Thursday, June 11, 2015

Win a copy of 'Love and Other Tragedies'

Music-News will be giving away 5 copies of Roger and Julia's 'Love and Other Tragedies'. The page originally said it would be CDs, now it says vinyl. But Roger says it will be rare CDs: "Actually we are going to make 5 CDs burnt straight from the original digital mastering files. You actually can't get a higher quality file on a physical format so... This is now quite interesting, so ENTER!" 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another Twilight Sad Cure mention

This one's from an interview at Quiffed Owl:

QO: Tell me about the Robert Smith (The Cure) thing?

JG: Aye, Robert Smith of The Cure has covered There Is A Girl In The Corner, the first song off our new record and that is a double A side. I will play you that now
(Plays song from his phone).

I cannot believe that The Cure like our band, it’s fucking mental.

The Cure and The Smiths are my biggest influences. I love the Smiths, I have actually done a few sessions with Mike Joyce, he’s a really nice bloke. The Cure to me though, progressively are a band that have always tried new things.

Andy Vella's new website

Andy Vella launched his new website,, today, and as you might guess, there's lots of Cure stuff there.

"one of the original adverts for the charlotte sometimes single, 1981. shame robert bit a chunk out of it!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Cure at MOMA

"One week sightseeing in The Big Apple I see my Band at MoMA (The Museum Of Modern Art ) New York, wow" (Thanks Fred)

MOMA is obviously hinting at those 'Head on the Door' 30th anniversary shows at the Beacon in November. ;)

Jessy J. covers 'Lovesong'

Latin Jazz saxophonist Jessy J. does a great instrumental cover of 'Lovesong'. It's from her new album 'My One and Only One', which is out now. (Thanks Rob)

Monday, June 8, 2015