Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vote for The Cure in Triple J's Hottest 100

"Voting is now on in Triple J's Hottest 100. The list of the top 100 songs of 2008. Freakshow and The Only One have both made the standard list, but we can also add The Perfect Boy and Sleep When I'm Dead manually. Let's get voting!!!!" (Thanks Jo)

Updated version of Never Enough in April

"I was poking around on the official site of Jeff Apter (author of the Cure bio "Never Enough") and I saw that a revised version of the book will be out in April. If you go to and check the "current releases" sidebar on the right hand side, you'll see a mention of what I'm talking about. No details about new content are given, but I looked it up on Amazon and it will have 352 pages versus the original 338." (Thanks Natalie)

Looks like it will be an updated version in paperback and is scheduled for release in April.


"Last night I was watching the Utah Jazz tromp all over Chris Paul and New Orleans (sorry Craig). They were honoring Utah Announcer Hot Rod Hundley for announcing his 3,000th game and the background music during the presentation…All I Want by The Cure! Very surprising." (Thanks Sam)

"A silly, but funny, Curespotting." (Thanks Kate)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

COF for iPhone

Xuan has created a free COF app for iPhone: "I wrote a small IPhone app for my personal use which updates my IPhone with the latest COF feed. I find the app useful when I'm traveling and need to get my COF fix on the go." (Thanks Xuan)
Note: If the link doesn't work, just search for Chain of Flowers in the App store.

All kinds of stuff

You can vote for 4:13 Dream in the Best Album Artwork for the NME Shockwave awards. Click here to give it an automatic 10. (Thanks Anthony)

Anthony has created some new Cure fonts. (Thanks Anthony)

The Denver Post has posted some Images That Will Reverb From 2008, and RS at Red Rocks is one of them. (Thanks Kate)

Actor Paul Bettany mentioned The Cure in the Metro on Dec. 16th. (Thanks Ed)

People magazine saw Kirsten Dunst dancing at the Troubadour show. (Thanks Heron)

There was a Robert sighting on the awful tv show, TMZ. They insulted him, made asses out of themselves, and that's all I'm posting about that. (Thanks to everyone who sent the info in)

"Looking around the great blog, mutant sounds, and found this. Seems there was a band back in the early 80's inspired by the best song from 'faith' (IMO). download to find some tracks that somewhat resemble skeletal cure songs from that period, as well as an interesting cover of 'the forest' - from 1983 - guessing it was the first cure cover ever released (on cassette, anyway)."
(Thanks Trevin)

"There's a jazz version of "In Between Days" on iTunes. The artist is a German jazz musician I've never heard of before."
(Thanks Thomas)

Just Like Heaven covers compilation

Tetsuo Lumiere has made a video compilation of JLH cover versions. (Thanks The)