Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O2 ticket update #2

"It's a shambles - been waiting for the tickets for ages and then get the email from AEG Live which included everyone's email address (which is illegal). They later apologised. This was their latest response."

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for individual email addresses being displayed on the original correspondence in relation to the NME Big Gig that was sent out earlier today.

We appreciate that you are all concerned with the current situation surrounding your tickets for the upcoming show. We are doing everything we can to find a resolution to this situation. Whilst we are working on this we are unfortunately unable to reply to individual queries relating to ticket orders.

We would like to assure you that the best solution to this situation is being worked on and further information will be sent out by end of business today.

We apologise for any inconvenience and concern that this is causing you.

The Enquiries Team
AEG Live (UK) Ltd

(Thanks Sinking)


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  2. I've lost my money - read below for the latest

    Please read on for further information regarding your tickets for the Big Gig/The Cure at The O2 on 26 February.

    We understand you have purchased these tickets from Trinity St, but Trinity St has not fulfilled this transaction and delivered these tickets to you. It appears that Trinity St has now ceased trading and, as of Monday 16th February, was very likely to go into administration. Please note that Trinity St has not accounted to us for any of these ticket monies, and therefore your ticket purchases are invalid.

    You may wish to apply directly to the administrators of Trinity St for a refund of your ticket monies (we set out their address below). However, we appreciate that this may take some time and may well not be successful. Alternatively, you may seek to claim a refund of your monies through your credit/debit card company. We also set out some information on this below.

    In the meantime, we have managed to make available to you for purchase similar floor standing tickets (as per your original order) which we will hold for you till Saturday 21st February at 6pm. Please use the BUY link and unique passcode, listed below, if you wish to purchase these tickets while you are going through the claims process. This passcode is unique to you and not transferable. Please ensure you use the same postal address for delivery as your original order as any other orders will unfortunately be cancelled.

    If you feel you are not in a position whereby you are able to afford to purchase the tickets that have been held for you, we have a limited number of complimentary tickets in the rear seated blocks on Tier 400. If you would like to apply for these tickets, please send your request to including all of the following information: name, address, date of transaction, no. of tickets purchased from Trinity St, and method of payment by Friday 20th February at 6pm at the latest. We will confirm back to you by 12 noon on Monday 23rd February if your request can be fulfilled. We will try to accommodate as many such requests as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, please bear in mind that the location of these complimentary tickets is towards the back of the arena in the top level, seated, and not standing tickets as per your original request.

    Please note that requests for complimentary tickets will not be fulfilled if you have also used the link above to purchase replacement tickets.

  3. I know - just forked out another £160 - I hope they skip the greatest hits stuff and play 90 mins of doom and gloom at least that would cheer me up!

  4. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I am one of hundreds of fans who still (and now won't) hasn't received their ticket. I ordered it through the NME way back in Novemeber as part of the pre-sale. I'm angry this has happened at the last minute, and it seems I will not be offered a replacement ticket. I don not want to re-purchase my ticket as I have already bought one. I hope that the management of The Cure or the NME can sort this out, and give the fans what they have legitimately purchased.

  5. NME seem to be pretending this hasn't happened & it was thier own Agency that went tits up - it's shocking

  6. Infuriating,

    Seeing your favourite band without any hassle - sadly too good to be true...
    It'd be 'interesting' to find out if the NME took potential bankruptcy into account when hiring Trinity. In the current financial climate it should have been an essential part of the risk assessment/"management".

  7. Shambles doesn't begin to describe...

    But my brother who bought the original tickets got the email Sinking did. He has re-purchased and will try to get our cash back from the TS or his bank. Doesn't seem very likely and we feel like we have been shafted BUT (as long as the tickets DO get to us IN TIME!!!) at least we will get to the show.

    To those who cannot afford to do this or to those who are abroad and travelling who can in no way get tickets in time, may I say that I really feel for you.

    It is disgusting that this has been allowed to happen and worse that NME and have ignored what has occurred. This is not The Cure's fault, its not even the NME's fault but there are a lot of very disappointed people that have lost out on both money and the chance to see the greatest band on the planet. I sincerely hope to see as many of you as possible at the O2 next Thursday.

    PS: I hope that all of you going to the Award show are not affected by this.

    PPS: I guess we should spare a small thought for the unfortunate employees of TS who will no doubt be losing their jobs - for most of them, it won't be thier fault either.

  8. The awards show tickets are handled by a different agency--let's hope nothing happens to THEM in the next week. By all accounts they are fine.

  9. same here repurchased them cos cannot wait til monday to be told sorry you have not got a comp then i will be fucked.

    I hope no faces from the NME are there or there could be WORDS

  10. Gutted just got e-mail to say lost my money and any hope of getting tickets only good thing got to more tickets from ticketmaster but another £70 would love to know what Robert thinks of this

  11. Welcome to the British recession! Just lost nine colleagues the other day, so this is just the "icing on the cake" ... or hell hole! :\

    Anyway, if anyone bought tickets with their VISA card there might be good news. I was in this situation twice before and VISA gave me my money back both times. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!

