Friday, February 22, 2013

Simon's Five

From the Orange Mountain Bikes Facebook: "Bass player for The Cure, Simon Gallup, is big into his bikes and here is his Neon Pink Five with custom MTBcut vinyl graphics by Davey Mac."
(Thanks Gildas)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sao Paulo tickets on sale now

Tickets for The Cure in Sao Paulo, Brasil on April 6th are on sale now! Good luck!

And a reminder for international fans trying to register at the LivePass site:  "sending an email to with Passport number, birth date and full name, could work in order to get registered manually in that site. i got my international registration, so this works! Beware, I had to send the e-mail twice, they didn't answer the first time" (Thanks Pablo)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Lullaby' video remade with Legos

Lullaby vido remade using Legos. Tim Pope also posted this on his website, along with other clips/photos related to the 'Lullaby' video. (Thanks Tim Pope and Roger O'Donnell)

Update (Feb. 19th, 2013): Tim has written an article for Dangerous Minds, where he talks a bit about this video and others. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Paraguay on sale today?

Tickets for the show in Asunción, Paraguay were scheduled to go on sale today at 10am (see local time here), but unless I'm missing something, they're not on sale yet. Has anyone heard of a new on sale date or time?

Update: "I called today to ask about the supposed tickets sales - they weren't able to tell me when it's going to be. Maybe this week, they said. How reassuring!!" (Thanks Amanda)

Update 2: "Apparently it's going to be today at 8pm (Paraguay Time). This is the message I get when I go to my account on Tickets disponibles para la venta el 18/02/2013 a las 8:00 pm PYT. Here's the link to access the info (courtesy of bgolls)." (Thanks Amanda)

Well, 8pm has come and gone and still no tickets on sale. Who knows when they'll actually get posted, let's just hope we get some notice before they're put on sale.

Signs of life at the Ticketshow website! Not much, but one step closer. :) (Thanks Bgolls)

Now they've added the floor plan. Click on 'precios y ubicaciones' here. (Thanks Setenta y siete)

Win 2 tickets to the Sao Paulo show

Kiss FM will be giving away 2 tickets to the Sao Paulo show. (Thanks David)

The Cure in Brasil update

Livepass has finally posted a page for the shows in Brasil, with ticket prices & sections. Sao Paulo on sale Feb. 21st and Rio on sale Feb. 26th.

This article (English) also has info on sections & ticket prices. (Thanks @LOQUILLOPANAMA)

Preços (ingressos à venda a partir de 26 de fevereiro):
Nível 3: R$ 200,00 (inteira) | R$ 100,00
Pista: R$ 300,00 (inteira) | R$ 150,00 (meia)
Nível 1 Frontal: R$ 450,00 (inteira) | R$ 225,00 (meia)
Nível 1 Lateral: R$ 500,00 (inteira) | R$ 250,00 (meia)
Pista Premier: R$ 600,00 (inteira) | R$ 300,00 (meia)
Camarote: R$ 600,00 (inteira) | R$ 300,00 (meia)

Sao Paulo
(clique aqui pra ver o mapa dos setores)
Preços (ingressos à venda a partir de 21 de fevereiro):
Arquibancada C: R$ 125,00 (inteira) | R$ 62,50 (meia)
Arquibancada A: R$ 200,00 (inteira) | R$ 100,00 (meia)
Arquibancada B1: R$ 200,00 (inteira) | R$ 100,00 (meia)
Arquibancada B2: R$ 200,00 (inteira) | R$ 100,00 (meia)
Pista: R$ 275,00 (inteira) | R$ 137,50 (meia)
Cadeira Inferior A: R$ 325,00 (inteira) | R$ 162,50 (meia)
Cadeira Inferior B: R$ 325,00 (inteira) | R$ 162,50 (meia)
Cadeira Coberta A: R$ 350,00 (inteira) | R$ 175,00 (meia)
Cadeira Coberta B: R$ 350,00 (inteira) | R$ 175,00 (meia)
Cadeira Coberta C: R$ 350,00 (inteira) | R$ 175,00 (meia)
Cadeira Premium C: R$ 375,00 (inteira) | R$ 187,50 (meia)
Pista Premium: R$ 500,00 (inteira) | R$ 250,00 (meia)

New Cure fan site in Mexico

The Cure MX

"Over the course of the last three years I've been interviewing musicians of Mexican and Latin American Rock and people who in general had been somehow influenced by The Cure. They had told us their stories on how had they been influenced by the band or how their careers had been involved with The Cure.
The first video We`d like to show is from Daniel Fernandez a Mexican tattoo artist who during the last Cure visit to Mexico got Porl Thompson tattooed in 2007 and the second video from an interview with Alejandro Giacomán, a Mexican musician whom in the eighties was a member of the rock band, ´Bon y Los Enemigos del Silencio´, with whom he recorded three albums. Their song "Posmos" is a tribute to The Cure, included in "El Señor Tapaderrumbes" album from 1995."

Thanks & congratulations, Oscar! Wish you many years of fun & success with it!