Monday, March 24, 2008

Cleveland ticket info

Finally! Solid info about the Cleveland show. Ticketmaster has listedthe show again, with the original on sale date of March 29th at 10am. They've also added some pre-sales:

Start:Thu, 03/27/08 10:00 AM EDT
End:Fri, 03/28/08 05:00 PM EDT
(Q104 password - LOVESONG)
(Live Nation - LOVESONG)

Internet Presale:
Start:Thu, 03/27/08 10:00 AM EDT
End:Sat, 03/29/08 10:00 PM EDT

The Internet pre-sale will probably be from Still checking on which radio stations will be doing pre-sales.
Anyway, as soon as I have the passwords, I'll send them out to the Cleveland list and post them here.

1 comment:

  1. Anyone have any idea if the radio pre-sales will have better seats than the regular sale? (I know ones will probably be crap...)