Cure Covers (04/07/18)





"In their Salt Lake City show last night (Feb. 6th, 2018), Brandon Flowers of The Killers told a story about how his "conversion" to music happened when he attended his first concert: The Cure in Salt Lake City during the Wish Tour. He described that concert as his "baptism" onto the path of being a musician. They then played a cover of Push in honor of playing in the same venue where he experienced his conversion at The Cure concert." Thanks, Jared.


Emily Luther covered 'Lovesong' on The Voice: The Playoffs.


Frankie Rose covered all of 'Seventeen Seconds'. Articles at Slicing Up Eyeballs, Spin, and Billboard.


Untitled Art covers 'Disintegration'.


Infamous Stringdusters covered 'Just Like Heaven'. Article at Rolling Stone.


Luna covers 'Fire in Cairo'. Articles at Slicing Up Eyeballs and Pitchfork.

"In a press release, Dean Wareham said, “Those first three albums by the Cure made a big impression on me as a teenager and ‘Fire in Cairo’ is one of the first songs I learned when I started playing guitar.” He added, “We are so happy Rose McGowan decided to do this video.” Luna, which features Wareham, Sean Eden, Lee Wall, and Britta Phillips, reunited in 2014 after a decade apart."


Puddles Pity Party covers 'Boys Don't Cry'. Thanks, @jmaspire.

Sean McGraw covers '2 Late'. Thanks, Sean.

06/10/17 - Luna covers 'Fire in Cairo' on their new album, 'A Sentimental Education', which will be released on Sept. 22nd. Read more about it at Slicing Up Eyeballs.



03/08/17 - The Taken with Lydia Hollingdale cover 'Friday I'm in Love'. Thanks, Joshua.

02/09/17 - German comedian & TV host Jan Böhmermann covered 'Boys Don´t Cry' on his show Neo Magazin Royale.Thanks, Peter.

Thanks, Van.


03/17/15 - Hurts to Laugh cover 'Killing An Arab'. (Thanks fmjews)

03/13/15 - Natalie Imbruglia covers 'Friday I'm in Love' on her new album, 'Male', which will be released on July 28th. Report from Stereogum. (Thanks Sylvain)

03/12/15 -  Italian band Vanessa Van Basten have released a 10'' vinyl EP called 'Disintegration', which features 4 covers of songs from that album - 'Plainbong', 'Doseclown', 'Fashination Trip', 'Retitled', album teaser. (Thanks fmjews)

01/23/15 - It's a 10 year old cover, but in case you've never heard it, get a free download of The Cowboy Junkies cover of 'Seventeen Seconds' at Slicing Up Eyeballs.

01/20/15 - J Mascis is currently finishing his solo sets with 'Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks @john_malloy)

01/11/15 - Klangschwester covers 'Lullaby'. (Thanks Clemes)

09/08/14 - The Ocean Blue covered 'Just Like Heaven' at The Troubador on Sept. 6th, 2014.

07/09/14 - Turksintinfoil (featuring Amanda Lepore) cover 'I Dig You'.

"Turksintinfoil featuring Amanda Lepore (nightlife and fashion icon, performance artist,singer, transgender woman) covering I Dig You by Cult Hero. It's their debut single.

Turksinfoil is a side project of an NYC electronic pop act called The Ones

Here's a blurb from the WOW Blog: The first single, featuring David LaChapelle muse and pop icon Amanda Lepore, takes a stab at covering  Cult Hero’s 1979 song I Dig You, which ironically was also a side project by members of The Cure and Robert Smith’s sisters. “It’s one of my favorite songs of all time, says Americo. I got together with Ted Ottaviano from Book of Love and did our version. The name Turksinfoil is a name I made up one day and thought it would be a fun name for a new music project.” (Thanks Hector and Antti)

07/01/14 - Belgian singer/songwriter Milow covers 'Boys Don't Cry' on Dutch football program Studio Brasil. (Thanks Anne-Frank)

06/27/14 - The Cold and Lovely cover 'Lullaby' again.

06/26/14 - Of Norway covers 'A Forest'. (Thanks Barry)

06/23/14 - "I just grabbed the Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked videogame to play with my niece (it's sort of a chipmunk-ized Just Dance style game), and there's actually a Chipmunk version of "Just Like Heaven" on there.  The song was apparently also in the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie game in 2007." (Thanks? Joshua)

03/20/14 - New Cure covers album by Pierrick Pedron. (Thanks David)

01/30/14 - Italian band We Are Waves covers 'A Forest'.

