Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mark Reeder reworks A Forest

Mark Reeder's MySpace update says that he has reworked the Robert/Blank & Jones version of A Forest, and that it will be included on his new album, Reordered, which is due out this summer. There's also mention of it on New Order Online.
(Thanks Ryan)

Cure cover

"Just to let you know that Nouvelle Vague – the French band that specializes in bossa-nova-style covers of punk and new wave songs and that covered A Forest on their first album – is currently on a mini tour in the States and the very first song of their set (so far) is a cover of 100 Years. I mentioned to guitarist Olivier Libaux after the concert that I was a bit stunned that they opened the concert with this track and he replied that he likes to start with this song because it’s like “a cold shower”. " (Thanks Yanic)

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Cure book in France

There's a new Cure book out in France, "The Cure, 30 ans de réflexion", and you can win a copy at A Pink Dream.
(Thanks Toberr)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Please" 12" mixes

"Remember that not-so-bad 2007 collaboration of Robert with Paul Hartnoll (The Orbital)? I just stumbled across three remixes of that track that were not included on the original maxi-cd, one was made by Paul Hartnoll himself. Not really spectacular, but maybe of interest for the die hard fans." (Thanks Ingmar)

French Mixed Up set for sale

"I have the rare french 5 mixed up cd set for sell on eBay. The buy it now price is only $150. I hate to sell it, but i am in need of money right now." (Thanks Craig)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


CDWOW is having a Friday I'm In Love sale today.
(Thanks Greg and Thomas)

"Simon Armitage's beautiful documentary on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was part of BBC4's excellent poetry season - it featured 'A Forest' by The Cure as Armitage made his way across a now-industrialised landscape to greener pastures."
(Thanks Hellboy69)

"This weeks Outrageous Fortune (tv show in New Zealand) featured 3 lab rats called Robert, Simon & Lol, who were testing a new ecstasy type drug. They even specified Lol was the control rat, because he was the drummer! I'll see if can divx up the scene for you, because it's really funny." (Thanks Nick)

From NME: Morrissey's 50 Most memorable Quotes and Most Vicious Put Downs (Moz on RS / RS on Moz). (Thanks Cloudberry)

Remember that shoegazing documentary, Beautiful Noise? Looks like it's finally getting closer to a release. (Thanks Heron)

Monday, June 15, 2009

More from the CoF audio archives

Happy 13th Birthday to/from CoF.
Robert on BBC 5 Live (Sept. 30th, 2004)
Robert on BBC 6Music (Sept. 2nd, 2004)
Robert on Live 105 (Sept. 2004)
Robert on 107.7 The End (July 13th, 2004)
Robert on 91X (July 2004)
Robert & Ross on Head on the Cure radio (June 5th, 2004)
Robert on BBC Radio 1 (May 26th, 2004)
Robert on KROQ (recorded April 30th, 2004)
Robert on France Inter (Jan. 22nd, 2004)
KROQ Inland Invasion Cure party stories (Sept. 2003)
Robert on KROQ (Aug. 18th, 2003)
Robert's Vieilles Charrues press conference (July 20th, 2002)
History of New Rock (Edge 102 - June 2002)
Robert on XFM's Highjack (aired Dec. 2nd, 2001)
The Cure on the Simon Mayo Show (BBC2 - Nov. 26th, 2001)
The Cure live acoustic session (with Boris) on Europe 2 (Nov. 23rd, 2001) - Cut Here, Mint Car, Lovecats, Boys Don't Cry, Friday I'm In Love, Why Can't I Be You?
Robert on KDGE - Part 1 / Part 2 (Nov. 16th, 2001)
The Cure on XFM (Nov. 13th, 2001)
The Cure on The Janice Long Show (BBC2 - Nov. 12th, 2001)
Robert on Couleur 3 (Nov. 12th, 2001)
Robert on Channel 104.9 (aired Nov. 10th, 2001)
Robert on KENZ (Oct. 23rd, 2001)
Robert on The Zone (Oct. 16th, 2001)
Robert on WOXY (Oct. 16th, 2001)
Robert on AOL Music Station (Oct. 2001)
Robert playing DJ on Triple J radio (Oct. 14th, 2000)
Robert on KROQ (Feb. 19th, 2000)
Robert Talks About (Sept. 1997)

Robert Triple J DJ (Oct. 14th, 2000)

A blast from the past...Robert playing DJ on Triple J radio in Australia on Oct. 14th, 2000 (Robert's set starts at the 4:46 mark, with the wonderful The Heart of Saturday Night by Tom Waits). And as he's demonstrated a few times over the years, he's very good at being a dj/radio host, and I wish he'd do it more often. Anyway, enjoy it, and I've posted the transcript of the show in the comments section.

Reminder: Roger update

As many of you know, Roger is now a Rock & Roll manager. : ) He is managing The Machetes, and the band start a UK/London tour tomorrow, May 28th, and it continues through June 28th. Roger will also be guest DJing at a few of the shows. So check out their tour dates here, and go support them if you get a chance.

New Cure tattoos

Some new Cure ink for Shauna Sometimes, Crystal, Audrey and IrishCure.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cure on PS3 Vidzone

"The Playstation 3 Vidzone service launched last night (free music videos on demand in Europe) and it seems to be stocked quite well with Cure videos. Started the day with a bit of Gone, Primary, The Blood (I have never seen this video before! why is it not on any video compilations? was it not released in the UK? Nope, only in Spain - Craig), Mint Car, and then Dear Prudence (Siouxsie only has 3 tracks up at the moment very poor compared to the Cure's 20). There are a few labels not signed up yet by the looks of things - no Depeche Mode at all, but I would assume that will change and expand quickly." (Thanks Chris)