Friday, May 29, 2009

Nah, he's just a CoF reader ; )

From Metro. In reference to this story.
(Thanks MickelCure)

Cure live in Glasgow 84 dvd

Update: Looks like the BBC or Universal had them removed.

The history of this show being released is a bit convoluted. It was supposed to come out in 2003 as part of the Rock Masters series, but was blocked by the BBC and/or The Cure. Then it was listed for release almost every year after that, but again, never released. It seems to have come out last year, but I have no idea if it's a legitimate release or a bootleg. Mix Up in Mexico has it. Ideal Copy had a few copies but sold out. You can get on their waiting list, however, and reserve a copy. While you wait, someone has posted it to YouTube. If it's a legit release, it shouldn't be up there, and I wouldn't be linking to it. But until I know for sure, here you go: Shake Dog Shake / Primary / The Walk / The Hanging Garden / One Hundred Years / Give Me It / A Forest / Piggy In The Mirror / Happy The Man / Play For Today / The Caterpillar / 10:15 Saturday Night / Killing An Arab.
(Thanks Mad Bob, Alastair, Pietro, and Heron)

Cure tribute in Caracas, Venezuela

"Billy se fue, Caracas, Venezuela's own Neo-Glam sensation will be playing a Tribute to The Cure in their hometown at the legendary Discovery Bar this Saturday May 30th. Billy will be playing some of Robert and Co.'s most well known songs, as well as some obscure classics. They will be joined by some special guests from other Caracas underground bands, making this event an exciting landmark inside BSF's career. Some heads... and some tears... are definitely gonna roll. (Thanks Carlos)

Cure covers

"We haven't been able to get back into the studio to finish our version of "The Perfect Boy" for The Pink Pig Project so we did a quick recording at our soundcheck this past Saturday (May 23rd 2009) at Club Rock It. We'll still submit our proper studio version if it's completed in time but there's a good chance this live soundcheck recording will be the one we use." (Thanks Brian)

"Wanted to tell you i just did a Cure cover ("It's not you"), which can be heard on my myspace" (Thanks 835)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Robert confirms Top 30 rebroadcast

Robert has posted on the official site, and confirms what Sean told us on Tuesday. His Top 30 of the 80s will be rebroadcast this weekend. Of course you don't have to wait until the weekend if you want to hear it again. : )

Update: EW has a brief story about this.

DM cancels 6 more shows, Dave recovering

Depeche Mode have canceled/postponed 6 more shows - London, Pinkpop, Hamburg, both nights in Dusseldorf, and the first night in Leipzig. The tour is scheduled to resume on June 8th in Leipzig. But most importantly, best wishes to Dave, who had to have a malignant tumor removed from his bladder. : ( Get well soon, Dave! For more info on the shows, check

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rare items on eBay

"Just to let you know I am ebaying a very rare Cure item. It's a double CD radio broadcast of Glastonbury 1990 with the original broadcasters notes. Excellent quality live sound." (Thanks Geoff)

"I currently have listed my entire CURE postcard collection (300), grouped chronologically, many extremely rare. Also, my entire set of CureNews official fanzine. And some other items (BF dog tag necklace, Vegas chip, more clippings, etc.). I'm also selling my entire INTERPOL collection. " (Thanks MickelCure)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Robert's Top 30 to re-air this weekend

"A little birdie told me this will re-air on Sirius XM's 1st Wave in full a few times over this coming weekend. ;) Apparently it did arrive very late as Heron speculated. Right now it's scheduled for Fri (May 29th) at 12 noon ET, Sat (May 30th) at 4pm ET, and Sun (May 31st) at 9pm ET. " (Thanks Sean)

And again, if you're looking to download any of the Sirius XM specials, they are right here. And the transcript of his 80s intros are here.

Sirius XM 4 For The Cure downloads

I thought it might be helpful to consolidate all of the Sirius downloads into one post. I hope you agree. : )

Robert's Top 30 of the 80s
All intros, no songs / Intros & Songs (Thanks Pussycat)

Richard Blade interviews Robert Smith
Pussycat's version
Andy's version on Demonoid, ThePirateBay, and SendSpace.

The Cure Live at the Hollywood Bowl (5-31-08)
Pussycat's version
Andy's FLAC on Demonoid, Piratebay, SendSpace (Part 1-2-3-4).
Andy's MP3(256k) on Demonoid, Piratebay, Sendspace.
(Thanks Pussycat and AndytheCurefan)

Robert's Song Intros
May 22nd / May 23rd / May 24th / May 25th (Thanks Pussycat)

Robert's Top 30 of the 80s intros

Update: Here are all of Robert's intros from the show
(Thanks Pussycat). I've also added the transcriptions of the missing intros to the comments section. We have them all now.

To save space on the front page, I've moved the transcription of his intros into the comments section of this topic. (Thanks to Heron for helping me transcribe them.)

MTV Live: The Cure on Palladia

Not sure what show this is, probably Rome Oct. 08 again, but Palladia lists MTV Live: The Cure for broadcast on June 2nd (2am eastern), June 7th (9am eastern), and June 20th (9am eastern).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Robert's Top 30 of the 80s on Sirius XM

Update: Here are all of Robert's intros from the show (Thanks Pussycat), and here's the show (intros & music from the end of Human League - Tom Waits). (Thanks Wishing in New Orleans)

Robert has posted his Top 30 in the Sirius news post at the official site.

Tom Waits - In the Neighborhood
Suzanne Vega - Small Blue Thing
Sugarcubes - Birthday
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Dear Prudence
Psychedelic Furs - Heaven
Prince - Starfish & Coffee
The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
The Pixies - Gigantic
Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice
New Order - Everything's Gone Green
Mel & Kim - Respectable
My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath
Madness - Return of the Lost Palmas Seven
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
Joy Division - The Eternal
Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking
Human League - Human
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
Echo & The Bunnymen - Killing Moon
Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
D.A.F. - Sex Unter Wasser
Christina - Things Fall Apart
Cocteau Twins - Persephone
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Bananarama and Funboy 3 - It Ain't What You Do (It's the Way that You Do It)
David Bowie - Let's Dance
The Associates - Tell Me It's Easter on Friday
ABC - Look of Love

(Thanks to Sean for letting me know it was on.)

Cure 4Play in Charlotte repeat

"HDNet is repeating the 1 hour edit of the 4Play Charlotte concert next weekend, Sunday the 31st at 10:35PM CT." (Thanks Myron)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Robert interview on Sirius today

Don't forget that there's an interview with Robert on 1st Wave (Sirius 22 XM 44) with Richard Blade today at 11am eastern, 10am central, 9am mountain, and 8am pacific. Don't have Sirius XM? Get a free 3 day trial here, and listen online.

Update: Here's the interview in MP3. (Thanks Pussycat)
And Andy's version on Demonoid, ThePirateBay, and SendSpace. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)