01/29/14 - Stripmall Architecture covers 'Closedown'.

01/25/14 - The Cold and Lovely cover 'Lullaby' with Roger & Reeves.

01/24/14 - Spanish actress Llum Barrera covers 'Boys Don't Cry'. (Thanks HispaCure)

01/20/14 - New split 7" single from Brutal Panda Records features Whores covering 'Jumping Someone Else's Train', and Rabbits covering 'A Reflection' & 'Give Me It'. (Thanks David)

12/02/13 - Theoretical Girl covers 'Friday I'm In Love'.
(Thanks @Marsworld)

11/20/13 - Listen to A Perfect Circle's 'Diary of a Love Song', a mashup of The Cure's 'Lovesong' & Ozzy Osbourne's 'Diary of a Madman'.

11/11/13 - The Twilight Sad cover 'Inbetween Days'. (Thanks Scott)

11/11/13 - The Students of Aaron O'Keefe cover 'Lovesong'. (Thanks David)

11/07/13 - There was a ukelele cover of 'Friday I'm In Love' performed on X-Factor Italy tonight (Nov. 7th). (Thanks fmjews and Andrea B.)

10/07/13 - Ecléctica cover 'Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks David)

09/24/13 - AFI cover 'Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks David)

08/26/13 - The Misnomers cover 'Lullaby'. (Thanks Spencer)

07/27/13 - Tennis and Neil Halstead (of Slowdive and Mojave 3) cover ' Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks Greg)

04/24/13 - Paramore covers 'Inbetween Days'. (Thanks avid)

04/11/13 - Candice Glover covers 'Lovesong' on last night's American Idol. (Thanks @thequeenofsiam)

04/09/13 - Taffy covers 'Boys Don't Cry'. (Thanks David)


- Clan of Xymox covers 'A Forest'. (Thanks Mark)

- "In tonight's (March 21st) episode of The Voice of Italy one of the singers, Silvia Caracristi, presented an acoustic version of Lovesong." (Thanks fmjews)


- Love Echo covers 'The Lovecats'. (Thanks Chris)

- Funeral Advantage covers '2 Late'. (Thanks Tyler)

- Plumerai have a 2 track Cure Covers EP up. It includes 'Cold' and 'A Forest'. (Thanks Martin)

01/07/13 - Edyta Górniak covers 'Lovesong'. (Thanks Michal)

01/03/13 - RRRRRR covers 'Charlotte Sometimes'. (Thanks @curelive)


- Dillon covers 'Inbetween Days'. (Thanks David)

- "My friends are in a band based in Nottingham, UK called Grey Hairs. For my 30th Birthday Party they did a one-off covers only show playing songs by a bunch of my favourite bands. Here is their very spirited take on A Forest." (Thanks Paul)


- "Look what Polish vocalist Gaba Kulka and the guys from Mitch&Mitch made with "Just Like Heaven" during the dancing party in one of Warsaw hotels. The party and the concert was a kind of stylization for the 60's period." (Thanks Michal)

- Here's a story about a new Cure cover band in Olympia, WA, that played their first show on Oct. 27th. (Thanks David)


-  STS9 covers The Walk 1 & 2. (Thanks David)

- Father Figures covers 'Plastic Passion'. (Thanks David)

- Fancy Dress Contest covers 'Pictures of You'. (Thanks Sebastien)

- Tiempo & Forma covers 'The Empty World'. (Thanks Emi)

10/25/12 - Savage Republic covers 'The Hanging Garden'. (Thanks Jon)

09/25/12 - "I just released my first EP, and I included a cover of "Fake". I actually started this recording for The PInk Pig Project. (This version is much more developed than what I first sent off.  I continued to work on it while waiting patiently for what seems to have not nor never will come.)"

09/20/12 - Geodesic is covering the 'Disintegration' album and will offer it for free download on Oct. 31st. (Thanks Tony)

09/19/12 - The Captives cover 'In Between Days'.
(Thanks @MasterWinser)

08/09/12 - Clan of Xymox cover The Cure's 'A Forest' on their new covers album, 'Kindred Spirits', due out on Oct. 9th.
(Thanks Dennis)

08/05/12 - Jilly et Jeremy covered 'Cold'. (Thanks Jilly)

07/3012 - Figured covered 'Treasure', 'Lullaby', 'The Figurehead', and 'Untitled'  . (Thanks Guy)

07/27/12 - Eminence Grey covered 'Lovesong'.

