slugs." (Thanks James)

- "I was watching anthony bourdain's "layover" last night on food something or other. he goes to london at a private drinking club there's a photo of deano and frank, and above it is a still from the lullaby video."

01/20/12 - "On Nevermind the Buzzcocks tonight (UK music quiz) in the "guess the intro" round singer Cee Lo and comedian Noel Fielding had to hum the intro to Close to Me. The guy on their team having to guess the song was Chris Packham, presenter of Springwatch (which you may remember for all it's Cure references, put in by him and put into a youtube compilation a while back, which you shared) He guessed the song correctly. Noel Fielding then said: Hey, Robert Smith used to get me laid! … No, not that he came round to my house… you know what I mean! Then the presenter (Comedian Robert Web) said: Robert Smith said that Duran Duran represented everything he hated about the 80s. So out of the miners strike, Zeebrugge, Chernobyl (forgot the other stuff he named) it was Wild Boys that was the problem. Also the Springwatch presenter mentioned that he did Cure references on the show and said how getting "Killing and Arab" in there was his biggest achievement." (Thanks Vicky and Robert)
Note: This episode originally aired on Dec. 30th, 2010. Watch it here.

01/19/12 - 'Faith' and 'Pictures of You' are used in the new French film Café De Flore.  (Thanks )

01/06/12 - There's something called Goths Up Trees, and now there's a photo of Robert up a tree. Now you know. : ) (Thanks Heron and AutumnCure)

01/03/12 - 'Maybe Someday' and 'This Is A Lie' used on the Channel 4 show Hacks.
(Thanks & @AaronLaw92)


- "The Italian movie "la doppia ora" (the double hour) has Inbetween Days as a substantial part of the story." (Thanks Ciudadano)

- "on french/german tv, yesterday afternoon, in a report about the trade of salt in the Danakil desert, east of Africa, not the most obvious place to find cure fans, still, a t-shirt on the shoulders of a camel's guard."

- "I was playing this game typeracer (hahah) and one of the races, the lyrics to "disintegration" popped up. I got 102 words per minute!" (Thanks Lindsey)

 - "The very excellent Trentemoller has put a mix up on his Soundcloud page with ‘Faith’ on it near the end." (Thanks Barry)

- Surf Lady Veronica Grey takes her Robert Smith doll along for her appearance on Fox5 News in Las Vegas. (Thanks sad giraffe)

- Robert Downey, Jr. says he looks like "the singer of The Cure and the dwarf brother of Arnold Schwarzenegger!" (Thanks David)

- The Robber Smisse character in the Wakfu comic is said to be an allusion to Robert Smith. (Thanks David)

- French singer Vincent Delerm says he loved The Cure when he was younger. (Thanks David)

12/01/11 - BBC 6 Music is airing a 2 part documentary on Goth, and naturally, The Cure are mentioned. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

11/20/11 - "We know the creator of Degrassi is a Cure fan due to a lot of their episodes being named after songs, but here's a clip where they actually used 'Not In Love' by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith. It was Season 11, Episode 29: Dead.and.Gone (Part 2). Original air date: September 4th, 2011" (Thanks Andythecurefan)

11/11/11 - When Robert Smith met Morpheus from 's Sandman series. (Thanks Andrew G)


- Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran says he likes The Cure. (Thanks Paivi)

- 'Pictures of You' used in the film, Cafe de Flore. (Thanks David)

- Brett Anderson of Suede says his new solo track 'Crash About to Happen' "was inspired musically by melodic 80’s indie, things like The Cure and I suppose Johnny Marr’s guitar playing." (Thanks David)

- Robert Westerholt of Within Temptation says The Cure were one of his biggest musical influences. (Thanks David)

- Feist says she grew up listening to The Cure. (Thanks David)

- French singer Etienne de Crecy picks 'Three Imaginary Boys' as one of his 10 Desert Island Discs. (Thanks David)

- Apparently, tennis player Novak Djokovic wore a Robert Smith mask for a Halloween match. (Thanks David)

- The song 'Alex' by Girls is said to "represent just how greatly Girls has changed its sound — while Girls’ previous sound resembled the Beach Boys, “Alex” unexpectedly sounds more like a combination of Elliot Smith’s vocals, The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven,” and Silversun Pickups’ “Lazy Eye.” (Thanks David)


