Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ticket scam warning

"I am still looking for tickets to the Cure in Sydney and found a site called Ticket Choice with some being advertised. After contacting 4 ‘sellers’ of cure tickets it turns out they are all scammers. I wanted to let you know, so maybe you can highlight this on your site, especially as one of them used the ticket picture from your site as ‘evidence’ of having the actual ticket to sell…I do not want others to get caught out as I could have done if I was not so familiar with that picture from checking your site so often!!" (Thanks Steve)


  1. Phew , lucky i blanked out the seat that the ticket in the photo is for. I can guarantee 100% that the ticket in the photo on COF is now in my possesion, and it is being well cared for.

  2. I got scammed :(

    What am I going to do??

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