Friday, July 25, 2008

Robert on SWID being #1

Robert has posted the news about SWID being the #1 single on the sales chart. He also posted the first reply. Robert, we are trying with the radio support, but we seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall! (Thanks V)

Update: Robert answered the question.



Secrets - The Cure fan special

"You may remember I was collecting "Cure stories" for the Birmingham (UK) website Hagley Road to Ladywood along with my colleagues. Well, after 3 months the project is ready and it's going to be a permanent feature.

The feature is called "Secrets", The Cure Fan Special - It's a permanent database of Cure fans' stories from all around the world. There are first-hand accounts of how people first discovered the Cure, the song(s) that got them hooked up and what the band meant, and still means, to their daily lives. It's a quirky collection of anecdotes, secrets, stories and memories. " (Thanks Claude)

Astrology of Disintegration

Rev. Heron has posted an interesting article entitled The Astrology of Disintegration. (Thanks Heron)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Charts update

Sleep When I'm Dead
US - enters at #1 on the Hot Singles Sales chart. (Wow!)
Spain - up to #1 (2nd week).
France - enters at #36.
Italy - enters at #12.
Europe - enters at #46.

US - up to #10 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (6th week).
Spain - drops to #3 (5th week).
France - drops to #66 (5th week).
Italy - up to #16 (5th week).

The Only One
US - up to #12 on the Hot Singles Sales chart (7th week).
Spain - drops to #4 (10th week).
Italy - drops to #31 (9th week).

(Thanks Ivan@Hispacure and David)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Robert talks about the remix ep

Robert has posted at the official site, with details about the Hypnagogic States remix ep(s?). (Thanks Alex)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perfect Boy artwork

(Thanks Figure Head)

Perfect Boy pre-orders

Some pre-order listings for The Perfect Boy are up:
Amazon (US) - 1.99
Amazon (UK) - 3.99
Amazon (Canada) - 2.99 (US import)
Amazon (Canada) - 11.99 (import)
Amazon (Germany) - 4.99 (UK 7"), 8.99 (US cd)
HMV (UK) - 1.99 (cd)
Ideal Copy - 2.99 (US cd), 7.99 (import cd), 8.99 (7")
Indietective - 4.99 (cd), 7.99 (7")
Best Buy- 9.99 (import?)
CD Universe - 13.99 (import?)

(Thanks to Zach for the Amazon/Best Buy info)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Photo update

Diana has posted her photos from the 4Tour, Curiosa, the Dream Tour, and some nice shots of Interpol too. (Thanks Diana)

Charts update

Sleep When I'm Dead
UK - enters at #68.
Australia - enters at #31 on the Top 50 Physical Singles chart

Europe - holds at #88 (4th week).
France - drops to #65 (4th week).

The Only One
France - up to #72 (9th week).

(Thanks Keith, Pietro and Bomber)

Violet Vendetta interview/update

"I thought I would pass along some info about Simon's son Eden and his band for you. Eden is featured in the current issue of the indie publication Shut Up! Magazine in which I did a very insightful interview with him called Growing Up Cured. Also in the issue is a Fashion File piece about The Cure. The magazine can be purchased on

Eden's band Violet Vendetta just released their new album entitled Enter Geisha on June 4th and you can sample some of the songs on their myspace at They also contributed to a upcoming compilation CD called High School Musical goes PUNK and that will be available for purchase soon on" (Thanks Tracy)

Cure wedding help?

Can anyone help Shannon with this?
"I was hoping you could help me by posting this. I am getting married august 16th and i really want the organist to play the instrumental part of plainsong as i walk down the aisle. Where can i possibly find the sheet music?! Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! "