Saturday, August 2, 2014

'Trilogy' on ARTE tonight

From Le Blog TV News: Three for the price of one! Time to a mythical concert, post-punk group THE CURE interpreter entirety Pornography and Disintegration Bloodflowers albums.

Different in shape, this trilogy of albums have in common their melancholy and introspective focus. Them together in a big hypnotic celebration seemed obvious.

It was in Berlin at Tempodrom, the idea came to fruition in 2002 the program:. Unforgettable three-hour show, punctuated by the deep and soulful voice of Robert Smith.

Do not miss the night from Saturday to Sunday 2 August 3. From 00:40 on ARTE. (Thanks David) 

Update (08/01/14): Just bumping this to the top so you don't forget. Here's the page on ARTE with videos and photos previewing the broadcast. (Thanks Thomas & Sylvain)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Reeves plays Nashville tonight

From Reeves on Facebook: "time for one more gig with tim carroll ( and steve latanation & bones hillman) at the 5 Spot tonight before i get on the plane.
tim carroll (and midnight orange machine)
friday august 1st.
6 to 8:30 pm."

That Andy Vella is pretty good at scribbling!

'Beautiful Noise' NYC screening on July 31st

Eric Green's 'Beautiful Noise' documentary will open the 2nd annual Sound & Vision series in NYC on July 31st at 7 PM. Get tickets here.

A couple of reports from last night's screening: 

Peter - "Eric was there last night and he said that he had some great footage of Robert talking backwards that he hopes will be released some day soon."

pvox - "I was also there last night. It's well worth it if you like a lot of the bands who were profiled. I was hoping for more Lush, but it was quite good overall.

Robert actually gets a lot of screen time in the first part and has some really good quotes. In the Q&A after, the filmmaker also said he has about 10 minutes of footage of Robert describing the making of Pornography."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Robert Smith night light

Always wanted a night light that sort of looks like Robert? Then this is for you.
(Thanks Mike)