- "In Between Days is being used by Nextel in a TV ad in Chile." (Thanks Roberto)

- Illustration of Robert used in this Businessweek book review of 'I Want My MTV'. (Thanks Scott)

- "Friday Oct. 21st, on MSNBC's Martin Bashir show "why cant I be you" was being played during a segment called "top lines"." (Thanks Coffee)

09/17/11 - "Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger was a Robert Smith fan as a kid, dyed hair black etc said it on this BBC programme." (Thanks Adam)

08/28/11 - 'Seventeen Seconds' is one of NME's 30 Best Reissues Ever. (Thanks Aaron)

08/28/11 - "Long running BBC Radio 4 show ran a Desert Island Discs poll for listeners to choose their 8 pieces of music they’d take with them on to said Island. The Cure were ranked 85 in the most popular artist." (Thanks Benj/fatpie)

08/28/11 - Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite was wearing a Cure t-shirt on stage at Flow festival in Helsinki last sunday. i was wearing one in the audience. ;)" (Thanks Antti)

08/28/11 - The Places Songs Take You: Me, The Cure, and Hot Dog the Movie. (Thanks Kate)

08/28/11 - Top 10 jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest - 7) Alan Sharp: "I was in a band which we called The Prevention, because we hoped people would say we were better than The Cure." (Thanks Ed, IrishCure, Vicky, and Perfect.Murder)

08/28/11 - "A Cracked "listicle" includes Robert Smith as an example of how emotions can change how your food tastes. (at least they used a decent photo of him) (Thanks Heron)

08/28/11 - The Lovecats was featured as the Work Zone's 80's Flashback track on Aug. 22nd. (Thanks David)

08/28/11 -Brief Cure mentions in these French articles on Nouvelle Vague, Yelle, Jade, The Raveonettes, Kim Wilde, Amphetamine, The Horrors, Porn, and Cave In. (Thanks David)

08/28/11 - Just noticed that there's a song on the new Stephin Merritt album, Obscurities, that he describes as a tribute to The Cure: "Rats in the Garbage of the Western World”

My tribute to the Cure. When Erik Davis wrote our first major album review in the Village Voice, he favorably contrasted us with “the inexplicable popularity of the Cure.” I demur; “Boys Don’t Cry” is the best song of the New Wave." (Thanks Steven)

08/08/11 - "Interpol were playing at the Lokerse Feesten, in Lokeren, Belgium, this past Saturday. The last track to entirely come through the P.A. before the band hit the stage was none less that The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'! That was fun to hear. Also, the LCD screens were showing a few bits and pieces of info about the band before they came on, and one of the screens said that Robert Smith had single-handedly picked the band to come tour with The Cure in 2004." (Thanks Laurent)

08/08/11 - 'Close To Me' was used in the trailer for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love', but not actually used in the film or on the soundtrack album. (Thanks David)

08/04/11 - Cute Robert reference in this French comic strip from 3 years ago. (Thanks Calmin)


08/04/11 - "Seen in the July 2011 issue of Delta Airline's Sky magazine, page 28." (Thanks Heron)

08/04/11 - "Few seconds of 'Lullaby' video as The Cure were mentioned as one of the mythical bands of 1989 during a french TV show called 'Generation Top 50' which comes back on a very popular chart TV broadcast. Also, few seconds of Robert in 'Inbetween Days' video during another show
called 'Star Story' on french TV Direct Star in an episode about the 80's." (Thanks David)

08/04/11 - Gizmodo's "How to Use Spotify" features the user looking for tracks from The Cure." (Thanks Heron)

07/21/11 - 'Play For Today' is featured in the new anti nuclear documentary 'Countdown to Zero' out August 15th in the UK. (Thanks Sam)

07/21/11 - Robert gets a photo and a mention in this August 2011 Q article about the Summertime Blues.
(Thanks JC/Perfect.Murder)

07/21/11 - Robert gets mentioned in this article about the revival of MTV's 120 Minutes, and in this article about Blackpool. (Thanks Kate)

07/21/11 - The Cure's 2002 set at Les Vieilles Charrues is listed as one of the highlights of the festival's 20 years. (Thanks David)

