Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Trilogy' on NME list

The Cure's 'Trilogy' makes it on to NME's 20 Live DVDS Everyone Should Own list. And rightfully so. The DVD is great and the Blu-ray is incredible! We really need 'In Orange' and 'Show' out on DVD & Blu-ray, too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Porl's Gibson ES-345 for sale

Porl's Gibson ES-345 is for sale on ebay from New King's Road Vintage Guitar Emporium. (Thanks Xta)

'Entreat Plus' for RSD update

An update on the story posted here - It looks like the 'Entreat Plus' vinyl will NOT be a Record Store Day release, as Sunshine Records originally indicated. There has been no official word from anyone, no one (WEA, retailers, etc.) can find it on any RSD release list, and everything still points to it being canceled/indefinitely delayed. While it is still listed on Sunshine Records' website list, it is not on their more detailed list on Facebook, and I can't find any other record store that has any mention of it. Sunshine either had some bad info or WEA changed their plans.

Still, if you are going anyway, maybe to pick up the limited edition Deftones 'Covers' EP, featuring their live version of 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep', look around for it...just in case.
(Thanks to everyone who helped with this)

CoF updates

I've added a separate page for Cure Covers. The dates listed in the page titles indicates the last time each of the pages were updated.

Also added Ronda's tattoo to the Cure Tattoo photo gallery.