Friday, May 27, 2011

Ticketmaster pickup reminder

"Just in case I am not the only one who didn't read the ticket confirmation details properly, if you purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster and selected the 'pick-up' option - remember that the pick up is from Ticketmaster - not the SOH. The closest one to the venue is at the State Theatre on the corner of Market and Pitt St... happy travels everyone!"
(Thanks robsmithslipstick)

Update: Actually, you should check your email confirmation/invoice and see where you're supposed to pick yours up. Some will have selected Will Call/Venue Pickup at the SOH, others might have selected a TM retail outlet.

'Reflections' general planning/discussion

This topic will be for general planning, discussion, and requests (except tickets) for the 'Reflections' shows. Who needs what and who can help? Want to plan a fan meet up, ask for help in Sydney, look for a ride to the show, or someone to share a room with? This is the place. Let's help make this the best fan experience ever.

The Curse plays 'Not in Love'

"The Curse: Tribute to The Cure seems to be the first Cure tribute band to cover "Not In Love" and I'd like to see what the rest of the CoF audience thought. They first played it on Robert's birthday this year. This is their 3rd time performing it live, if I'm not mistaken. The video is from Sunday, May 22nd, 2011's show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip." (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

1992 interview with Robert on Triple J

Triple J also posted this brief 1992 interview with Robert. (Thanks ml68)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

'In Orange' in Austin

The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX will be showing a 35mm print of 'In Orange' on Monday May 30th at 10PM, and again on Monday June 6th at 9:30PM. Tickets are only $1.
Update: May 30th show is sold out.
(Thanks Tommy)

Tim Pope documentary

"A chap I vaguely know is putting together a Tim Pope documentary that includes lots of interviews with Tim and the people he's worked with (including Robert). He's still trying to drum up support for the project so can you put a link up to let the Cure fans know about it and show their interest? Here's a cut of the Soft Cell Sex Dwarf section (obviously contains nudity, meat and Marc Almond writhing!)" (Thanks Chris)

I asked the director, Max Langton-Lockton, about this, and here's what he said: "We are currently waiting for a time to film Robert but he's onboard as he's doing a lot of stuff this year, finally!"

Robert doing "lots of stuff this year" is very good news! : )

Robert as Triple J guest DJ (Oct. 14th, 2000)

Just posted this again, as it's a great listen as we get ready for next week. You can read the transcript of the show here. As Robert has demonstrated a few times over the years, he's very good at being a dj/radio host, and I wish he'd do it more often. If we can't get another DJ set on this trip, I hope we at least get a new interview from Triple J.

Cure the icing on Vivid cake

The Sydney Morning Herald has more from Stephen Pavlovic on how the 'Reflections' shows came to be:
"He recalls the conversation: ''Robert said, 'Your email has piqued my interest, Stephen. It's in fact the 30th anniversary of the Faith album and we've always wanted to do a special show to celebrate it and perhaps do it with an orchestra.''' Subsequent emails led to Smith suggesting they also play the album released the year before Faith, 1980's Seventeen Seconds.
''Then he came back a third time and said, 'If we're going to do those two albums, we should really contextualise it and play [1979's] Three Imaginary Boys and do the first trilogy.'''
(Thanks Heron)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Volcano ash travel worries

Update: The BBC are posting live updates here.

Icelandic volcano causing trouble again and some flights being delayed or canceled in the UK. Nothing to be too concerned with at the moment, but something fans should monitor over the next couple of days, and adjust flight plans if needed.
As Roger tweeted, "Please dear god of Icelandic volcanoes hold off for another week... I've got somewhere I really need to go!" : )

Ticket scam warning

"I am still looking for tickets to the Cure in Sydney and found a site called Ticket Choice with some being advertised. After contacting 4 ‘sellers’ of cure tickets it turns out they are all scammers. I wanted to let you know, so maybe you can highlight this on your site, especially as one of them used the ticket picture from your site as ‘evidence’ of having the actual ticket to sell…I do not want others to get caught out as I could have done if I was not so familiar with that picture from checking your site so often!!" (Thanks Steve)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vivid Sydney guide out this Sunday

From VividSydney - Grab a copy of the @dailytelegraph this Sunday to get your official #vividsydney guide. It looks a bit like this.

Update: No Cure content in it, but here's the full guide.
(Thanks to Qiong for the scans)