07/21/11 - The guys at Biascagne Cicle have built a 'Friday I'm in Love' bike. : ) (Thanks bob)

07/21/11 - The Cure are mentioned as an influence for A Place to Bury Strangers and Yuksek. (Thanks David)

07/02/11 - "This was on a bus in Oslo. Radio Norway is playing 'Firday I'm in Love' quite often." (Thanks Lars)

07/02/11 - Popdust mentions The Cure being Adele's first concert at the age of 3. (Thanks David)

07/02/11 - Mentions of The Cure in this article (English translation) about The Horror's new album, 'Skying', and this one about 'Cherish The Light Years' by Cold Cave. (Thanks David)

07/02/11 - The Cure get a mention in the Concordiensis, in an article about the British monarchy. (Thanks David)

07/02/11 - DJ Ian says that it's still The Cure & The Smiths that get the best response at indie clubs in Adelaide, Australia. (Thanks David)

06/28/11 - Happy to be able to give a plug to a great New Orleans band...Drowned in Sound & God Is In The TV review 'Covered in Dust', the debut album from Kindest Lines, and note the Cure influence in their sound. Stereogum has them on their list of 18 Dark Bands to Watch in 2011, the band tells Sucking Lemons that 'Kiss Me' is one of their 5 favorite albums, and Jack tells Stereo Subversion that 'Disintegration' helped him learn to play guitar.
Check out their video for 'Destructive Paths to Live Happily' and if you like what you hear, you can get the album at Amazon, iTunes and Wierd Records.

06/20/11 - The Cure's Lullaby makes VH1's The Top Ten Music Videos That Take Place In Dreams list. (Thanks David)

06/18/11 - "Watching NBC4 (Washington, DC) Saturday morning news (6/18/11) - prior to the break, they did a story about that annoying "Friday" song and how it's been taken down from You Tube.  One of the anchors compared it to an ice pick in the ear.  When they came back from the break to do weather, they were still talking about it.  The weather guy referenced The Cure's "Friday I'm In Love" and how the other "Friday" song made The Cure's that much better!  I almost spit out my coffee!" (Thanks Barbi)

06/10/11 - From the NME "First Album I Ever Bought" feature:
Jenny Lee Lindberg (Warpaint) - 'Disintegration', The Cure. "I was in eighth grade. Me and my friend danced to the singles collection 'Staring At The Sea' for four hours one afternoon, and I got obsessed with them. I couldn't believe a band like this existed. I actually lost my virginity to 'Pictures Of You'."
(Thanks JC/Perfect.Murder)

06/10/11 - "While my family was on vacation in Oak Island NC we stopped by Crazy Cake Chicks. All of their cup cakes are named after song titles. My son pointed out one named Just Like Heaven. It's just not every day I see something named after The Cure and I thought you might like to know about it." (Thanks Amanda)

06/10/11 - From Entertainment Weekly magazine, #1159, June 17, 2011 - The Return of No Doubt by Dave Karger:
STEFANI:  Don't you feel like when we listen to so much stuff that we love and we're like "Oh, man, I wish we could be like the Cure!"? But everything only sounds like us. I wanna be Depeche Mode so bad, but I just don't sound like them. (Thanks Kate)

06/08/11 - A Robert Smith Cubee on DeviantART. (Thanks Benny)

05/23/11 - From Spin: "Tom Smith also had a more personal motive to take part in the process: "It puts me on an album with Robert Smith," the Editors man says of the Cure singer, who contributes vocals on the Popstars song "Take Forever." Reminder: You can hear 2 samples of 'Take Forever' here and here.

05/17/11 - "I was at a gig of Belgian band "Intergalactic Lovers" last week (at the Depot in Leuven, should someone care), and somewhere in the set, the lead singer (the girl) was sweating pretty heavy (not only was she giving it her all, it was also awfully hot in that place), and her mascara started running out, and her hair started looking a bit funny. At which point she made a joke about starting to look like Robert Smith...Feels a bit stupid when written down like this, but it felt priceless in the moment! (Thanks Laurent)

