Friday, September 25, 2009

Trouble at Rhino

Update: Rhino responds to reports of their death. (Thanks Dodge)

Slicing Up Eyeballs and Glorious Noise have details about Rhino laying off staff in all departments. That doesn't sound good for future Cure releases at Rhino. But surely someone else could step in and take over the program, right? Or at least put out Disintegration and Wish, which you would have to think would be the top sellers of the reissue program. Would you be satisfied with a digital download version or do you want physical media? I want physical media, but those of us who feel that way, seem to be a dying breed. (Thanks Boyd and Scott)


Mashup - Cure vs. Lil Wayne (Thanks Stephen)
Brad and Angie buy Miraval Studio. (Thanks April)
Clove cigs are banned, will The Cure breakup? : ) (Thanks Jeff)
Porcupine Robert. (Thanks Kate)
The Quietus says, "But even from the beginning it’s clear that this is no 4:13 Dream or No Line On The Horizon where a multitude of sins are hidden by loudness", in a Flaming Lips review. (Thanks Kate)

"Yesterday in ORF2 TV-Channel (Austria) programme called "Kulturmontag" the new documentary "PLASTIC PLANET" of filmmaker Werner Boote was reported. For quite a long time they played The Cure's "PLASTIC PASSION" in the background..." (Thanks Thomas)

"Watching TLC & saw a preview for two new shows Say Yes to Perfection and Wed that Dress (I think???). Anyway Friday I'm in love was playing in the background...lyrics and all!" (Thanks Jen)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cure collections for sale

Update: Terry has the In Orange and Staring at the Sea VCDs for sale and Roger has 8 issues of Cure News up.

Jason and Ian have some very nice collections listed on eBay.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Forest on new Peel Sessions set

A previously unreleased version of A Forest will be included on the new 4 CD/74 track John Peel box set, Kat's Karavan: The History of the John Peel Show, which will be released on Oct. 26th in the UK. More info and complete tracklist here.
(Thanks Boyd)

Charlie Crow on iTunes

Meant to post this earlier. While the first batch of the special edition of Roger/Charlie Crow's Trains On Bridges EP has sold out, you can still get the download version on iTunes for $3.96 (US). I love it, for whatever that's worth, and bought both versions. : )

Fantastic cover of POY

Check out this fantastic cover of Pictures of You by the kids of PS22 in New York. And you can read more about the kids and all of their cover versions here. (Thanks Jason, Paul K, and V)