Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robert in Vegas after Coachella

Amanda with Robert at The Palms Hotel on April 20th.
Hope you feel better soon, RS!

"Yes, they went back to Vegas and they were tired; They were all here, except Porl, I didn't see him around. We told Robert that we came from Paris to see them and that we couldn't go to Coachella but we were at the Pearl and he said that he was OK and he remembered us (wasn't our 1st time in the 1st row though). He was in a great mood, smiled a lot but seemed really tired after these 2 shows (which is completely understandable). We wished him a happy b-day, and we were really lucky to meet him cause we planned to go to the Grand Canyon that day (and we finally went but only the next day). Meeting them is always a great experience, but I think we'll never forget that day particularly."
More photos: Amanda with Simon, David with Robert.
(Thanks Amanda)

Brad makes the LA Times

Just an update on Brad/Exploding Boy, who traveled from Australia to see the 2 Cure shows, and hoped to make it to the Depeche Mode show, too. Did he make it? Yes! And there's Debi on his left. : ) (Thanks Debi)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Simon's infamous Vegas bass drop

The Kiss at The Pearl. Simon just drops his bass down. No tossing it up in the air as some claimed. (Thanks Carl)

Schecter e-mail blast

(Thanks Greg)

Photo updates

Heron adds some new ink.
Chris & Sara with Simon, and Sara with Simon.
Some new shots from Vegas, and some ink from Julia and Justin.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More on Robert's injured hand & Vegas

(Alexis, Robert, and mommydearest)

"A few mins later here comes Robert and I can see a big smile from a distance. We asked if we can take pics and to sign. As we were talking he kept apologizing about the night before and showed us his hand, it was really swollen, we did not ask how, cause at that point we felt bad we made him sign for us, all we could ask was if he is ok and he said yes with a smile. I also asked if we are going to see him at Coachella and he said yes, but I was worried it looked swollen bad!! There was no cut, and so off to the bus he went. Like I told everyone he looked in good spirits and was very chatty. Hope this will clear a lot, the show did not end cause of Simon. It was a combination from technical stuff and Robert's hand." (Thanks Lori)

Here are the rest of her photos, and read her full story here.

All kinds of stuff

Live Daily and Pitchfork have a bit about the MySpace Troubadour stream.

Daily Record picks the 6 best South Park moments, Female First loves Boys Don't Cry, and FMQB has a bit about Coachella and 12:13 Dream. (Thanks Kate)

The Mirror saw Robert on his flight back from Vegas. (Thanks Aaron)

"I was flicking through radio stations and came to one talking about festivals. The announcer went on to say "Speaking of festivals, it was Coachella on the weekend where Paul McCartney even played some of John Lennon's songs. But the big story of the show was The Cure. They played passed curfew, and would not stop when requested, so Coachella officials tried pulling the plug on them. What happened next was that the fans just helped the band by singing the words to the songs. Amazing." I love it when word of the Cure makes it to 'sleepy' Perth." (Thanks Jo)

Reminder: DM on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

Depeche Mode will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. The show airs on ABC at 12:05am eastern / 11:05pm central, but as they say, check your local listings.

Aired: Wrong, Personal Jesus
Setlist: Wrong, Personal Jesus, Walking In My Shoes, Come Back, Peace, Enjoy The Silence, Never Let Me Down Again.
Soundcheck: Walking In My Shoes, Peace, Enjoy The Silence, Wrong, Personal Jesus, Never Let Me Down Again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Robert's swollen hand

Update: Robert said he injured it at the end of The Kiss at The Pearl. (Thanks Brandon)

As most of you know, Robert injured his hand at the Vegas show, causing it to become very swollen. Here's a look at it:

"I took one of andys photos from coachella and one of mine from the pearl and robert's hand looks really swollen in the coachella pic and perfect in the pearl pic." (Thanks SaraB)

Update: Pearl audio/video

The Pearl show (M4A 456MB) (Thanks Xuan)

