Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Robert's Top 30 to re-air this weekend

"A little birdie told me this will re-air on Sirius XM's 1st Wave in full a few times over this coming weekend. ;) Apparently it did arrive very late as Heron speculated. Right now it's scheduled for Fri (May 29th) at 12 noon ET, Sat (May 30th) at 4pm ET, and Sun (May 31st) at 9pm ET. " (Thanks Sean)

And again, if you're looking to download any of the Sirius XM specials, they are right here. And the transcript of his 80s intros are here.


  1. Cool, I didn't get a chance to listen!

  2. Great!

    Please record the entire thing ;-)

    thank you very much!

    I have some files downloaded already but didn't have the time to get around to listen to it.. hopefully will today

    thank you for your work dear Cure fans!

  3. Lovecat: We already have a full recording of it, and an edit with just the intros. Check the front page and you can download it right now.

  4. @Craig,
    i thought you said people didn't record it because people didn't know about it and that the recording starts late.

  5. Andy: No, that's what we thought as we were listening to it that night. But then Pussycat surprised us all the next day and had the whole thing recorded. She has the full show with and intros and songs, and then an edit with just the intros.

  6. Thanks a million to Pussycat!

    Hey Craig, I don't know if you're interested but this kind person is uploading the video from the Barrowland, Glasgow show in 1984 onto youtube right now.


  7. @ Craig:

    Please correct me if I'm wrong:
    the "Cure Weekend" consisted of the Robert's Top 30 aand an interview, right? and there was the show of 4 Tour aired?

    So this is everything, right?

    I'm so busy I can't keep an eye on everything that's happening in Cure World right now so it gets a bit messy sometimes

    thanks for the information

    greetings from PL

  8. And, of course, thanks go to Pussycat!

  9. You're welcome guys. I'm glad I could help out!


  10. Thanks Heron for that Youtube link...

    Piggy In The Mirror
    Give Me It
    Happy The Man

    OOOHHHHHH!!!!! :0)

  11. Lovecat: The specials were as follows.

    Live at the Hollywood Bowl (5/31/08)
    Robert interview
    Robert's Top 30 of the 80s

    And there were also little comments and song intros by Robert, throughout the 4 day weekend.

  12. how about Kim Carnes "Bette Davis Eyes" added to the list?