Friday, February 20, 2009

TMU strikes again!

There will be no screenings of the O2 show. Thanks to The Mighty Universal.

"The screening in Dundrum, Ireland that I emailed you yesterday has been canceled also. According to the lady I spoke to, Universal Pictures pulled the screening late Thursday evening."
(Thanks Peter)

"This a translation of part of the official explanation given by Yelmo Cines in Spain, regarding the cancellation of the NME O2 Arena broadcast, please post it if possible at the COF blog: "YELMO CINES are very sorry to inform that "More2screen", the suppliers of the signal for the O2 Arena broadcast scheduled for Thursday 26th febrary in a number of cinemas in Europe, communicated yesterday the unilateral cancellation of the broadcast by Universal Records. Yelmo cines are not responsible whatsoever for this decision and are very sorry for the inconvenience. All purchased tickets will be immediately refunded." Complete info in spanish:" (Thanks b.)


  1. So the poor sods who live abroad didn't get their tickets when Trinity St went bust and decided to watch it at the cinema have now been double shafted! talk abot freakshow! None of this happened on 4Tour. Makes you understand why RSX is such a meglomaniac and feels the need to control everything!

  2. Well, I'd sure like to know more about this new screwup by TMU. But I don't think I can hate their guts even more.

  3. I hate Universal, except for BSG, but that's really it. They're money hungry whores. Thank goodness Robert doesn't give into their greed the way U2 has, charging subscriptions for early tickets, putting out mediocre quality DVDs for high prices, etc.

  4. Could this get any more twisted?