05/11/11 - "yesterday (tuesday) on french radio Europe 1 quizz game, two references about the band: first, big one: "who did the music intro for the rock program 'les Enfants du Rock?', with a little extract of just like heaven (and a comment of Pierre Lescure, a producer involved in the program at the time).
second, less important "who didn't follow the rule and kissed the president on the cheek?" and Robert Smith was among the possible answers (answer was JP Papin , a soccer player who won a cup final in the 80's, the whole program was about the 80's to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the election of François Mitterand for president)." (Thanks Fabien G)

05/10/11 - From The Sun: Sean Penn looks like The Cure's Robert Smith in shot from new film. (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

05/09/11 - "In the "Concert Films, FTW" category of tonight's Geeks Who Drink pub quiz, they played snippets of a performance and you had to name either the artist (for one point) or the name of the concert film (for two points).  Question #4 was a snippet of "A Strange Day" from Trilogy." (Thanks V)

04/28/11 - From Spinner: Airborne Toxic Event Learn About Death While Getting Drunk With Robert Smith. (Thanks Kate)

04/28/11 - Robert (or the Sad Panda version of him) makes an appearance in the Hijinks Ensue webcomic. Bonus points for all of the Doctor Who references. : )  (Thanks Hannah)

04/28/11 - Singer of Mirrors gets compared to Ian Curtis and Robert Smith. (Thanks David)

04/28/11 - Singer Hollie Cook grew up listening to The Cure. (Thanks David)

04/28/11 - Odile Decq, from the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, is described as a possible femle Robert Smith impersonator. (Thanks David)

04/27/11 - The Cure are featured in 2 more NME photo galleries - 50 Bands to See This Summer (#48), and Revealed - What Bands Were Called Before They Were Big (#35).
(Thanks Yanic and Aaron)

04/27/11 - Gastronuts, a kids show about food on BBC1, talking about how close humans are to monkeys, the soundtrack? Close to Me by The Cure." (Thanks Adam)

04/25/11 - "There’s a song by Ian McGlynn called “Digital Killed The Record Store” (sort of inspired by “Video Killed The Radio Star”) that references The Cure and the Disintegration album. Specifically, the lyric goes “Had a crush on a girl that worked at Record Nation / Bought her each and every recommendation / Finally kissed her thanks to The Cure’s Disintegration”. " (Thanks Chris)

04/20/11 - What might British Prime Minister David Cameron look like as a Robert Smith clone? The Daily Mail has an answer! (Thanks Perfect.Murder)

04/20/11 - "I'm staying in a Staybridge Suites and on their hotel channel they are advertising their movie selection called SmoovieTV. The first 30 seconds of The Walk (Everything Mix) is playing in the background on a continuous loop." (Thanks Nicole)

04/12/11 - 'Close To Me' used in the trailer for the new film 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'. (Thanks Jarbee)

04/07/11 - Monarchy mentions how The Cure influenced their sound. (Thanks David)

04/03/11 - "Last Sunday (27 March) Secrets was included in the BBC show Countryfile. It is a rather middle class, middle England show about stuff related to the countryside, animals, farming, walking and country pursuits. As I am middle aged myself these days it is my cup of tea! They had an article about fake food (ie food claiming to be “homecooked” or “local”) and there were a few bars of Secrets from 17 Seconds when they were panning around some pies and stuff. I couldn’t believe it and found it quite hilarious! I think people have mentioned before that there is a BBC researcher somewhere that is a Cure fan and this is more evidence to support that theory. It is quite an obscure song to have used!" (Thanks James)

03/27/11 - "A new Australian series started this week titled "Winners and Losers" and the beginning of the pilot episode played an edited version of Lovecats." (Thanks notherbob)

03/27/11 - "This short message to let you know that there is a piece of interesting info about John Button (the famous mysterious fisherman from Standing on a beach sleeve and Killing an Arab video!...) on this page...

ijc2222 says:
if anyone wants to know my grandads name, where the video was done i’m here. or anything else.
the 1st part where he lights a cigarette is rye, east sussex, and the last part where the cafe to the left and beach is camber, east sussex. my grandad is called John Button, he also met the queen in rye in 1966. i have a photo of him presenting the queen some fish. When he died i noticed that the cure had sent a wreath of flowers to my grandad.

