Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ask Robert about his Bass VI

From Schecter Guitars on Facebook: "guys.. Robert has kindly agreed to answer some questions regarding his use of the bass-VI instrument thru-out his career, including his new ROBERT SMITH ULTRACURE-VI. send us over some questions and we will pick the best and send across the pond to him to ponder...."
(Thanks Joseph)

Alan Sparhawk loves 'Faith'

"Alan Sparhawk (of Low) is interviewed for the Quietus about his favorite albums, where he lists Faith and talks a bit about the Cure and their influence on him. Low, especially the earlier stuff, might be something fans of the Cure would really like. Their first few records have always reminded me of Seventeen Seconds and Faith. Lovely stuff." (Thanks Matthew)

Robert Plant

"Years ago my mom bought this plant, well... you can understand I just HAD to put Robert's face on the pot :p" (Thanks Elly)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roger's Requiem

Requiem by Roger O'Donnell & Adam Donen
April 2nd, 2012 at 8PM / Doors at 7:30PM
St. Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, London
Tickets / Buy the limited edition signed poster
Listen to a preview of 'Prelude' & 'Winter'.

Update (03/21/12): Video of Roger and Adam discussing the Requiem project.

Update (04/01/12): From Adam on Twitter - "1st 50 guests at the Requiem tomorrow night will receive Night&Day,a CD of incidental pieces by & I. Doors at 7.30pm."

Update (04/02/12): Photo of Roger in all of his velvet glory. : ) More photos here. (Thanks @marsworld)