Friday, February 21, 2014

Cure's 'Purple Haze' 2nd best Hendrix cover

Guitar World says The Cure's 'Purple Haze' is #2 on their 10 Best Covers of Jimi Hendrix Songs list:
"If you heard this cover of "Purple Haze" with no context, it would be well over a minute into the song before you would have any clue this was a Jimi Hendrix cover.
Of course, anyone who thought Robert Smith & Co. would launch right into a fiery, tritone-laced rendition of arguably Hendrix's most famous song clearly had never heard Disingegration — which, according to Kyle from South Park, is the best album ever.
This synth-laden cut takes the No. 2 spot for being bold enough to push Hendrix's catalog into new territory, instead of trying to outdo the man. A nearly impossible feat, unless you're our choice for No. 1 ..." (Thanks Greg)

Cure on Sky Arts this Friday & Saturday

Couple of Cure shows on Sky Arts 1 & HD this week:

Friday Feb. 21st
8:30 PM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
9 PM - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival 

Saturday Feb. 22nd
3:10 AM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
3:40AM - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival
8 AM - The Cure: Video Killed The Radio Star
8:30 AM  - The Cure Live at Hurricane Festival
(Thanks Carl and @weathercade)

Roger update

From Roger on Facebook: "I have been in Los Angeles for the past four weeks working on several projects, probably the most important of which is coming very close to an end. I have about three more pieces to write and then we are done. There will be a press conference in early April where all will be revealed!"

Roger will be playing piano at Adam Donen's album launch for 'False Bay Echoes' in London on April 4th. Get tickets here

From Adam on Facebook: "Roger's contributions on piano and Rhodes are among the highlights of False Bay Echoes. As you'll hear, after a few Jacks, he becomes a mighty fine blues pianist."

Also, "In between his work for *that other band*, we're currently working on a couple of new works - a ballet of Roger's for which for which I'm contributing the libretto, and a new orchestral piece.

I'm difficult to work with at the best of times, and have never had a collaborator like Roger, and suspect I never will. A completely opposite and therefore like mind, and a melodic genius.

Its an honour to have my dear friend joining me on piano.

Adam also says they'll be bringing the Bernhard Suite to London in June, and hints at the possibility of a show in Berlin as well. (Thanks Roger O'Donnell Discography)

And more news tonight from Roger: "If you like electronic music, as I do, you might enjoy this mix I did for AND... a very interesting solo performance in Paris in March, more news to come!!!"

Update (02/21/14): From Roger on Facebook - "Im very very happy to be able to tell you that I have finished composing for our ballet project! Its been about a years process so far and of course I have been learning all the way. .. I have to thank Tattiana my producer for her belief and support for me and our project. Big announcement like I said the first week of April...Also sort of to do with both my current projects something very very special in July!!!! Hahahah so many secrets which Im terrible at keeping!"

And again, Roger makes it absolutely clear for those of you who don't get it: "Not quite sure how fucking explicit I have to be here about the distinction between my solo work which you will read about HERE and my work with The Cure which you will read about THERE"

Monday, February 17, 2014

Slicing Up Eyeballs' Best of the 80s EPs poll

Those great live Cure videos are back!

Remember all of the great live videos from Olivier at It's A Perfect Day, that he took at the recent Cure shows, uploaded to YouTube, and then were removed by whomever? Well they're back! Over 50 videos available here or here. (Thanks Olivier)