Andrew: A Forest
Nando: Deep Green Sea / 100 Years / The Kiss / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Carl: Underneath The Stars / To Wish Impossible Things / Just Like Heaven / Inbetween Days / Push / 100 Years / Disintegration / Happy Birthday / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / The Kiss / At Night / M / A Forest (Intro / Ending)
Andy: Want / Underneath The Stars
Heron: At Night / The Kiss / Perfect Boy / Deep Green Sea / Prayers For Rain & A Strange Day / alt.end / To Wish Impossible Things / Pictures of You / Lullaby / Underneath The Stars / Happy Birthday RS / Birthday talk & If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Yvonne: To Wish Impossible Things / Want / Pictures of You / Push / Birthday talk
Spcherry84: Underneath the Stars / Prayers for Rain / Alt. End / Lovesong / To Wish Impossible Things / The Perfect Boy / Push / Disintegration / M / Play for Today / A Forest
Mickelcure: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Dstarko: Play For Today / A Forest
April: Lullaby
Autfarina23: Intro / Underneath the Stars
SaraB: To Wish Impossible Things / End of the World / If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / Shake Dog Shake

13 MP3s ripped from video
A Strange Day (MP3)
(Thanks Mad Bob and

Update: Coachella audio/video

Coachella MP3 (one 247MB file)
(Thanks to Aaron, and the taper, Morris Coffey)

Heron: Waves / UTS / Lullaby / FtEotDGS / Push / Strange Day / IOTWCS / The Kiss / At Night / M / A Forest / 3 Imaginary Boys/Fire In Cairo / BDC/JSET/GH
Maree: Jumping Someone Else's Train/Grinding Halt
Hideaway: A Forest
Maitai212: Fire In Cairo / M / Shake Dog Shake / Boys Don't Cry / The Kiss
April: Shake Dog Shake / At Night / Wrong Number
Valstreit: Grinding Halt
Cos: JSET & Grinding Halt / 100 Years (crazy Viking guy)
Andy: JSET / "Only allowed to play one more song" / A Forest / Prayers For Rain / Pictures of You / Waves & UTS / FtEotDGS / Cure techs before show
Mattwong26: The End of the World / alt.end
Ninjavidz: Lovesong
Tony: Lullaby / 3 Imaginary Boys / Disintegration / Wrong Number / At Night

Coachella 360

Check out the Coachella Virtual Tour, featuring The Cure doing Jumping Someone Else's Train. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

More on the Coachella unplugging

"I posted a thread on another board about The Cure's Coachella unplugging, and someone posted a link there a short time ago to a blog entry from one of the sound engineers that night, who described the event from their point of view. " (Thanks Shawn)

Cure covers

Videovalvontaa does an 8bit cover of Push, Kat Edmonson does a bossa nova version of Just Like Heaven, and Ben Ricour covers Untitled. (Thanks Ville, fuschia-kst, and Nicolas)

"Boys Don't Cry played on French Pop Idol broadcast. It's been a kind of punky dry version sung by Soan. Not very good for my taste even if I have to say that the guy is really cool."
(Thanks David)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heron on Studio Brussel

"I just got interviewed for a broadcast on Studio Brussel in Belgium about Coachella and the 30th Anniversary Book for Robert Smith's 50th Birthday. Listen to the show by hitting the link here." (Thanks Heron)

Update: Great job, Heron! If you missed it, the interview is archived here (click on cure-fan), along with an interview with Vicky, about her page in the book. Or get the MP3 here.
(Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Troubadour show on MySpace

Update: Read the press release here.

Robert is giving all of us a present on his birthday! The "12:13 Dream" album premiere! (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Happy Birthday, Robert!

(Thanks to MickelCure for the photo)

We all wish you a very Happy Birthday, Robert. Have a great day, and an even better night. And here's to 50 more! Cheers!

Update: A few mentions of Robert's birthday - Entertainment Weekly / Digital City / MPR (Thanks Kate)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Update: New Cure book

"My book will be released in a month. I tell my experience as a fan of The Cure with more than 120 unpublished personal photos. The name is MY DREAM COMES TRUE released by "Camion Blanc" (Thanks Jérémy)

Update: The book is out now.

What happened at Coachella?

A couple of articles about what happened at the end of the Coachella set: LA Times / The Desert Sun / Spinner / OC Weekly / NME / ExpressionMX
(Thanks Anah, Marcio, Kate, Aaron, Mr. Pink Eyes)