Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sirius XM 4 For The Cure downloads

I thought it might be helpful to consolidate all of the Sirius downloads into one post. I hope you agree. : )

Robert's Top 30 of the 80s
All intros, no songs / Intros & Songs (Thanks Pussycat)

Richard Blade interviews Robert Smith
Pussycat's version
Andy's version on Demonoid, ThePirateBay, and SendSpace.

The Cure Live at the Hollywood Bowl (5-31-08)
Pussycat's version
Andy's FLAC on Demonoid, Piratebay, SendSpace (Part 1-2-3-4).
Andy's MP3(256k) on Demonoid, Piratebay, Sendspace.
(Thanks Pussycat and AndytheCurefan)

Robert's Song Intros
May 22nd / May 23rd / May 24th / May 25th (Thanks Pussycat)


  1. Unbeatable & perfect idea Craig.

    I´m totally agree with what i see.

    Now all the previous posts concentrated in one is great.

    Nobody can get lost looking for something in particular of CURE 4 Memorial Day Weekend.

    Thanks and congratulations.

    2 thumbs up ¡¡¡

  2. Thank you everyone for your downloads! I appreciate them!

  3. Thank you to veryone for their uploads, especially to Pussycat for the whole Top 30 of the 80's set!!!