Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tim Pope documentary

"A chap I vaguely know is putting together a Tim Pope documentary that includes lots of interviews with Tim and the people he's worked with (including Robert). He's still trying to drum up support for the project so can you put a link up to let the Cure fans know about it and show their interest? Here's a cut of the Soft Cell Sex Dwarf section (obviously contains nudity, meat and Marc Almond writhing!)" (Thanks Chris)

I asked the director, Max Langton-Lockton, about this, and here's what he said: "We are currently waiting for a time to film Robert but he's onboard as he's doing a lot of stuff this year, finally!"

Robert doing "lots of stuff this year" is very good news! : )


  1. oh my gosh...i used to have a vhs tape with the sex dwarf video on it. TOTALLY NAUSEATING!
    apart from that, looking very forward to a tim pope documentary especially if they'll be talking a lot cure (and how could they not)

  2. hurgh! no way i'm gonna watch that clip! but the last sentence is nice to read indeed!