06/24/12 - The Shoes covered 'A Forest' at L'Olympia in Paris. (Thanks David)

06/19/12 - The Welcome Wagon covered 'High'. (Thanks @fergbreen)

06/07/12 - Dinosaur Jr. covers 'Just Like Heaven' on KEXP 12/17/11. (Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs and Hugo)

06/06/12 - Scars on 45 cover 'Friday I'm In Love' for Billboard's Candid Covers series.

05/27/12 - Scars on 45 cover 'Friday I'm In Love'

05/24/12 - Orchestral cover of  'Close To Me' from The Separate with vocals by Mark Lanegan. (Thanks )

05/20/12 - Signo Vinces cover 'Friday I'm In Love' on their new 'Kids Undercover' EP.


- Nice story about Dinosaur Jr. and them playing their cover of 'Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks David)

- Lightouts cover 'Push' (Thanks Gavin)

- Figured cover 'Open' (Thanks Figured)

- Pony Pony Run Run and Axel Bauer covered 'Inbetween Days' on Taratata. PPRR also covered it for LeLive. (Thanks David)

- Resin covered 'Lovesong' for the University of Richmond's Battle of the Bands. (Thanks David)

- Reel Big Fish's cover of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry used in an ad for the 2013 Renault Duster. (Thanks Salvador)

05/02/12 - "Icelandic folk/indie pop band Of Monsters and Men have been covering 'Close to Me' for over a month now. According to the band, a studio version is in the plans." (Thanks Yanic)

04/18/12 - Plumerai cover 'Cold' (Thanks Martin)


- Wolvhammer covers 'Burn' for DTV (Direct To Video) soundtrack.  (Thanks Jeff)

- Stripmall Architecture is recording a covers EP of selected songs from 'Disintegration' for their Kickstarter backers. (Thanks Jeff)

03/17/12 - Fate of the Galaxies cover 'Prayers for Rain'.
(Thanks David)

03/13/12 - Belgian band Amatorski cover 'A Forest' for Studio Brussels. (Thanks Patrick)

03/09/12 - The Cranberries cover 'Inbetween Days' on French tv show Taratata. (Thanks @ElectroMoonLite)

01/03/12 - French singer/songwriter Burzinski covers 'A Strange Day'. (Thanks Chris)

Falbe covers 'All Cats Are Grey'. (Thanks Jörg)
Primeros Auxilios covers 'The Reasons Why' (Thanks Jorge)

11/30/11 - The Voluptuous cover 'Not in Love'. (Thanks Moggieboy)

11/12/11 - Ewan McGregor covered 'Friday I'm In Love' for a charity show in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Read the story at E! (Thanks Jeff)

10/20/11 - :Pappercutz covers 'Disintegration'.

10/17/11 - "Cover of LoveCats released today in aid of Cats Protection charity..and with all royalties waved by Robert!

10/13/11 - Homeless Mustard covers 'Boys Don't Cry' (Thanks Michelle)

10/01/11 - The Violent Sleep covers 'The Walk'. Also on Soundcloud. (Thanks James)

An 8-Bit version of 'Boys Don't Cry' made on an old Gameboy.
Sophie Barker's cover of 'A Forest' will be out on October 31st. (Thanks Warren)

08/28/11 - Deep Dark Robot (Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes) covers 'Lovesong'. (Thanks David)

08/26/11 - Kim Wilde covers 'In Between Days' on her new album 'Snapshots'. Out now in Germany. (Thanks Andreas)

08/26/11 - Italian underground artist Gennaro Cosmo Parlato covered 'Close to Me' in 2006. (Thanks Vikk)

08/11/11 - Cat Martino covers 'Love Song'.

08/08/11 - Not a cover, but a mashup - Gorillaz vs. The Cure: Lullaby for Gorillaz. (Thanks Matt)

08/04/11 - Jess Mills covers 'A Forest'. (Thanks David)

07/21/11 - "Just an FYI - I brought back my (Black Sugar Transmission's) cover of The Glove's "Mouth to Mouth" for public consumption (it's otherwise unavailable)." (Thanks Andee)

07/21/11 - "I will show you the cover song of The Cure by a Japanese amateur band, “Vision of Hell”. They played “Plainsong” 10/15 years ago. I asked a member of the band, “Mikage”, about posting it on COF, and he said OK. I’m proud of this Japanese band that played a beautiful cover song of The Cure!!" (Thanks Kazuko)

07/21/11 - "This kid is playing 'Boys Don't Cry' as a bossa nova song. He also did a good job with the lyrics in portuguse." (Thanks Rodrigo)

