Monday, June 10, 2013

More US shows around ACL?

We've all been wondering if there was the possibility of The Cure playing a few US shows in between their 2 shows at ACL, and now it looks like the rumors are starting:

"My source deals with events at the University of Texas - El Paso, and she says that The Cure have been booked at the Don Haskins Center later this year.  She says it's a done deal, they are just setting up the date, said we should know by the end of the week.  Could it be?!?!?!?" (Thanks Carlos)

Obviously just a rumor at this time, and in no way even remotely confirmed. But fingers crossed for this one, and Houston, and New Orleans, and anywhere else they want to play between those ACL shows.

Update (06/20/13): Been told that this El Paso rumor is false. No Texas shows between ACL dates.Then again, plans can, and often do, change. We'll see.