Friday, October 25, 2013

NME's Top 500 Albums of All Time

The Cure place 2 albums on NME's Top 500 Albums of All Time list. 'Disintegration' at #139 & 'The Head on the Door' at #494. See the full list at Consequence of Sound. Before getting upset about the list, keep in mind that it's from NME. Of course it's ridiculous! :)

Pearl Thompson appearance on Oct. 17th

From Lisa Johnson on Facebook: "Come see me n Porl on 10/17 at Mr Musichead Gallery for the 108 RSG EXHIBIT & BOOK LAUNCH!"

Update (Oct. 25th, 2013): Lisa has posted some photos from the event on her Facebook.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

'Wild Mood Swings' revisited

Soundwaves took another look at 'Wild Mood Swings', and tried to make it a better album. But they left 'Club America', 'Return' and 'Round & Round & Round' on it, and deleted 'Strange Attraction' & 'Gone', so they failed. :)

Fantastic photos/videos from recent shows

Wanted to spotlight some of the fantastic photos from the recent shows:

Here's William Soragna's photos from El Paso & ACL weekend 2.

And from Mauro Melis, photos from El Paso (Flickr & Sound of Violence) and  ACL weekend 2 (Flickr & Sound of Violence

And those great El Paso & Monterrey videos from It's A Perfect Day have been uploaded again, after being removed from YouTube. See the El Paso videos here, and here's Catch & Sinking from Monterrey.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Matthieu Hartley items for sale

Matthieu Hartley is selling 2 of his old Cure keyboards, 1 amp, and other memorabilia on ebay. (Thanks Matthieu)

Cure at Glastonbury 1990 on 6 Music

Listen to 30 minutes of The Cure at Glastonbury 1990 on the BBC 6 Music Live Hour. Expires tomorrow, Oct. 24th.
(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Simon and The Silence

Yet another Doctor Who reference from Simon, and further proof of his awesomeness. See those sets of marks on his arm? He must have run into The Silence quite a few times in Austin! ;) Thanks to Rev. Heron for sending the photo, and to Fuji for taking it at Austin City Limits on Oct. 5th.

No East Coast "special appearance" show

Roger confirmed it on Facebook. In reply to a comment about waiting on word about that show, Roger replied, "Not happening!" So looks like if you want/need to see The Cure this year, you better get to Voodoo.