07/02/11 - Metro Montreal says a Belgian choir covered The Cure, but there's no mention of which song they did. (Thanks David)

06/25/11 - "Yesterday evening, in Brussels, I went to the big free concert (50.000 people attending), in front of the Royal Palace, that was given to celebrate the "Fête de la musique" and which was organized by the Live TV show "Taratata" (broadcast by France2). Towards the end of the show the singer "Julien Dore" was accompanied by the flamboyant upbeat flamenco band "The Gipsy Kings" (Bamboleo, Shopi Shopa) to play a quite funny version of The Cure's "Boy's Don't Cry" with lots of nice Spanish solo phrasings on guitar and also Spanish lyrics too in the middle !! What a nice Surprise !! (Thanks LeChienNoir and Eric)

06/20/11 - "There's a pub in Brazil called Asteroid Bar (in Sorocaba, São Paulo) that created a project called 'Classic Albums', on which alternative bands play live their favourite albums. In the beginning of this year, a band called The Name played the 'Standing on a Beach' album in its entirety. You can hear (or download) the full concert here, if you're curious about how it turned out. Here is the video of the band playing 'Inbetween Days'. (Thanks Tiemi)

06/20/11 - C44, an album of cover versions released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the French magazine Magic, includes Pandit doing 'Just Like Heaven' and  A.P. Witomski doing 'Seventeen Seconds'. (Thanks Andrea and David)

06/12/11 - William Beckett of The Academy Is... has covered 'Just Like Heaven'. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

06/07/11 - "Lotte Kestner, who is Anna-Lynne Williams from Trespassers William, is releasing a covers album that contains a cover of Let's Go to Bed (as well as an Interpol cover too). Check out the full tracklist here and other details on the Trespassers William Facebook page." (Thanks Sylvain)
You can listen to the cover on YouTube, and buy the track at Amazon or iTunes.

04/28/11 - From Chart Attack:  "Toronto singer/songwriter Lou Canon's self-titled debut album is coming out May 10 digitally and physically July 12, and it features this cover of The Cure's "Close To Me."

While the original is a classic and is beyond comparison to any cover, you've got to admit that Canon's version works. Robert Smith's whispered vocals just make sense when they're sung by a woman, and when you consider that Hayden produced her record, there's very little not to love here.

Canon makes a living as a teacher. Hopefully a music teacher." (Thanks David)

04/24/11 - "L.A. band Snow & Voices do a cover of d/l too...and it's a decent slowcore-style version too...I like it!" (Thanks Dresden Black)

"On April 9th, Savage Republic played in Atlanta, and they played The Hanging Garden for their encore." (Thanks Jon)

I Blame Coco covered 'Fire In Cairo' at their recent Paris show (English translation). (Thanks David)

"Last week french band So Was The Sun invited me on stage to play a cover of The Cure's One Hundred Years. Even if the audience recording is pretty ugly, I think this is a good thing to share because only a very few people try to cover this song. We barely did a rehearsal for it then listen to the song in a car before the show. Despite starting to sing the line of the previous song after the first verse, the (drunk) young crowd responded to it very well, a few of them even came after the show to tell me that this was their favorite song of all time and that i definitely had the sound (but I was playing my Porl's schecter, not my UltraCure ;)…
You can listen to So Was The Sun debut EP here, and learn more about the band here. (Thanks Pilal)

Duncan Sheik's cover of 'Kyoto Song' will be included on his new album, 'Covers 80s', which will be released on June 7th.
(Thanks Slicing Up Eyeballs and Lars)

"I wanted to let you know about a Cure cover I thought you might want to let your readers know about. The LA-based indie-pop band Walking Sleep just released a free 4-song EP over at and they covered "Lovesong." The band features Sara Radle formerly of The Rentals." (Thanks Tim)

"My band recently covered Plainsong and i hope you can check it out. we're both huge fans, i've been a fan since about 8th grade and i have a lot of nostalgic and important memories attached to this band. i can't thank Robert enough for soundtracking that. i hope we did the band justice and i hope you enjoy it."
(Thanks Matt)

"On the 25th march german post_punk_indie band "Die Art" celebrated their 25th birthday with a special birthday gig at Leipzig's UT Connewitz. This evening the band played 2 concerts and the last song of concert one was "primary". this track and three other Cure cover songs can be found on the ep "Cured" by "WISSMUT" which is a side project of "Die Art".
(Thanks pillowman)

"On the french forum A Pink Dream, The X Phil reports that The Fuck (french band who did guest at Peter Hook concert) cover 'cult hero'  live." (Thanks Fabien G)