Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Only One on Jonathan Ross

Sorry I forgot to post this earlier, but we are in the middle of Mardi Gras here. : ) So here's The Only One from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

Update: High quality version on Dime. (Thanks AndytheCurefan)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Great news about the O2 ticket trouble!

NME has the good news. Thanks Robert! (Thanks Fatpie)

BBC article on the O2 ticket troubles

The BBC have picked up on the O2 ticket troubles story.
(Thanks Ange and Kate)

Schedule for the O2 London show

From Ticketmaster: "The runtime for the event is as follows: (please note, all times are approximates and are subject to change)
Doors - 18:30
White Lies - 18:50
Interval - 19:20
Chrystal Castles - 19:35
Interval - 20:10
Franz Ferdinand - 20:25
Interval - 21:10
The Cure - 21:30
Finish - 23:00
For details of event facilities, we suggest you visit the official venue website;" (Thanks Olivier)

TMU strikes again!

There will be no screenings of the O2 show. Thanks to The Mighty Universal.

"The screening in Dundrum, Ireland that I emailed you yesterday has been canceled also. According to the lady I spoke to, Universal Pictures pulled the screening late Thursday evening."
(Thanks Peter)

"This a translation of part of the official explanation given by Yelmo Cines in Spain, regarding the cancellation of the NME O2 Arena broadcast, please post it if possible at the COF blog: "YELMO CINES are very sorry to inform that "More2screen", the suppliers of the signal for the O2 Arena broadcast scheduled for Thursday 26th febrary in a number of cinemas in Europe, communicated yesterday the unilateral cancellation of the broadcast by Universal Records. Yelmo cines are not responsible whatsoever for this decision and are very sorry for the inconvenience. All purchased tickets will be immediately refunded." Complete info in spanish:" (Thanks b.)

New RS interview in the Times

There's a new interview with Robert in The Times. (Thanks Kate and Mark)

Robert is on the case

Robert has posted an update on the London O2 Big Gig ticket situation.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No London O2 in Holland, Germany, Spain

"Yelmo Cines (Spain), has canceled the showing too. Tomorrow Yelmo Cines will give us an explanation about the reasons." (Thanks to Ivan @ hispaCure)

"Foroxity just canceled the showing, apparently because the gig won't be broadcast by satellite after all. Dunno if this is true for all cinemas." (Thanks Menno)

Been canceled in Germany, too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

London O2 show in Ireland, Belgium & Holland

Dundrum in Ireland will be showing the O2 gig. (Thanks Peter)

Kinepolis in Belgium will also be showing the O2 Big Gig. (Thanks Patrick)

"Foroxity in Geleen, Holland will show the O2 gig as well."

Update: All showings have been canceled.

O2 ticket update #2

"It's a shambles - been waiting for the tickets for ages and then get the email from AEG Live which included everyone's email address (which is illegal). They later apologised. This was their latest response."

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for individual email addresses being displayed on the original correspondence in relation to the NME Big Gig that was sent out earlier today.

We appreciate that you are all concerned with the current situation surrounding your tickets for the upcoming show. We are doing everything we can to find a resolution to this situation. Whilst we are working on this we are unfortunately unable to reply to individual queries relating to ticket orders.

We would like to assure you that the best solution to this situation is being worked on and further information will be sent out by end of business today.

We apologise for any inconvenience and concern that this is causing you.

The Enquiries Team
AEG Live (UK) Ltd

(Thanks Sinking)

O2 ticket update

"Dear Big Gig/The Cure Ticket Holders
What follows is of the utmost concern to you... Please read on.

As of Monday 16th February, Trinity Street, the company that powered and handled your Big Gig ticket transaction, ceased trading and went into administration. The upshot of this is that all orders, payments, information and communications are frozen and out of our reach for the time being.

We are confident that at the very least, we will be able to gain access to the basic customer order details / database within the next 24hours. This will then allow us to contact you directly with more information, instructions and help where necessary IN RESPECT OF your orders.

Please rest assured that our primary concern right now is you the fan...
We really appreciate your patience in this difficult time... more news to follow soon.

AEG Live"

(Thanks Perfect.Murder)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

O2 ticket troubles?

"I wonder if you could update your site with the following information for fans that have purchased tickets for the NME BIG GIG at the O2 in London on 26th Feb 2009 specifically from the presale site run on the website (back in Nov 08) by Trinity Direct Ltd. I have been trying to contact them regarding my outstanding tickets to no avail and today their website has been updated with the following:
"Trinity Street Direct Limited and other companies within the Trinity Universal Holdings Group have ceased trading.
Notice for Customers: All customers that have placed orders on websites operated by Trinity St should note that all paid orders for items that were in stock and able to be processed on 13th February have been dispatched. This includes tickets for all events up to and including February the 24th. We are also holding substantial numbers of tickets in stock for events for the remainder of February and into March. Many of these tickets will be dispatched over the next few days (see lists below). We are working to obtain necessary clearances to dispatch further tickets as soon as possible. The company is working hard to resolve all issues regarding all outstanding customer orders (merchandise, music, tickets) as quickly as possible and further updates will be posted on a regular basis." (Thanks K)

Full track list for NME tribute CD

NME has released the full track list for their Cure tribute cd, which will be free with the Feb. 25th issue. You can order it here. (Thanks Fab G., Aaron, and Nigel)

Lady Sovereign "samples" Close To Me

The title says it all. Just horrible. But you might disagree. : ) (Thanks Charlie and Johanna)

Update: Here's the video. (Thanks April and Midnight Blue)

Robert talks about Coachella

Artisan News Service has a story about Coachella 2009, and includes an interview with Robert that was recorded before Coachella 2004. (Thanks April)

Interview with Violet Vendetta

"I'm the administrator of the The Cure Brazil Forum and I'm glad to say that there's an interview up in the Forum with Violet Vendetta." (Thanks Maggie)

Trilogy Blu-ray reviews

A new review at and a quick mention at The Huffington Post. (Thanks Ryan and Kate)

Blog Critics loves it. And this comment was very nice: "Just one of these sets would be worth owning, but combined they are a must-have, especially if you are a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aside from the great number of songs they created, no band not inducted has had more of an impact on music and musicians." (Thanks Kate)

DVD Talk says it's Highly Recommended. (Thanks Jason)

Video Business has a review up. (Thanks Kate)

Big Picture, Big Sound gives Trilogy a 3.5/4. (Thanks Kate) has a review of the new Trilogy Blu-ray. Did they like it? A little. : ) "Frankly, this is the best Blu-ray presentation of a rock concert I have seen thus far. Very Highly Recommended! "
(Thanks Kate and Steve)