I know the man died soon after the video was shot, but I don't remember when exactly (1987? 1988?... Aaaah, makes me feel old too, and excessively nostalgic...). I don't even know how and why he was chosen for the video and the sleeve. Maybe some COF readers know? Or, for that matter, this ijc2222 guy? It would be fun to know the whole story." (Thanks David)

03/27/11 - "I just wanted to drop you line to let you know about some Cure-influenced writing I've had published. Basically, I've had two pieces of short fiction published on some literary journal websites that have been influenced and named after some of my favourite Cure songs - The Drowning Man and The Figurehead. Yes, I'm very much a fan of the early, dark stuff. The stories aren't necessarily related to the lyrics, but the atmosphere of those pieces, and of Faith and Pornography in particular definitely permeated both pieces of work and helped create the imagery in them. Here they are: The Drowning Man and The Figurehead." (Thanks Kenny)

03/19/11 - Rob da Bank, BBC 1 DJ and Bestival director, posted a photo of himself dressed as Robert Smith for the Sunday's Best party.

03/17/11 - "Today on french tv France2 quiz game 'Tout le monde veut prendre sa place', during the part when challengers answer questions to qualify to be the contender to the champion, one question was 'who sang "hunting high and low"?', the 4 proposiions were talk talk, simple minds, cure, a-ha, and the challenger answered wrongly, saying cure." (Thanks Fabien G)

03/17/11 - This Daily Mail story about a real-life Lovecat, has quite a few Cure references in it.

03/17/11 - Fluctuat says Cold Cave has a bit of The Cure's sound. (Thanks David)

03/14/11 - "The BBC play of the week (for the next few days) is "Black Roses - the Killing of Sophie Lancaster"

Some Cure fans may already be aware of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. This play is 45 minutes long, with poetry being read from her point of view, as well as her mother talking about her.

"All Cats are Grey" plays in the very beginning - it literally brought me to tears, having followed this story early on. At the end of the play, the final notes of the song sound, and it can only be described as haunting.

I've been a Cure fan for nearly 30 years, and the way the music was used, it's given it a whole new meaning for me." (Thanks cin)
Update: 'Faith' and 'The Holy Hour' are also used.

03/14/11 -"I think someones a Cure fan at the UK Government's Census Art Department. Check out the example names!" (Thanks Matt and JC/Perfect.Murder)

03/13/11 - "This week on French/German channel Arte, on Tracks, the band Magnetix talk about their musical influences and they picked up the 'head on the door' vinyl, saying they listened to the cure a lot when they were in high school. They also played a bit of the Close to me (closer mix) video. Check it out here and scroll to 45:00 min into the show." (Thanks Sylvain)

03/13/11 - "Not sure if you have heard Telekinesis or not, but they are a great band from Seattle. Their first album was brilliant and their second album might be a tad better. The band is basically one guy named Michael Benjamin Lerner, but he puts together a band to tour. He played a session and was interviewed on The Current 89.3 on March 8th and he spoke about his love of Disintegration, The Cure in general (six minutes in), and Robert Smith (13 minutes in). The second song on their album "12 Desperate Straight Lines", is called "Please Ask For Help" and is heavily influenced by The Cure. Check it out." (Thanks John)

03/13/11 - The Cure are mentioned in an article from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which talks about the lack of "college rock" bands in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. (Thanks Kate)

03/12/11 - "today sat 12th, on french tv France 2 game 'Tout le monde veut prendre sa place' (quiz where challengers try to take the place of a champion), there was a quiz about 80's tv programs, and one of the question was "What music program had this musical intro..." - and just like heaven was played. The answer was obviously 'Les Enfants du Rock', very famous and sadly missed great rock tv show for which Smith gave Bernard Lenoir the instrumental intro of jlh. Some of the challengers where not sure of the answer, so the champion said "les Enfants du rock, by the excellent Cure"."
Update: Watch it here at 36 minutes. (Thanks Fabien )

03/10/11 - The Cure's 'A Forest' (or at least a reworking of it by Michel Gaubert) was used for Chanel's Fall/Winter 2011/2012 Preview. More info on the show here. (Thanks Junko)

03/10/11 - Director Michel Gondry talks to Liberation about attending a Cure show - "I also remember seeing The Cure in concert when I was a teenager. I thought it was beautiful music and at the same time, I understood how it was done and it made me want to be like them." (Thanks David)

