Friday, March 28, 2008

Close Encounters in France

Rod x met the band in Paris and Marseille.

Cure beat U2 in March Music Madness

After taking down The Cult in Round 1 and Depeche Mode in Round 2, The Cure will go up against U2 in Round 3 of FM 94/9's March Music Madness. Voting for this matchup will start on saturday at 10am pacific / 11am mountain / noon central / 1pm eastern.
(Thanks Matthew)

Update: The Cure beat U2 (in a blowout, according to the dj) in Round 3 and will now take on Devo in the finals of the 80's bracket at 10am pacific on April 4th.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleveland pre-sale reminder

Just a reminder about the pre-sale today. It will start at 10am eastern on the Ticketmaster website.
Q104 and Live Nation are both using the same password/promotion code: LOVESONG.
You do not need to go to the Q104 or Live Nation websites, and you do not need to register with either website. You just need to enter the LOVESONG code at the Ticketmaster website I posted above.
Good luck and I hope you all get great seats!

One more thing, I probably won't be able to update until 2 or 3pm. If there are any problems, please help each other out in the comments section. Thanks.

Update - Here are all of the passwords:
Nokia is ROCK
Internet is INBETWEEN

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Close Encounter in Rotterdam

Janice won the Amnesty International auction for Rotterdam and met The Cure.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tim Pope at Wembley, will meet with Robert

From Time Pope's website:
"As if this week wasn’t already busy enough, while I was in Rome I got an e-mail from Robert Smith for The Cure’s Wembley show, saying he’d put me down for three tickets. I had to go, despite being knackered. The show was bloody excellent. The keyboards were gone and a lot of stuff was played by Porl on guitar, which gave the songs a whole new feel. It was as if they were written only the day before and had lost that Eighties twang (for which we all get accused). Call me an ‘anorak’ but I counted amongst their excellent set 18 videos on the old Pope walking stick. 18 videos is more videos than most people have probably done these days. Anyway, I shall be meeting up with Bob socially, or for a curry, in the next week or so, at a secret location in the UK. They’ve just recorded a whole new album, which after the show I am very keen to hear… Should be an interesting meeting!"
(Thanks Sarah)

London, Oberhausen, Roterdam photos added

Sorry for the delay, but the photos from London have been posted.
And some more from Oberhausen and Rotterdam.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cleveland ticket info

Finally! Solid info about the Cleveland show. Ticketmaster has listedthe show again, with the original on sale date of March 29th at 10am. They've also added some pre-sales:

Start:Thu, 03/27/08 10:00 AM EDT
End:Fri, 03/28/08 05:00 PM EDT
(Q104 password - LOVESONG)
(Live Nation - LOVESONG)

Internet Presale:
Start:Thu, 03/27/08 10:00 AM EDT
End:Sat, 03/29/08 10:00 PM EDT

The Internet pre-sale will probably be from Still checking on which radio stations will be doing pre-sales.
Anyway, as soon as I have the passwords, I'll send them out to the Cleveland list and post them here.