Friday, December 4, 2009

Stranger Than Fiction download

Update 2: Here are those other 2 Tim Pope songs (which aired on the Cure 102 radio show on Oct. 6th, 1990) - I Need You and Drive You Round The Bend. And here's Tim's full segment, and interview with Robert, from the show. (Thanks Olivier)

Here's the Tim Pope 12". (Thanks Moggieboy)

"Just to let you know that I've uploaded the Stranger Than Fiction compilation to my blog, Ripped In Glasgow. I've got the full 12" rip of Tim Pope's record as well to put up if the demand's there." (Thanks Moggieboy)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fade Away: The Early Years vinyl

Update: "I checked with Universal UK who told me this is a bootleg, a Dutch supplier claims its from Russia."
(Thanks Chris White)

Been getting a lot of inquiries about this release, and it looks to be another repackaging of the previously released Russian vinyl editions that Vinyl Lovers/Lilith put out in 2007, much like the Into The Dark set I posted about back in July, but possibly with the bonus tracks from the new remastered cds. More info on it here (though their track list is wrong. See the comments for the full list). (Thanks to everyone who emailed about this)

Grey Clouds Red Sky free download

As previously mentioned, Roger will be offering 3 of his early albums for free downloading over the next few weeks. First up is Grey Clouds Red Sky, which will be available from Dec. 1st - 7th. The MIDI files are also available.