03/10/11 - "Crystal Castles won the John Peel Award for Innovation and their singer wore a Boys Don't Cry t-shit at the NME Ceremony." (Thanks David)

03/10/11 - "Episode 1 of Season 2 of the UK "Misfits" tv show used a lengthy bit of Lullaby in the background of a somewhat romantic scene. Weird!" (Thanks Pietro)

03/10/11 - "At the end of today's (March 7th) broadcast of the Blackpool v Chelsea match Sky Sports played "Mint Car". A great end to a great day for a mad keen Cure and Chelsea fan such as myself." (Thanks Curefreak@livejournal)

03/10/11 - "Tonight (wed 2nd march 00h10) on french tv M6 program 'Maison a vendre' (meaning Home for sale, they clean-up/modernise homes that don't find buyers), a few seconds of 'a forest (accoustic hit)' was used as background music." (Thanks Fabien)

03/10/11 - Blurt compares the recent "trilogy" shows from The Church (which were excellent, btw!) to the Cure shows, and gets it so wrong - "Three full albums in one night. We're talking a Springsteen-length concert here. To my knowledge the only other band to have attempted something like this was the Cure, who did a series of Trilogy concerts comprising the albums Pornography, Disintegration, and Bloodflowers back in 2002. The key difference is that the Cure is a spectacularly dull live band. The Church, on the other hand, is known for expanding and improving upon its album work, often using the songs as launchpads for inspired flights of improvisation." (Thanks Kate)

03/10/11 - Bernardo Rojo tells the New York Times that he wanted to be like Robert Smith: "In his own career, Mr. Rojo has shown more decisiveness than the Prince of Denmark. The son of an industrialist and a housewife, he went to design school in Madrid, where he loved the punky Movida movement that emerged in the late 1970s after Francisco Franco’s death. “I had a mohawk and wanted to be the guy from the Cure,” he said, referring to the lead singer Robert Smith." (Thanks Kate)

02/22/11 - The Cure are mentioned in the History of the NME Awards Photo gallery. Another mention here. (Thanks Yanic)

02/21/11 - "Homesick has just been used as backing to an in-between bit on the UK show Dancing On Ice (Feb. 20th, 2011 episode)." (Thanks John)

02/20/11 -  Some Robert mentions in the buildup to yesterday's Crawley vs. Manchester United match, which Crawley lost 1-0:

"Manchester United are playing Crawley town tonight in the FA Cup. The Sun mention Robert as a potential fan of Crawley."
(Thanks Darren)

"Sky Sports in the UK were doing a feature on Crawley Town who play Manchester United in the FA Cup (David & Goliath scenario) and they mentioned that the biggest thing to come out of Crawley are The Cure." (Thanks Benj)

02/20/11 - There's a French article about the tv show 'Cold Case', and the way they use music in it, which mentions the episode set in 1982 that uses The Cure's 'Secrets'. (Thanks David)

02/20/11 - "Not sure if this was ever seen or posted..but I just came across a Baby Einstein video with a Cure song, Close to Me. Thought it was a good find. My 1 year old son and I both enjoyed it!" (Thanks Jennifer)

"While on a three day vacation at Disney resort in California, on the end of the third day while shopping at their biggest souvenir store, my 10 year old daughter said "Hey dad what's that music?". Obviously it was Very Good Advice.
Also, yesterday on Netflix via our Wii, I was watching a documentary about competitive 80's video gaming called King of Kong a Fist Full of Quarters. About ten minutes into the film, they made good use of Pictures of You while describing the main subject/person of the film." (Thanks Eli/Carnage Visors)
Note: If you've never seen King of Kong, do yourself a favor and see it!