  12. Wow, I am so sorry to hear this... losing jobs is one thing, but losing Cure tickets?! Unthinkable! I am glad to hear that a lot of you are still able to go to the show.

    Apologies if my above comment appears insensitive... in all seriousness, my heart goes out to those who are concerned about their livelihood at this time. :^\

  13. The same for me - the money and the tickets are lost. I put in a huge effort to go to London just for the concert and then this - I can't believe it. And NME should take some responsibility as well. It was their arranged pre-sale and they made everyone crazy about only getting standing tickets through this. I'm so mad that the words are missing to describe this......
    furthermore I really wonder why Robert doesn't say anything - she was first in line when there was a cover missing for the itunes album - but now - silence!

  14. Shocking indeed ..lost 4 tickets, but please note if you paid with a CREDIT CARD you will be covered but if you paid with MAESTRO or a DEBIT CARD , chances are you won't...but it;s woth the try obvioulsy..

  15. Am I the only one who hasn't got an email giving the option of buying another ticket?

  16. Sorry to hear that Maffy...try and send a mail to this address.

  17. oh gosh you guys, i cant imagine :(

  18. I just bit the bullet,,,bought 3 tickets via the alternative option offered...but that was have about 2 minutes to fill in everything otherwise you loose your turn...and i hope these will be Standing as my email confirmation is not clear whether they are...i feel like screaming...but at least i am in of luck to everyone..

  19. No worries, PM, the e-mail states "in the meantime, we have managed to make available to you for purchase similar floor standing tickets (as per your original order)..." - so if we turn up and they put us anywhere else, there will be a riot! ;)

    However, people who can't afford to buy new tickets and go for the complimentary ones are gonna end up "towards the back of the arena in the top level" ... which are the worst seats you can get. You'll need binoculars from there. :\

  20. I have not received the 'unique' code,

    these bastards, Im so upset!! I hate them.

  21. Giving up on it now. Had been looking forward to it but the chances of getting any money back are so slim that chucking even more money at this is not justifable. Bloody angry and dismayed that everyone involved seems to be washing their hands of it and blitzing us all with long winded and inconclusive emails.

  22. Wow, I don't know what to say. All of you deserve better!

    As previously mentioned, if you purchased using a credit card, you should have some options in getting a refund.

    I realize that this does not solve many other problems though.

  23. Right now the money is the last worry for's just the bad luck! I have no code, i cannot repurchase them and this totally sucks.

    I do want to sue them - whatever it takes. ANy idea? Im going to the small claim court, for sure (thanks for the link)

  24. Anyone also noticed the 'Store' section on is now down.

    This was also ran by Trinity Street Marketing.

    When you try and access it you just get 'Service Unavailable' message

  25. Well... I emailed and they are gonna send me another code..... They said I should have received one.

    To those of you who've re-bought them: Are they gonna post them out or are they to be collected at the box office???



  26. They say they will post...and i fucking hope so..

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  29. Hey all....Tomorrow they want to give the option to choose *pick up at the boxoffice* now it is impossible... only the Post delivery method
    good luck to all

  30. I really feel sorry for you.
    Why should the devoted funs be suffered like this?
    Trinity, who never sent me my pre-ordered the Cure 30th anniversary calender and kept of ignoring my mail, is such a bloody bastard!

  31. Konichiwa Jun chan


    Trinity wa totemo baka ne to waruii ne to burei na dai yo


    tokoro ga Cure des ichi ban gakudan!!

  32. This whole thing is outrageous! I too have lost my money and my tickets and can't really afford to re-buy something I've already paid for. A few of us have been posting about this on a blog(which came out of the email-adress cock-up) here:
    We are trying to sort out some collective action to take and someone, it seems is willing to taker legal action on our behalf.

    For now I don't know what to do... rebook and be truelly shafted or wait for a possible and unlikely change of heart from NME/whoever saying we can all get in with our original confirmation!?

    This has made me furious!

  33. I have not received this e-mail personally but someone from posted it. hope it is official.
    Following your enquiry direct to NME, we are extremely pleased to inform you that AEG Live are now in the process of making a settlement agreement with Trinity Street, the providers of your pre-sale tickets, that will allow the original purchase of your Big Gig tickets to remain valid. These tickets will be despatched to you on Monday, by registered post. Please note that they will need to be signed for upon delivery.

    If you have already re-purchased tickets via the link and password that was supplied to you, you will automatically have these tickets cancelled and your repurchase monies refunded to you in full, including all transaction fees. If you purchased replacement tickets via any other source, or direct to the Ticketmaster site, please contact with your purchase details and they will arrange to have these refunded. If you requested complimentary tickets this order will now be cancelled as your original tickets are on their way to you.*

    We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience that you have experienced. The unexpected demise of Trinity Street so close to the gig and the resultant financial issues led us to initiate a re-purchase and refund process. However NME and AEG Live have been working non-stop to find a resolution and we are pleased to be able to end the week with this great news.

    So please do look forward to receiving your tickets and of course we hope that you enjoy the Big Gig itself.

    See you on Thursday!

    NME and AEG Live