Friday, March 1, 2013

I guess Jamie Oliver is a Cure fan

Watch (starts at 21:27) Jamie Oliver dance to 'Close To Me (Closer Mix)' with some Italian monks. No, really. :) (Thanks Antti)

Don't forget your Visa for Brasil

"A friendly recommendation for those going to Brazil. Be sure to check if Brazil requires a visa for entry for your country of residency. Brazil requires visas for citizens of many countries, including the US. The fee is very expensive and depending on which US state you reside and the Brazilian consulate that represents your US state of residency, you may have to use a visa service. The process is very cumbersome, requires notary services, passport style photos, and hefty fees that will cost in excess of $300. Consider yourself warned as time is short. Don't get to the airport only to have an airline agent ask about your visa. It'll be too late!" (Thanks Jay)

"For further information check out this page for a list of countries whose citizens need a tourist visa to enter Brazil."
(Thanks Burton_)

Robert attends The Book of Mormon

From Ange: "A friend of mine spotted Robert with Trey Parker at his musical, The Book of Mormon, last night in London!"
(Thanks Ange)

Looks like Tim went, too.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Steven Severin tour

Steven has announced he'll be playing the following dates:
Thurs. 28th. March AUSTIN Elysium
Fri. 29th. March DALLAS Texas Theater
Sat. 30th. March HOUSTON Freneticore Theater
Sun. 31st. March NEW ORLEANS Siberia (Vampyr)
Tues. 2nd. April JACKSONVILLE Sun Ray Cinema (Blood of a Poet)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LatAm 2013 Support Acts

Robert just posted this in the comments section at the official site: "WE ARE ABOUT TO CONFIRM LOCAL SUPPORT ACTS FOR OUR LATAM TOUR... ANY IDEAS BEFORE WE DO?!!" (Thanks Maggie)

Suggestions can also be left on Roger's Facebook. (Has now been removed)

Update (Feb. 27th, 2013): "Team Cure" is also asking this now on Facebook.

Vote for Simon!

Vote for Simon Gallup (or whomever you'd like) in Music Radar's Greatest Bassist of All Time poll. (Thanks Dave)

Update: Simon ended up #3 on the list, behind Rush's Geddy Lee at #2, and Duran Duran's John Taylor at #1. (Thanks Jeff)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rio tickets on sale now

There's a presale for Rio tickets today & tomorrow (Feb. 24th & 25th) for HSBC customers. General sale starts on the 26th.

Update: Tickets are now on sale for everyone.

Also, Tom (tomjohnson147(at)btinternet(dot)com) needs help getting tickets for both shows in Brasil. Can anyone help him? Thanks!

Cure in Rio posters

"I've made a video today in front of the arena where the cure is going to play. And I took some pictures as well and posted on my Facebook page Never Enough of The Cure." (Thanks bgolls)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paraguay on sale Feb. 28th at 10 AM

Robert has posted (in the comments section here) that the new on sale date for Paraguay tickets is Feb 28th at 10 AM.
(Thanks Maggie)