Shirley Manson of Garbage likes 'Not in Love': "Tip of the day: Not in Love by Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith. It's SOOoooo good." (Thanks V)

A mention of Robert and The Cure in this interview with Dylan Rau from Bear Hands. (Thanks David)

The Daily Nexus says ""If Robert Smith and Kim Gordon had a child in the middle of spring, it would have been called Minks." (Thanks David)

TechEye makes fun of the news of being appointed Intel creative director, by announcing other musicians taking similar jobs, including "The Cure's Robert Smith is now in charge of EMEA public relations at Citrix." (Thanks David)

An instrumental, edited version of 'A Forest', and 'Cold', were played during the BBC show, Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction. (Thanks JC)

Dita Von Teese 'Lullaby' striptease? Anyone have video of this?
"I just saw on RTBF2 (Belgian TV) Dita Von Teese doing a "Chinese/Japanese" stripteese on a very nice Oriental rendition of Lullaby !!!! (At the beginning and some notes at the end. I'd have liked to hear a full version like that.) (Thanks Maniken PYS)

"ESPN Sports Center (Fri 9/24/10) 1pm: Former Vikings running back Robert Smith was announced as: 'Robert Smith, The Cure for College Football Fever'. (Thanks Joseph)

Tricky makes a brief mention of The Cure. (Thanks JC)

Time-traveling Cure fan? : )  "I have some crazy curespotting for y'all. In the T.V. series This is England '86 - one of the supporting characters can be seen wearing a Bloodflowers T shirt. It's in the second episode of the series at the 10 minute mark. Just thought it was pretty funny to pass along as the show is obviously set in 1986." (Thanks AndrewV127, Steeve, and Ed)

"In the September 3, #1118 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is an article titled "15 Most Surprising Duets"  At number 13 is listed: Blink-182 & the Cure's Robert Smith "All of This" (2003).  How the bratty SoCal pop-punks landed Smith, the lipstick-wearing legend of '80s cobweb rock, is anyone's guess.  But they rose admirably to the occasion, conjuring this haunting paean to lost love." (Thanks Kate)

"Stuart Braithwaite (mogwai) played "Delirious Night" on his latest podcast." (Thanks Lindsey)

"I recently came across this great article on the Hometown Pasadena site which had several unexpected mentions of The Cure, as well as some early KROQ history." (Thanks Michele C.)

"On the front page of the French magazine 'Sport&Style L'Equipe' with football player Thierry Henry, this now famous, deep and funny sentence : 'I'd rather have been a football player than an existentialist. - Robert Smith, The Cure.' (Thanks David)

Cure reference in the Questionable Content comic. (Thanks V)

"In the 25th anniversary issue of SPIN, The Cure ranks 6th out of the 100 moments that rocked our world!!  Talks about the Kiss Me album changing goth to adorable.  Anyway has a pic of Robert circa '86 in the Betty Boop shirt." (Thanks Jen)

The Cure's 'Dredd Song' came in at #3 on's list of "The Top 10 Weirdest Songs From Superhero Movies". (Thanks Alexandre)

David Berman of Silver Jews talks to the A.V. Club about meeting Robert in Nashville during the Curiosa tour:
AVC: What happened when you met Robert Smith?
DB: It was after a concert at Starwood, the outdoor pavilion thing. Mogwai was opening, so we were at this afterparty in some kind of large log cabin behind the stage. While onstage, he presents a pretty ratty-mussed-hair-and-sloppy-lipstick fronting, but this is after the show, and he has showered, put on an expensive suit, hair pulled back, and complete white makeup over his face and perfect red lipstick, like a geisha. I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and smiled and looked up at me, but didn't say a word. I started to speak; my friend Rachel was by my side. I was nervous, and I rattled on about a show in Dallas in 1984 at the Arcadia Theatre, and he looked up with an open expression the whole time as I sputtered and muttered—the music was loud, and I couldn't lean in toward that face—but he never said a word. I just realized that he could have been acting as a mime, so as to be able to meet people but not have to speak. That never occurred to me. I was very embarrassed, and have been much more sympathetic to autograph seekers since then. (Thanks ML)

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland talks about her love for 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me'. (Thanks Kate)

"Thought you may be interested that on British TV currently there is a daily (Mon-Thurs) show "Spring Watch" (live from a Nature reserve) where one of the co-presenters (Chris Packham) is sprinkling occasional Cure titles into his pieces to camera. This is the second week, and while I have not been watching religiously I have noted... A Forest, Hot Hot Hot, Bird Mad Girl, The Baby Screams, The Upstairs Room, To Wish Impossible Things, Disintegration and Just Like Heaven - there have probably been loads more... it continues all this week! Last season it was The Smiths... A compilation from last year Youtube." (Thanks Simon, John, Dominic, Frazer, and Darren)